Horoscope for week from September 16th to 22nd, 2019

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In general, this week for everyone will be busy with a different type of things. Saturn changes its direction from retrograde to direct movement. Most of you will be experiencing a second spring.


In general, this week for you will be very productive, since your patron Mars is in Virgo. So it is advisable for you not to spend much time lying on a coach. You can start planning your life and analyze your past mistakes with a fresh glance.

On September 19th you will be emotionally satisfied because Mars will be in trine with Moon. So it means that it will be easier to communicate your feelings to other people. The energy from the Moon will shed light on your relationships.

As for things you should be careful this week: Mars will be in a square with Jupiter, so it means, you should be careful, and not make rash decisions finance wise. It can create huge loss afterward. Try to avoid long-distance trips, if it is possible. You will be greatly rewarded if you will overcome an inside conflict. Also, Mars will be in opposition with retrograde Neptune, which means were may appear in your community people who are toxic or ill-wishers. So be prepared, and do not allow anyone to stop you from fulfilling your dreams.


This week, your patron, Venus, is in Libra. Which means that you will feel the need for the beautiful, as well as for love. The energy of Venus will create a diplomatic surrounding for you. You will feel very calm while being home, it will be like paradise. The downside of this will be your unwillingness to make decisions.

All week Venus will be in conjunction with Mercury, so communication will be easy and diplomatic. It will be easier to reveal your true feelings. Small trips will be fruitful.

On September 9th Venus will be in trine with Moon, so this will bring harmonious energy on Monday.

On September 22nd, Venus will be in a square with Saturn. So on this day, it might create an inside conflict. The conflict might be about your past days when your decision was to relax. So now it will be harder for you to return to your everyday workflow, and it might make you feel like maybe you shouldn’t take a vacation at all.


Mercury is in Libra, so this means that this week it will be easier for you to find compromises with others. Your thinking patterns will be pushed more towards others. You will try to make sure that everybody is happy. You will feel some balance coming into your life.

Not only Mercury will be in Libra, but also in conjunction with Venus. So this will give the much-needed balance in your personal life.

On September 20th, you will feel more emotionally grounded since Mercury will be in trine with Moon. This will bring you harmony.

Saturday and Sunday would be great days for traveling to a neighbor city or even country. Also, these two days are great for getting new knowledge.

Still, from September 20th to 22nd, you should choose responsibilities, so you don’t get stuck in your mind. These three days Mercury in a square with Saturn might make you feel overwhelmed.

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay


On Monday Moon in Aries will bring energy which might make you think more about yourself. Also, Moon will be in a square with retrograde Pluto. So this will bring back some vibe about unfinished business or relationships.

From September 17th to 19th, Moon in Taurus will bring you emotional stability. As well, it will allow you to express yourself in an artistic way.

Moon in Gemini on Friday and Saturday will help you open up about your problems in work and personal life. This energy will allow you to come more out of your shell.

On September 22nd Moon in your sign. So this means it will be easier to be family and home oriented. Your intuition will heighten, and you will be able to sense what other people are feeling and guess what they are thinking.


Till the end of the week, Sun will be in Virgo. So this means you will find practicality to your ideas and drive your creativity in the right direction.

From September 16th to 19th, you may feel strong impulses to become more active. You should use this time to go after the thing you want because form Monday to Thursday Sun will be in conjunction with Mars.

The first half of the week is perfect for love and romance. Sun will be in trine with retrograde Pluto till Thursday. You should use this time to learn from your previous relationships and grow to become a better partner.

September 19th will be the culmination point since Sun will be in trine with Moon. You should allow yourself to show your true self to your family members.


Till the end of the week, Sun is in your sign. This means that you should try to avoid diving into your ego. Try not to criticize other people since that way you will only gain enemies. Not everyone can be so perfect as you, and avoid mistakes. Sun will give you a spark to start something new.

Your patron, Mercury is in Libra. This allows you to create new contacts in every sphere of your life. You will have the necessary diplomatic abilities to gain stability in wok and love.

Mercury in conjunction with Venus will allow you to focus on relationships. You will see your partner in a more softer light.

If it is possible, you should plan your business meetings for the weekend. The energy from Mercury in sextile with Jupiter will help you to have successful discussions over business projects.


Venus is in your sign, so it means your focus point will be more oriented on romance and love. You will be thinking about your appearance, as well as your significant other. You will be appreciating more people who are in your life. This week you will be trying to keep balance in everything and stay not involved in conflicts.

