I'm spiritual, not religious

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When I was a child, I regularly attended classes in the church. We always went to church with my family, but I do not think that the church really taught me anything.

Then, when I was 8 years old, I realized that my father had stopped going to church. At that time, my mother began to let me and my brother decide for themselves whether we want to pray in the Church. She allowed us to say how we express our faith.

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I began to struggle with my faith when my aunt passed away after I had just turned 12. I blamed God for this, who killed the best person I knew. This anger comes back to me even now sometimes.

Then I placed religion in the farthest corners of my mind. Only when I began to write and analyze the music I listened to, I noticed a line that said: “I am spiritual, not religious.” It made such sense to me!

I began to study the meaning of this phrase as much as I could. In my research, I learned that in the past, these two terms had the same meaning, and only recently did they mean two different things. Spirituality is now considered something that is part of a person’s personal life. Spirituality focuses on caring for the mind, body and soul.

When I learned more about spirituality, it repeated what I always felt. Being around people whose souls radiate light and warmth made me feel good.

Then I realized that I needed to look for some kind of aura. It’s just concentrating on the person you know, and being able to see the light that it radiates.

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This is the light of the sun!

In the two decades that I lived on this planet, I realized that we live in a society composed of shades of gray. Everyone should have the freedom to give voice to their thoughts.

Now that I think about my aunt, I understand that she was summoned to a place that needed her light more than I needed. I feel full now.

I see it as sunlight on a cloudy day, I see it when I’m drinking coffee, when the song I want to hear suddenly turns on somewhere, I see it when I’m happy and whenever I’m sad.

The sky can be covered with clouds, but that does not mean that we need to stop looking at the sun!

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