Horoscope forecast for November, 2019

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Horoscope forecast for November tells that many planets will change their position, so it will affect the mood of people not in the most positive way. Finally, for many of us, autumn will turn from a gray and dull time into a bright period preceding winter. In this mood, it will be possible to easily change life for the better.


You will truly bloom in November, but only in the second half of the month. Until about November 18th, you should continue on your way in a state of caution and prudence. From November 19th, you will meet new ideas and change your life to begin with internally, in their minds. Inspiration, enthusiasm, and motivation will help you quickly find a soul mate, understand and set new financial goals. In love and in money, some caution is required. Spending too much money in November is also not worth it, so it’s better to wait a while before running to the store.


From the second day of November for you will begin a favorable period, and in all spheres of life. November can be devoted to a soul mate, your quest or your family. You can also change the situation, go on a trip, go on vacation, move, do furniture rearrangement in the house. This month’s energy industry is ideal for finding a new job, for creative activity, for new hobbies. Your life will turn in a new direction, so you need to hold on tight at this stage of life, so as not to fall out of the boat of success.

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Until November 19th, inclusive, Mercury will be in a state of retrograde, which will negatively affect your ability to make important decisions. It will also worsen your memory, attentiveness, creativity. In the love sphere, this can complicate the development of relations, so it is better not to rush things. At the end of the month, anxiety will subside, a good mood and self-confidence will appear. You will be able to enter successfully in the winter without any problems because you will be able to leave them behind in the past. Try to often look into the future, not focusing on troubles, because they are temporary.

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For you, this period will be like a roller coaster, because energy will constantly change. Don’t trust strangers, because people can become very selfish and fixated on themselves. Try to be independent and self-sufficient this month, because hoping for the help of others is not always appropriate. New envious people and enemies may appear. The stars will help you find out who is your real friend and who is just pretending to be.


You will have a fire in your heart, a new motivation, a desire to love and be loved. Unfortunately, this will not happen in the first half of the month, so at least a couple of weeks it is advisable to build your life around worries and responsibilities that require the quickest solution. It will be a month of financial success, so you need to not only tune in to the desired wave yourself but also to tune the energy of your home to it.vThe end of the month will be especially successful for creative people, who want to remain involved in everything. Activity and determination will prevent you from becoming outsiders. Self-analysis and the ability to think through every step you take will also be useful.

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For you it is the time when you need to relax, engage in spiritual practices. All this is best done in solitude because people around you cannot be trusted until November 19th. It is better to avoid communicating with negative personalities. The last couple of weeks for you should pass under the motto “patience and labor will grind everything.” Try to pull yourself together and complete all previously begun work. It will be a very important time. You will need new ambitions, motivation and a desire to work. The future may seem unpromising, but it is not. It all depends on how you will behave in late autumn.

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You have a rather bright and favorable month, in which everything around can change dramatically. At this time, it is useful to look for new hobbies and interests. You can change jobs, take vacations, and travel. In November, not a place will make you happy, but how you will transform the place where you are. You will radiate confidence and kindness, which will charge others with positive. This month you should set clear goals, as well as make friends, not enemies. It will take more empathy with others. People feel better when they know that they are understood and spoken the same language as they.


The last month of autumn will give you new opportunities. Stars and planets will improve your mood, help you find positive. In the first half of the month, it is advisable not to act rashly, not to risk once again. At the end of November, on the contrary, it is better to fight cowardice and insecurity, because these two feelings will impede the approach of success. In November, you can start repairing, moving, buying and selling real estate, a car. In late autumn, you will become more successful in love. This means that your soulmate can feel your love and finally see the world through your eyes. True, the increased activity of the planets can lead to poor health and poor sleep.

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You will need to establish harmony within yourself, but for this, it is first necessary to establish harmony in your home. At home, you can work and relax, and both of these things will not interfere with each other. In relationships with people, try to avoid imposed opinions. It is worth doing what the heart and mind say, and not the counselors around. You also needs to fight sentimentality if you do not want autumn to end on a minor note for you. In important matters, you should not go ahead, but every opportunity should be used to the maximum.

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For you will begin a period when in business and in love only a rational approach is needed. Risks and adventures are better to postpone. Starting from November 19th, the energetic background of the planets and stars will change very much, which will affect your luck. You will finally gain self-confidence and will be able to implement your plans in the shortest possible time. Stamina will be in the first place, because in a short time very much will have to be done. In November, it is better not to change life principles and focus on the most important – on the family, responsibilities, work.


For you this month will be rather stable and favorable, but not so successful that you can relax and go with the flow or rest. The apogee of autumn will be the deliverance of Neptune from retrograde on November 27th. This means that at the very end of the month something very important and fateful can happen. In the financial sector, you will be helped by money signs that indicate the right path or report on the approach of success. In the love sphere, it is better to rely on intuition that does not deceive. Try not to drag various energetic garbage into your soul, such as resentment, jealousy, negativity.


You will have a very favorable whole month, but towards the end, the planet and the stars will become less creative. This means that all the most important needs to be done until November 26th. After that, it is better to take a defensive position and defend what was acquired by labor and courage. Morale will weaken, motivation can be lost dramatically, so it’s better to have a good rest in the last days of autumn. In the love sphere, you should not wait for better weather by the sea. It is necessary to take the situation into your own hands, not hoping for outside help. Also, do not share plans with others, because among them there may be hidden enemies and ill-wishers. Try to avoid stereotypical thinking and hanging labels. Your energy periodically requires updating, especially now. You will need a fresh outlook on life.

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