Is astrology a science?

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Interest in astrology arose in ancient times and continues to this day. This is explained by the fact that people at all times wanted to know their fate and their purpose. However, many argue that astrology cannot be trusted since the data obtained on the basis of the location and movement of the stars are not scientific. Is it really? At the moment, this question torments not only ordinary people but also scientists.

Yale University professors have been studying astrology for a long time and trying to get to the truth: can the predictable moments of a particular person and even of society as a whole really be predicted by the stars? Scientists have conducted research, in which it turned out that the calculations of the ancient astrologers coincide with all the events that happened. The researchers concluded that astrology still has the right to be called an exact science. In the middle of the 20th century, scientists attempted to put astrology on the same shelf with other sciences, such as biology, mathematics, and others. This issue was decided at the congress of scientific communities in New York. Then the scientists put forward the theory that with the help of accurate calculations of the movement of celestial bodies can be predicted economic fluctuations around the world.

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Now it has become extremely clear to everyone that everything on our planet is subject to the Universe: the Sun creates electromagnetic fields that can adversely affect both human health and the state of the Earth. Radiation and many other “gifts” of the Universe can generate disasters, earthquakes, and hurricanes. The Moon, as well as the Sun, affects many processes occurring on our planet. Thus, it is scientifically proven that celestial bodies directly affect our globe. So why the Universe cannot influence the person? Under what star was born a child, can also determine its characteristics, development, and abilities.

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An interesting fact: many directors of Western companies specifically hire their own astrologer to successfully conduct all business. He participates in all working meetings, helps to solve cases, prompts at what point the stars will be supportive of any cause. This already suggests that astrology is recognized by science, albeit unofficially.

Today, this science has appeared on the pages of newspapers, glossy magazines, and the Internet. Literally, in all media, you can find your horoscope for the day. However, these replicated predictions are not always accurate, as in most cases they are written for the entertainment of readers. Nevertheless, astrology is successfully developing, generating new trends: natal astrology, astrology medicine, karmic astrology, and many other directions.

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