Horoscope for the week from May 6th to May 12th, 2019 – challenge yourself!

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This week don’t be afraid to take life in your hands and challenge yourself. You have to believe that you are capable of more than average, find your inner strength, if necessary, meditate on your goals and dreams. Raise your energy to achieve more!


For you, the main task will be to get rid of anxiety and negative thoughts. This means that you will have to surround yourself with pleasant personalities. In general, the week will be calm and measured, however, on May 9th, the stars and planets will become very active. In most cases, the dynamics of events will not particularly concern you, but if desired, you can take part in anything. On weekend or in the evening after work, on any weekday you can have fun, indulge yourself by buying something. You can just relax and forget about everything in the arms of your soulmate. Do not risk and do not get involved in too much work. The main thing is the preservation of health and good mood. These two parameters are always closely related.


From May 8th to 10th, the planets will be very positive for you. On Saturday and Sunday, on the contrary, you will become disadvantaged. On the weekend, it’s better to do housekeeping. You will need more honesty when dealing with people. You will be a little more industrious. You will have motivation, inspiration. In work that requires some kind of competitive element, you must not forget about decency. Everyone who works physically needs to remember about health care. You need to be more in the fresh air, especially on the weekend.


For you where may begin a period of problems at work. Since Monday, the planets will change their position, but their impact will remain almost identical. This can create in your head some kind of imaginary sense of stability. In fact, everything will gradually change. In general, you will remain on the wave of good luck, but in order to get the maximum positive energy of the planets, you will have to stop allowing selfish thoughts to control yourself. This is the perfect time to take care of children, parents, your soulmate. You need to meet people, not to be afraid to make joint plans. Those who have long been in love relationships, should think about the wedding.

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The period is ideal for love confessions and for open communication in general. As much time as possible, you are advised to spend in a pleasant company. Solitude can also be useful if required by work or the creative process. You need to give up some things to become happier. One of these things is pettiness. This is a great period for spiritual searches, meditations, prayers, visits to the temple. No need to go with the flow at the most favorable time of the week – May 8th, 9th, and 10th. It is necessary to make important decisions as quickly as possible, without delaying them. Otherwise, some irreversible and not very pleasant events may occur. It’s time to take responsibility and initiative.


For you this week will be the time of work, monotonous affairs and stability. The mood will not threaten anything, exactly like luck. On May 9th, you should think more about the most important things, because this is the day of maximum activity of the planets. On this day, you can safely begin any important work, relax, changing the situation. The probability of unpleasant turns of fate is close to the absolute minimum, but this does not mean that you will not be able to drive yourself into a corner. To keep everything in place, no need to take risks. It is better to engage in spiritual search, introspection. Try to take criticism from friends, colleagues, and relatives without aggression.


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This week you need to become a positive magnet. It is worth trying to get to know someone pleasant, and also try to avoid contact with those who make you worry and nervous. This will help you understand what you want from life, set new correct goals for yourself, understand past mistakes. It is important to prioritize correctly. If you work tirelessly or, on the contrary, devote the whole week to entertainment instead of work, then spiritual chaos can begin, and confusion may lurk into your mind. One of the most important criteria and conditions for success in business and at work will be the ability to help others. This will raise your authority, help you assert yourself. People will try to respond with good to good. It is possible that someone will share important information.

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You need to try to start a new life. It will be useful to change your attitude to something important, look at yourself and the world from the other side, do self-analysis. May 9th – the most dangerous day is a relatively stable, but difficult week. On May 9th you can become greedy and jealous. People in relation to you will also change their behavior to less pleasant. Colleagues can become more arrogant. Closer to the weekend, the situation will change, which will allow you to form new aspirations, set new goals, and gain inspiration. Intellectual opportunities will decrease a little from May 6th to May 9th. This is an increase in decision-making time, which means you cannot hurry at such moments.


For you now begins far from the easiest period. It will be a time when you should only rely on yourself. Fortunately, the planets will increase the speed of thinking and decision making. You can only trust yourself because people will become less responsive and open. For you, to attract love and make the best first impression will help a sense of humor, openness. In amorous matters, it is worth relying more often on intuition. To attract the attention of the opposite sex will also help optimism. In the fight for the heart of a person, all methods are good, so you only need to show a person your desire to help overcome the negative, so that he becomes interested.


This week, in your mind, may begin to appear negative programs. It is necessary to dive deeper inside your mind in order to understand what makes you doubt, to have fears. A simple method of substitution will help expel the experience from your consciousness – you need to try to shift the focus of attention to some business. May 9th is the day of the strongest energy surge, which cannot fail to affect your life. On this day, it will be possible to make a revolution in any of the spheres of life, manifest the independence of one’s character, take advantage of all facets of the intellect.

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This week you can change your mood quite often. Try to forget all bad things as soon as possible, not to dwell on the troubles. In dealing with people, too, there are a couple of tips that are worth paying attention to. First, you need to learn how to get rid of illusions about people – you need to be able to accept people as they are because there are no ideal personalities. Each of us has flaws. Secondly, you need to be able to forgive them for these flaws: for lies, selfishness, irritability. For you to stay afloat will help a sense of deep respect for friends, your soulmate and relatives.


Caution can be not only a way to preserve what has already been achieved before. Quite often, the ability to wait for a convenient moment becomes decisive in the struggle for a place in the Sun. Intuition will help determine how important a moment is. This week you should trust the sixth sense. Romantic meetings and new acquaintances will also be useful in this regard. Important decisions need to be taken carefully, or put them off until later, if time allows. The main thing – do not give people or yourself empty promises that can derail all the plans.


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You need to think over every day pretentious as much as possible. The fact is that this week the energetics of stars and planets will be very dynamic. This will affect what is happening around, so now it’s just dangerous to risk. A very good helper for you will be self-criticism. You should not wait until someone dares to criticize – you need to be able to look for flaws in yourself on your own. You may begin to worry about your future. From this, it follows that not only the past and the present, but also tomorrow, will play a big role in the development of good luck for you. You need to plan things for several weeks in advance, in order to put in between entertainment and something pleasant. Thoughts that soon have to go somewhere or meet with someone, always warm the soul. You can be strong in spirit if you wish.

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