How does consciousness relate to personal growth?

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Of course, all your actions will lead to certain results in your life, but what actions should you take? Logic and reason can help you decide how to do this, and they can help you break large projects into small steps. If you know the questions, logical thinking can help you find answers.

But logic and reason have no idea what questions you should ask yourself. They can not tell you why one question is more or less important than another. Try to prove the logic that having more money is better than less. Try to prove that treating people with kindness is better than manipulating them. Try to prove that a career in medicine is better than a career in law.

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How do you make the most important decisions in your life? What career should you choose? Should you get married? What is most important for you in life?

Do not think that you make these decisions on the basis of what is most practical. In the end, you somehow listen to your intuition. Regardless of how practical you are, you still take the most important decisions of your life from a context that exceeds rationality. Ultimately, it all comes down to the feeling of the inner voice.

What does this general life context provide? Where do all these questions come from in your life? They come from your consciousness! Your level of consciousness determines the questions and answers in your life. Your intellect exists only to serve your intuition, no matter how practical you are.

So, what does it mean to become more efficient or productive? If you like doing what you do, but you never raise your level of consciousness, are you really an effective person? Do you get the best results? Does it make sense to get better and do something better?

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And what if you make decisions because of fear, because you do not know how to show your true courage? What kind of experience do you constantly lose because your consciousness is working at too low level? If you did not have fear, would you still live your life the way you are now? If not, what would you change?

Higher levels of consciousness mean access to greater reward. Instead of being lonely, you can enjoy a wonderful relationship. Instead of working on boring work, you can build a career that suits you. Instead of feeling frustrated, you can experience an all-pervading inner peace. If your level of consciousness is too low, you will be deprived of these rewards, and it will seem a mystery to you, why others can attract everything so easily, but you can not.

Running on your current treadmill will give you pleasure. But what if it’s the wrong treadmill? Avoiding this question and throwing yourself into action, going farther and farther along the same treadmill, you lower your consciousness. This makes you go deeper into your fear.

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Even if you really like your real treadmill, you still need to be interested, and what else is there. Just ask yourself this question, and all your fears will appear on the surface, and you will begin to consciously accept them. And overcoming fear is the essence of raising your consciousness. No matter how incredible your current treadmill is, there is always even better. Living consciousness means learning to feel comfortable moving from one treadmill to another without becoming too attached to any of them. This is the essence of personal growth.

Who has a higher level of consciousness – a person who has everything, but he is mortally afraid of losing it all or a man who has little to eat and he is not afraid of loss? Who will be happier? Who can attract and develop the most loving relationship? Who will live in peace and harmony?

The more you are attached to your current treadmill, the lower the level of your developed consciousness, the less you are free. But with more freedom you can achieve greater personal growth, because you will have access to a new experience!

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