How to attract wealth: signs of money and rituals

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How to attract wealth? Nowadays this question is rooming the minds of so many people. I believe that the question of how to attract wealth has been bothering your mind too. Keep on reading, and you will find things you have done wrong, things that influence money flow.

There is a huge number of monetary signs and superstitions that have been formed over many hundreds of years and have come down to our time. Even today, without realizing it, we adhere to the old rules of dealing with money and believe in magic rituals to attract money.

In addition to signs, there are many more beliefs and rituals that will help improve material well-being. There will be a story about them.

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The rituals to attract money are quite simple and are in the everyday things that we do every day. The garbage from the house should not be taken out after sunset and before sunrise. It was believed that along with the garbage thrown out at night, prosperity would leave the house.

Do you notice the position your broom is in? Put it up with the throwing part, then the money will reach your home.

Finding money on the road is big luck! However, do not wait for it from heaven. With cash finds on the road you need to be careful. Firstly, someone could lose this money. Secondly, they may be spoiled. In any case, an old sign says that taking the money you found yourself dooms yourself to the misfortunes of others that haunted their owner. If the temptation is too great, and you still picked up the money found from the earth, then it must be cleaned from someone else’s energy. The most effective way is to put it in a bag and put it in the freezer. And it’s best to spend them right away. Then the energy of their previous owner will not have time to take possession of you.

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From ancient times it was believed that the mirror has some magical properties. There is a sign that if you hang a mirror opposite the dining table, then the wealth in the family will increase. This is explained by the fact that the food lying on the table is reflected in the mirror, and therefore doubles. Do not place empty containers on the table. This applies mainly to bottles. Empty in the bottle – empty on the table.

Old signs give birth to new beliefs. Everything changes money, ways of their storage, attitude to them. Today it is safe to say that money omens really work. After all, if they did not work, new beliefs would not have appeared. What signs do we trust today?

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At least one coin must always remain in the wallet. Even if all your savings are stored on the card, do not be too lazy to leave at least five cents in the inner pocket of your wallet. The energy of the coin will act to improve your financial situation.

Money must be kept in perfect order. Distribute them by face value and currency. Dollar to dollar, euro to euro.

You can store a piece of red ribbon in your wallet. Red is the color of energy and movement. A ribbon will symbolize a cash flow. You see, getting rich is not so difficult if you follow a few simple signs!

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