How to change your karma

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There is an opinion that everything on our planet is subject to one law. Each person lives with his karma, that is, from birth, he is subject to his fate and can not change anything. According to karmic astrology, karma indicates what a person was born with. The very law of karma was first formulated by Moses and sounded like: “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

How is karma formed and can it be changed? Karma is our embodiment in the present. Someone is born healthy and rich, and someone suffers from poverty and disease all his life. Surely, each of us asked this question: why am I like that? If astrologers are to be believed, then karma, whatever it may be, has been given to us for our past life deeds. That is, in our last incarnation we did our best to achieve success in this life. Or vice versa, have committed many sins, and now we suffer because of this.

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You can change karma with a few tricks. Start doing good deeds towards people. You can start small. For example, walk an old woman across the road or help a kitten get down from a tree. Whatever kind deed you would do, remember, the desire to help should be sincere and disinterested. Helping others, you must invest the maximum amount of positive energy in your business.

Read your daily horoscope. This is an opportunity to avoid dangers and unpleasant situations. Indeed, knowing from the horoscope about any incident, you will not get into trouble?

Learn to read the signs that the universe sends you. Everything happens for a reason. The signal sent to you from above can help to avoid trouble.

Change your lifestyle. Do you do the same things every morning? Get up, get dressed, go to work? Try changing your habitual existence. After all, if you do not feel happy, so maybe you just need to part with the usual atmosphere? Start small: change the route from home to work, or go out for dinner at another cafe.

Use Feng Shui techniques. It can clean the house of negative energy. As you know, good karma depends on the amount of positive energy. Using Feng Shui, not only the house is filled with positive energy, but also your life. Study your inner world. Meditation will help you find peace of mind and inner comfort.

Learn to forgive. When a person forgives and does not hold evil, he is cleansed of negativity. Do not envy, do not think about the bad and do not use swear words. All thoughts and phrases carry their energy, so try to make it favorable.

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Study the influence of planets on human life. Every day is subject to a particular planet. In this regard, you should daily change your diet, colors in clothes and much more. Look at the lunar calendar more often and follow the rules based on the phases of the moon.

Everyone can change their fate if he understands in which direction he needs to move. It is necessary to control all our thoughts and words because everything that we do every day carries the energy that goes to the Universe.

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