How do stars and planets influence a person’s character?

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The most significant celestial bodies affecting human life are the Sun and the Moon. They form masculine and feminine elements in us.

The Sun gives energy and activity, which is necessary for coexistence with other people and the world. It is the location of the Sun that encourages a person to choose his line, on the basis of which he will communicate, work and participate in public life. The Sun is responsible for the right hemisphere of the brain and gives a person some temperament. His line of conduct in his career and family depends on how the Sun will be located at the time of birth. In the astrological horoscope, the Sun most often indicates the personality traits that a person exhibits in relation to the world around him.

The Moon is a symbol of the subconscious and the inner essence of man. From the location and strength of the influence of the Moon depends on how people will manage all that gives him the Sun. In addition, the Moon is responsible for sensitivity, emotions, intuition, and resourcefulness.

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An equally important role in the astrological chart of forecasts is played by Mercury and Venus.


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Mercury is responsible for the abilities with which a person is endowed from birth. The location of Mercury at the time of the birth of a person speaks of the degree of his perception of the world and the development of five basic senses: smell, hearing, sight, taste, and touch.

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Venus rules our desires and feelings. The location of this planet can be judged on how a person relates to sex, family, love. In addition, the predominance of one or another element in our life depends on the degree of Venus influence. That is, a person can give preference only to sexual relations, and love for him is in the background.

Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are symbols of human communication with the environment. How these three planets behave in a person’s natal map will depend on his relationship with other people, his ability to perceive other people and adapt to the world around him.

Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune determine the purely individual inclinations of man. As a rule, these planets predetermine the further activity and hypostasis of man. Uranus gives us creativity, activity, a desire for change and perfection. Neptune is responsible for supernatural abilities and intuition. This planet can give a person enviable pragmatism. A person under the strong influence of Neptune is able to think three steps in front, he perfectly analyzes the situation and sees the future picture as a whole. Pluto influences a person’s desire to transform something. The influence of Pluto has not yet been fully revealed by astrologers, but it is already known that this planet is intended to influence a person with the intention to make revolutions, changes and change social principles and foundations.

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