If you adhere to these 6 beliefs, then you are probably an "indigo person"

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It is believed that the so-called “indigo child” has unique and sometimes even supernatural abilities and traits. This term was invented in the 1970s by Nancy Ann Tapp, when she “saw” that some people had a very special aura. There are four main types of indigo: humanists, artists, conceptualists and people-catalysts. Indigo has many characteristics, which include an excellent understanding of modern technology and a high level of energy.

1. Complaisance and tractability – this is clearly superfluous

“You can not sag” – this is one of your life credo. The world is constantly developing thanks to people like you, and you definitely do not stick to the usual status quo. You know that some rules should be broken and destroyed, even if it causes a negative reaction.

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2. The only way to combat injustice is to act immediately

The modern world seems to you chaos and a very unstable place, and you can not ignore it. You are one of those people who are not afraid to loudly voice their opinion, to initiate fund-raising for some purpose, to march or protest. You must constantly participate in some changes.

3. School is not for everyone

You have a desire to question the education system. The standard school and its learning principles can be too outdated and ineffective for you. You consider this structure to be ossified and absolutely incapable of creativity and manifestation of yourself. You are not interested in this format of the source of knowledge.

4. Sensitivity is both weakness and strength

Indigo people tend to be emotional, which is both good and bad. It also means that you are overly sensitive and vulnerable. This feature helps you to be sensitive to people and pushes you to the idea of ​​transforming the world, but it also means that you can periodically feel emotionally overwhelmed and burned out.

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5. Ask many questions to know this world

You are not a fan of obedience and humility, as well as walking on a string, because you are an incredibly inquisitive person who loves to absorb knowledge, analyze them and expose certain aspects to doubt. You usually ask questions for two reasons: (1) you want to challenge the existing obsolete order and (2) you sincerely want to know everything about the world as much as possible.

6. Having listened to your intuition, you can learn a lot about a person

When you first meet a person, after communicating with him you feel his vibrations and literally “read” his inner essence. The most interesting is that you almost never make mistakes, giving precise characteristics to people.

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