How the order of birth in the family can affect your personality

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Our personality is formed in our childhood, and the order of our birth can determine our personal qualities.


First-born usually look like parents. Parents inspire and support them at every turn. They like to be in the spotlight and know how to be the best. They are also perfectionists. They do not like mistakes.

They expect much from themselves and take responsibility for their actions. They are born to be a leaders.

Middle child

The average child will be a bit stubborn and will want to attract the attention of the parents. They often feel easily interchangeable, which is why they are trying to prove their worth

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Younger child

Younger children do not need to take on more responsibility. They freely express their opinion. These are creative personalities who easily cope with any problems. They like to try new things.

The only child

They are more confident and polite. They are susceptible to criticism. The only child, as a rule, works more to satisfy the expectation of their parents.

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