How to attract money to yourself

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To earn a lot, you have to work hard and to get rich, you need to come up with something else. What exactly?

You work from morning till night, grab hold of some hack-work, refuse everything for yourself, but still, you don’t have any money. Common situation. As they say, happiness is not in money, but in their quantity. In the meantime, your prosperity is in your hands. It is only necessary to properly build your relationship with money. And there is no mysticism here. See for yourself.

Think about what wealth is? After all, this is not just a piece of paper with added value, not a house, a car, a fur coat, or travel. Wealth is universal cosmic energy. You probably know people to whom the money literally is stuck. But among your acquaintances, there is one who, even if he wins a million in the lottery, – tomorrow, he will still be naked, right? Everyone has their own relationship with the energy of money.


The most common cause of poverty is the fear of money.

Yes, ordinary primitive fear. After all, wealth is not only joy and pleasure but also the burden of responsibility. Imagine for a moment yourself as a very rich lady or gentlemen: what would you do, what did you buy. Now imagine that in the boutique where you tried on another sable coat or a ring with a huge diamond or went on a test drive in the fanciest car, the news caught you on the radio: the stock market collapsed and your money turned into candy wrappers. And now not only for a fur coat, diamonds and cars – there is nothing to pay for the bus to the house. What do you feel? Agree, when there is nothing to lose, where it is easier to live, just by drifting, without fear for tomorrow. And it is more pleasant to watch TV: news about the economic crisis will not cause a heart attack for you and your millions.

Money must be treated effortlessly.

This is the secret of almost all millionaires. Today there is money – they are not there tomorrow. The rich man knows that if the money runs out suddenly, the energy of the cosmos, with which he has built the right relationship, will again give him wealth. Once at the very bottom of life, do not become disheartened. If you still have a pitiful amount for which you can’t get enough of your paycheck, just take it and spend it right now, but only for pleasure. Go to the cinema, buy a piece of jewelry, make a manicure – something that really brings you joy. And do not think that tomorrow you will have nothing to eat. Believe me – the money will find you. This is your first test for fitness to be rich.


Respect yourself.

Wealth is an indicator of not only success but also self-esteem. It comes to those who crave it, in other words: money – to money. Therefore, never save on yourself, choose only the best: clothes, shoes, perfume, cosmetics, etc. At the same time, remember that the best is not always the most expensive. Take care of your own body, skin, hair, nails. Surround yourself with beautiful things, among which must be luxury goods. Love yourself and the money will love you. A simple example: if an employee is dressed expensive, always with make-up on and with the expensive hairdo, the employer will quickly raise her salary than with a gray mouse, even if she has three children.

Do you like money?

Do you enjoy crunching bills received in an envelope or an SMS alert that a salary has arrived? Or do you have one thought in your head: well, I will pay a loan, hand out debts, buy groceries, and there will be nothing left? Observe for yourself how you pay in the store: whether you have a beautiful wallet, if you proudly take out money from it. Or do it internally cringing, as if apologizing? Wealth comes only to those who really love money and do not hesitate to admit it.


Get rid of the negative program.

Are you not using wealth blockers in your speech? These could be phrases: “No money!”, “We can’t afford it”, “I can’t buy it”, etc. They all set your subconscious mind to poverty. Better say: “I will buy it next time,” “We will spend money on something else.”

Do not be afraid to spend money.

Like any energy, wealth needs circulation. You did not notice that as soon as you start saving money, some kind of emergency will certainly happen, on which all savings are spent? You think: “It’s good that I had a stash for a rainy day,” and it never even occurred to you that if this stash did not exist, then nothing bad would have happened. In other words, trying to save money, you yourself do not allow extra money into your life. Another example: people who have taken credit for important goals for them, admit that they simply did not succeed in postponing the necessary amount for the purchase, while they repay the loan without problems.


All the most valuable in life – for free.

Hugs of a loved one, kissing a child, support of relatives, help from a friend – all these really vital things for us will not get for the money. Remember this when you become rich, and appreciate while you are on your way to your millions. Many people think that money spoils people. In fact, it is not. Wealth rather shows the essence of man. Therefore, in your dreams of what you will do when you get rich, do not forget about charity and helping the weak.

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