Venus conjunction with Mercury will give the opportunities to express yourself in a way that no one gets hurt. Especially if you feel like you are the only one who gives, and you don’t know how to say about it. Also, you should try to avoid to use your charm in a way what might bite you back later.

Venus in trine with Moon on Friday sets the perfect day for showing how much you care about your loved ones. If you have a family, you should spend with them the whole afternoon by playing some table games or if the weather allows, go into nature. It is nice to sit at one dinner table with your family in the evening and talk about how everyone feels.

On Sunday, Venus will be in a square with Saturn, so it will force you to choose between love and work. Don’t feel bad if you choose to start the next working week earlier.

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Your patron, retrograde Pluto is in Capricorn. This means your ambitions will be tested in every aspect of your life. You should rethink the ways how you treat your money, family and your soulmate. It would be good if you decide to take the time to think about your responsibilities and reputation.

Retrograde Pluto in sextile with retrograde Neptune will give you the energy to dive deep in your artistic talents. You should use some forms of art to express your self.

On Monday you might feel like staying alone with your thoughts and emotions. You might be closed more than usual. The reason for that will be retrograde Plutos square with Moon.

Retrograde Pluto will be in trine with Sun till September 19th, and all week in trine with Mars. This energy will be helpful when you will get to work.

September 19th is a great day, which you should use to show your emotions. Retrograde Pluto will be in trine with Moon. On this day you will be more opened up. You might meet someone special or just be true to your partner.


Your patron Jupiter is in your sign. This means now it is time for you to learn and grow. You should use this time to get new knowledge. It will help you to become more successful and get new career hights.

Jupiter in a square with retrograde Neptune, and in a square with Mars till the end of the week. Retrograde Neptune will give you some uncertainty in some of your life spheres. As well as, Mars will make you feel aggressive because of you not knowing what is next.

On September 21st Jupiter will be in opposition with Moon. This will create some tension from your loved one and family. They will be emotionally unhappy with you not giving them attention since you will be more into you creating financial stability.

On Saturday and Sunday Jupiter will be in a sextile with Mercury. This will give you the opportunity to make rational decisions.

On Monday, in your personal life will reign harmony. Jupiter in trine with Moon will give you a simple but great feeling for the idea where to search your soulmate.


Till September 17th your patron Saturn is in retrograde motion, and slowing down in your sign. So this means you should rethink everything and get ready to take control over your life. From September 18th your patron starts a direct movement in your sign. It will give you the necessary energy to go for new heights in your life. This is the time for you to take your life in your hands and strengthen your status in public.

On Monday and Tuesday, Retrograde Saturn will be in trine with Mars. This is the time for you to think about new ideas which you could implement in your life and career.

On Wendsday Saturn will be in trine with Moon. This will give you the time to take care of your home life. maybe your hose needs some improvements. Or maybe it is time for you to spend time with family.

Retrograde Saturn in sextile with retrograde Neptune till September 17th. This energy will help you revisit some of the old ideas and recreate in a new way. After September 18th you might get distracted with new creative ways on how to improve the old. The reason, for the fanatical obsession with taking more responsibilities than you can, will be Saturn in sextile with retrograde Neptune.

From Friday till Sunday you may encounter some communicational problems in work since Saturn will be in a square with Mercury. You might feel like closing down and working with everything on your own.

On Sunday you might feel like you are torn apart by your job and your love life. Saturn in a square with Venus will be giving you the choice. The choice will be between becoming a great well-known specialist in your sphere or getting family which will always appreciate and backup you.


Your patron, retrograde Uranus, is in Taurus. You should rethink how to be practical and unique at the same time. You should think about ways how to revolutionize your approach to your job. Maybe it is time for you to think about redecorating your home. You should learn how to become more communicative. It is great if you enjoy your time with yourself, but it is also good to embrace yourself to be in the company of close friends.

On Sunday you should push yourself towards creating your love life. Retrograde Uranus will be in a sextile with Moon. If you will push yourself to open your ice-cold heart, you might find some warm feelings.


Retrograde Neptune is in your sign, this will make you more dreamy than usual. At some point, you might feel confused and scared.

Until the end of the week, you might feel like people in your community are more aggressive towards you. Retrograde Neptune is in opposition with Mars, this means that people in your circle will try to confuse you and destroy your confidence.

Retrograde Neptune is in a square with Jupiter. If you wish to be successful in the financial sphere, try to overcome lack of confidence. At this time it will be just an illusion created by your patron.

On Saturday you might face some depression because of retrograde Neptune in a square with Moon.

It is advisable for you to not sink in your dream world this week. Retrograde Neptune will be in a sextile with Saturn. This means you should push your self to take at least the minor responsibilities.

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