Horoscope for the week from May 13th to 19th, 2019 – problematic time!

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This week will be a difficult week, but it doesn’t mean that it will be bad. For some of you, it might bring new energy and possibility to overcome obstacles. Someone will have to face their fears face to face, someone will have to give up on a loved one or for the intended purposes for the sake of new horizons. It is normal when changes occur in life, even unpleasant ones. It is important to know about their approach in advance. The main thing – do not think about the bad and do not let unpleasant people put pressure on you.


For you, the week will be very polar and non-standard. The first three days will be a time of global change and increased energy, as the stars and planets will be very active. Since May 16th, everything will change in a negative direction, and quite dramatically. The planets will no longer be in harmony with each other, and the peak of activity will be replaced by a lull. All the most important things are best moved to the beginning of the week. At the weekend it is recommended to have a good rest, and you can do it both in the company of friends and in privacy with your loved one or alone. Your impulsiveness and your violent temper will be replaced by calmness so it will be much easier to communicate with others. Your morale and productivity will decrease, so you need to do household chores and shopping: you can buy something essential for the house, like furniture or new household items.


You should avoid communicating with the most deceitful people. It is necessary to keep as close as possible to friends, relatives, and more time to spend with the family and your soulmate. Those who are in search of love should be more careful, because not all people will be honest, open, although they may seem so. It is necessary to treat with precaution to any new acquaintances. Your close people may need empathy, moral support. It is necessary for you to provide it in full. In no case, you should share your plans for the future with strangers and devote them to your personal affairs. In difficult situations it is better to rely on your intuition. It will be especially useful in the negative period from Monday to Tuesday.


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You can expect a simple and stable week, during which many new ideas, positive thoughts, and desires can appear. This will happen from May 15th to 18th, when the stars and planets will be active. By its properties, energy will be neutral so you will see the direction you will have to go. The Universe provides complete freedom of action for you. You need to do what you like, forgetting fears and doubts. Negative virus programs have a much smaller effect on you in such periods.

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It’s time to move from words to action. The fact is that this week the calm and measured energy of the planets prevails you. This means that you can start new projects, go headlong into work and financial affairs, do something at home. Only on Friday and Saturday, some fatigue will be felt. It is better to devote this time to rest with a family or have a thoughtful time alone. It’s time to take the bull by the horns, focus on the most important things in life. Do not retreat from your principles. You need to keep faith in yourself and faith in your own strength.


You will have the most stable period in all spring. This week, in your mind, maybe born interesting ideas, but they are better to write down or memorize, to implement later. Now you need to relax, do routine and simple things. As for amorous affairs, in this area, you will have a calm period. The desire to be alone and put off activity for later is not cowardice, but the right decision. The fact is that now you need to calm down, rethink everything anew, look at past love successes and failures from the side.


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Try to avoid excesses this week. It is never too late to learn to be successful in your thoughts so that later it is transferred to the real world. Your rapid ups and downs will lead you nowhere, and it will be difficult to achieve quick success. Nevertheless, in the middle of the week, the activity of the planets will increase dramatically, which will contribute to improving your memory, charisma, charm, desire to conquer new heights. In many cases it is better to remain an observer. This applies to areas in which you have not yet had any support or motivation.

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Stars and planets can provoke an exacerbation of your worst traits on Tuesday. Not only will the mood of the stars be negative and destructive, but also their activity will seriously increase. Do not take risks on this day, do not seek your cunning and deception. Sincere people will be respected and popular. At home, you should keep order. It is worth setting it in the middle of the week so that financial flows and positive energy, in general, circulate better and freer. This will help get rid of diseases, stress, depression, negativity, complexes. Stars want to see you as reasonable people who can do their important things without being distracted by trifles.


Do not put sticks in the wheel of others. This is especially true for the unfavorable period starting May 16th. At the end of the week, you should take advantage of special physical exercises to relieve stress, anxiety and increase energy in general. There may be a craving for stereotypical thinking. You can easily cope with this – you just need a desire to move away from cliches. The first three days of the week will be very positive. It is better to direct the energy of those days to the creative channel. This will allow you to look at the world differently, from a different angle. If you are responsive, the Universe will give a huge success, so you should seriously think about whether it is not time to switch to the bright side.


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This week, beloved affairs and communication with people will be useful. This is a bright and stable, positive week that can become the basis for something new. In order to attract more luck into your life, you will have to get rid of various rubbish, but not only in your home but also in your soul. You are pretty charismatic people, but this week you will bloom even stronger. This can be used to search for your soulmate or making an impression on colleagues, bosses. It is necessary to maintain consistency in the work, do not rush things and do not try to be too assertive. It is better to think twice and lose a little time than to step on the rake of the consequences of mistakes.

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Try to listen to the advice of others and look at the smallest changes around you. Observation is your strength, so you need to use it to the maximum. It will help recognize the signs of the Universe, warning of danger. Stars will try to warn you about the approach of problems. In love, the best period does not come, as jealousy may escalate in you. This is a terrible feeling that all people experience at different intervals of time, so you just need to wait out this moment without making a complaint to your loved ones or friends. On the horizon, some disagreements may arise, but you can deal with them through negotiations.


For you, the calculation is the main quality if you want to succeed in business or in love. This is a clear time at which many interesting things can happen but hidden from view. You will need a bit of care to see a touch of beauty and charm in routine. For you, it is desirable to avoid communication and common affairs with greedy people. Such people will disappoint you, spawn prejudices and negative thoughts in your mind. And now you absolutely do not need it. The same goes for jealousy. Modesty will also be good in moderation. It will be a cure for many troubles, but not for loneliness.


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From May 15th to 19th, it will be easier to create this power and self-confidence, because the stars and planets will be in harmony with each other. You are life-loving people so you will need to find some reason to move forward. It is better to spend the first couple of days in routine affairs since destructive energetics will reign supremely for you. Nostalgic thoughts, a tendency to self-digestion, self-flagellation may appear. You should exercise maximum caution when filtering thoughts.

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