How to lose weight

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So, I decided to share my thoughts about loosing  weight, without any diet or workout.

So, I’m not a professional fitness trainer, nor a dietolog. But I have decided to share, how I did lose 10 kg, then gain 5 kg, then again lost them.

My weight was 85 kg, now it is 75kg.

It didn’t happen in few days, nor a week, nor even in month. It took about half a year.

I had gained weight, because of stressful work, I didn’t have normal sleep. So I craved food with lots of fats and oils, as well sweets.

I ditched that kind of work. But that still wasn’t enough. I was in relationships, which were leading nowhere. So, I ditched them to. I had to ditch also an annoying egregor, which was sucking out my life, not only my money.

The egregor should be protecting and helping, but instead it lead into more problems, than I could think of ever. And also the propaganda and stereotypes.

I should have listened to my inner voice and dich them sooner. About that I’m going to talk another time.

In the beginning I didn’t notice that I had lost some weight, because it was not my goal. I just, somehow, intuitively, I started changing my life. Maybe it helped, that I did fall in love for the first time in my life, but without feelings in return, and maybe still am.

So, how did I lose weight?

  1. I started eating healthier, I started cooking and preparing my own meals.
  2. I stopped eating semi-finished products, fast food, sausages and other food like that.
  3. Instead of swallowing the food fast, I started chewing it more.
  4. I do eat more meat, which is prepared at home.
  5. I stopped eating fatty sweets. Instead of them, if I wish for something sweet, I eat dark chocolate. I eat it even between the meals.
  6. Also started eating more fruits and nuts.
  7. I get enough sleep, so I’m getting my energy back, so I can be more cheerful.

For some time, then I did gain back some weight, it was because I felt sad, a lot of scandals with family members helped with that. I started craving for fatty cookies. I thought, that if I baked them my self, it would be all right. but I was wrong. They baked in a lot of oil, so eating them for a while did help to gain some weight back.

After understanding that, I had to say no to these tasty cookies. So, the weight started to go away again.

I hope, that my experience is helpful, and maybe it will help someone else to change his or her life.

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