How to meet your love

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To meet with your love is a difficult problem. And often the reason lies in ourselves. To get closer to the long-awaited relationship with a man or woman of your dreams, you need to understand what prevents you from gaining personal happiness, and to direct all forces to eliminate this obstacle.

Look for your happiness!

Problem: some people suffering from loneliness are sure that the right person should find them himself. Such thoughts are most often visited by romantic representatives of Cancer, Taurus, and Aquarius. But how will this happen if most of the time you are spending at home?

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What to do: stop being inactive and take fate into your own hands. Visit public places often, settle for invitations from friends to spend joint leisure time and do not be afraid to look for your betrothed on the Internet.


Appreciate yourself

Problem: if you consider yourself not worthy of the love of a real person, then it is likely to link life with a bastard, an egoist, a house tyrant or a gold digger. If you think that all men and woman want “only one”, then fate, in confirmation of this thought, will drive you exclusively to ladies’ men or selfish sugar girls. And if you are finally sure that loneliness is your lot, then you will not be able to find your soul mate. Such pessimistic programs often create themselves vulnerable Pisces and Sagittarius.

What to do: thoughts determine the future. Do you want light and rainbow ahead? Change the setting to positive.


Fear of relationships

Problem: sometimes fears prevent us from meeting love: fear of sacrificing a career for the sake of relationships, being abandoned, deceived. “You will be disappointed, you will suffer, you will lose freedom. Isn’t it better to have loneliness, which, at least, will keep your peace?” – often whispers the inner voice of the ever-doubting Libra and Aquarius. Not better! But the main thing to understand is not too late.

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What to do: it is unprofitable to be afraid. The purpose of fears is to protect us from something new, something that we do not yet know. Realize where your fear grows legs from, and try to overcome it – let the changes in life.

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Search for the perfect man or woman

Problem: the image of an ideal man or woman is formed in the minds of every human as a child, and, unfortunately, it is that who sometimes becomes an obstacle to meeting with love. After all, the image is some kind of framework, which is not so easy to look beyond. Particularly often faced with this problem are Scorpios, Gemini, and Capricorn.

What to do: try to give someone a chance, even when you do not like his or her work or pushes away a mole on his or her cheek. Talk to the person, and only then draw conclusions, so as not to accidentally reject your soul mate. And remember: nobody is perfect, not even you. It is therefore unfair to demand excellence from others.


Learn to be weak ( tip for women)

Problem: the woman, as mother and keeper of the home, is the embodiment of the passive beginning of Yin. A man, as a warrior and a breadwinner, personifies the active principle of Yang. When a woman develops the traits of Yang (activity, independence, will, aggression, pressure), she challenges nature. Perhaps she will be able to achieve great success in her career, but the lack of Yin energy and an excess of Yang energy will prevent her from meeting her mate. This should seriously reflect the lonely representatives of the signs Aries, Leo, and Virgo.

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What to do: Do not demonstrate strength and independence in the society of men. Learn to be weak.

Tips from astrology

To the self-sufficient and unapproachable representatives of the fire element ( Aries, Leo, Sagittarius ), the stars recommend themselves to take the first step towards a man or a woman.

Those born under the signs of the water element( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces ) dream of experiencing strong and all-consuming love. But life is not a book, and in the search for the perfect feeling, you can miss the true happiness.

Representatives of the air element ( Gemini, Libra, Aquarius ) are real intellectuals who are used to analyzing and sorting everything out. But love is not always logical, and analysis, as is well known, kills feelings. To find a soul mate, air people should listen to the heart more than the mind.

Those born under the signs of the earth element ( Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn ) are too serious about relationships, and this frightens others. One of the main mistakes of earthly representatives is to start talking about marriage and children almost on the first date. Do not rush.

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