How to expose a liar?

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In order to lie convincingly requires special talent. There are people who are just fine at lying and being dishonest with others. The lie these days is incredibly common. Even people who really can’t lie; or those who think that lies are terrible may occasionally lie to you. It is embedded in human nature; such is the need for self-preservation in any way.

But just because a person is so good at lying does not mean that you cannot expose him. You just need to know what you should pay attention to. And if you learn to notice these signs, it is unlikely that these liars will fool you. All the information that will be presented here is already supported by leading scientists and researchers in this field. Human behavior is something that has been studied from the earliest days of structured thought!

You just need to be able to determine the patterns of human behavior to determine whether this person is a liar or not.


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1. Liars will seek to divert attention and not be nervous about themselves during a conversation.

When it comes to lying, there is a lot of pressure; and the liar will want to relieve this pressure, diverting attention from himself in conversation. For example, so that you could not figure it out, the liar will seek to constantly change the subject. This is a common tactic.

To lie, and then change the subject so that he does not have to further develop this lie – a classic.

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2. A liar will negatively talk about the situation with which his lies are connected.

When the liar begins to explain the situation with which their lies are related, they will lean towards more negative tones, even if it is not necessary. And there is a very simple explanation of why this is happening. Liars tend to feel guilty for lying, and this guilt leads them to a very negative mood.

This guilt makes them respond negatively about the situation, even if they do not realize it. So be careful with people who tend to use a lot of negative descriptors when they talk to you about something.

3. Stories of liars will be as simple and straightforward as possible.

Liars will try to say as little as possible to make sure they do not stumble in their words. They will not want to say anything that may be contrary to what they said earlier. They will not want to become entangled in their own web of lies. And they know that the best way to avoid this is to talk as little as possible. They will not want to accidentally say something that can give them away. The general rule: the less you say, the fewer doubts you give to other people who may know that you are actually lying!

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4. Liars add a lot of unnecessary details to their stories.

On the other hand, instead of talking as little as possible, liars can also go the opposite way; they will try to compensate for this by adding so many details to what they say. You need to pay close attention to this when someone tells too many details that are simply irrelevant to the story. They do this to make it seem like it really is, but it all sounds extremely unnatural.

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5. Liars are not capable to keep eye contact.

Often, people who lie, try to keep their distance and not look in the eyes of people they talk to. If the lier is in front of you, he may look into your eyes for a second and most of the time while he will be talking, will be looking sideways or down, like he is searching a way to escape. It is because not everyone is capable to lie while looking in the eyes, so that way they take off of themselves the huge feeling of guilt. And yes, there are people, who are incapable to look in the eyes, because they are shy, but mostly their body language will show that: they will try to be as small as possible, and they will be shy at everything, while liar will have open body language, and does not need time to get adjusted.

Some of them might choose a way not to be in front of you, but a place by your side. For example, while walking or having dinner, so it allows naturally not to look into the eyes of the person they talk to.

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6. Staring contest.

The most professional liars might seem to look into your eyes while talking to you, but actually, they overpower you by looking between your eyebrows. With time it is possible to actually learn to see, that someone is looking between your eyebrows, not your eyes. The liars gaze will be slightly upwards.

Also, there are those, who lie, while staring right into your eyes, but it is because they believe in their lies so much. It may be, they think, that their lies are the truth.


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I think that the only and the best way how to find out if you are being lied to is by checking the facts. Some of the liars even feel so free to accuse you of not trusting them. But how to trust someone, when they are telling you lies?

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