Horoscope for the week from June 25th to July 1st, 2018

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We are waiting for a very harmonious and pleasant week, intermittent only with a brief outburst of negative and light emotional flashes. Nevertheless, some Zodiac Signs still have to face unfavorable circumstances.

This week, you better refrain from lying and manipulating – even for good. It’s not that lying will seem unconvincing to people, on the contrary, you will have artistry, charisma and eloquence. Just any false words will be very significant for others, which will bring you many problems in the future.

It will be especially difficult not to lie to oneself. In the period from June 25th to July 1st, you will have to learn to recognize your mistakes, weaknesses and vices, because to weave a web of lies and pretense is now extremely dangerous. Disappointment and awareness of their mistakes will turn out to be painful. Otherwise, these seven days can be considered successful: now is the best time to take or pay off loans, to expand business, new projects and change jobs. But only in the event that you act as honestly and openly as possible.


This week is especially favorable for acquisitions. Large purchases can be successful. In addition, the “acquisition effect” will also affect intangible things: the beginning of the week will be favorable for new dates, for finding business partners and hiring workers. But helping people and give something this week is worth less to you – it can draw financial failures.

These seven days may seem surprising to you: all problems of a material nature will be decided by themselves, as if by magic. Therefore, the more things you start to do and the more efficiently you work, the more you will have and you will get more – and without much effort. Catch the moment.

If you are among those who are accustomed to assess people in appearance, it is time to give up this addiction, especially in the period from June 29th to July 1st. You can wake up with an overstated self-conceit and vanity. However, on these three days even the poorest and most unpleasant externally person can do you a good service. Do not judge a book by its cover.

Otherwise, the final week of June will please you. It promises an energy boost and an inner motivation for creativity and business activity. However, overly emotional Gemini may begin to torment restless thoughts – not necessarily intrusive, but extremely unpleasant and frightening. You are not recommend to focus on this increased attention. Practice techniques for developing positive thinking.

Cancers this week risk becoming a victim of fraud and incurring serious financial losses. This provokes confusion, emotionality and credulity. You are recommended to carefully check everything that in one way or another concerns money – bank transfers, contracts, large or small purchases.

This week, it’s better to be a distrustful bore than to be left without money. If your work is related to art, you will have the opportunity to express yourself. In this seven-day period you will be visited by a muse that will help create something truly worthwhile, the main thing – reveal your hidden talents. Weekends are the ideal time for traveling and long trips. On the way, especially in the circle of loved ones and loved ones, you will feel very happy and comfortable.

This week, Leo will be passionate about their careers and business relationships. You can wait for strained relations with subordinates and colleagues and excellent – with people occupying leadership positions. However, the work and the desire to succeed at any cost will ruthlessly exterminate your time and internal resources. You are advised to find time for energy recharge.

You may slightly bring down the sight in the direction of romance and love. This week, you can seriously wallow in constant scandals, gossip and intrigues. What is surprising, this state of affairs will give you a certain pleasure – life will boil, and emotions – to beat the key. To remove stress and nervous excitement will help shopping, work and playing sports.


Despite the desire to retire and remain in silence, in the next seven days even the most unsociable Virgo will have to leave their comfort zone and wallow in the realities of life.

You can a wait an active social life: new acquaintances, parties, an abundance of new and incomprehensible emotions, impressions and surprises. Unfortunately, the end of June is simultaneously unfavorable for starting a romantic relationship: it’s best to wait until July.

Perturbation of what is happening and dislike of others will spoil your mood this week. You will have to fight alternately with anxiety, then with drowsiness, and this will not improve your mood. To rectify the situation can spiritual practices, yoga, sports and vacations – new impressions will distract you from poisonous criticism and the search for enemies among close people.

Even managing your emotions, you can suddenly tell others a lot of unpleasant things. In these seven days, it would be wiser for you to avoid new acquaintances and active social life – it will be difficult for you to arrange yourself and people to calm communication. But in the material sphere, pleasant news is expected – an increase in prosperity will reconcile you with all the imperfections of this world.

This week you will have not only good luck, but also a lot of energy – you will be overwhelmed with excitement, motivation and impatience, irritation and a thirst for success. In order not to spill this explosive cocktail into trifles, astrologers advise to identify important goals and focus on them. In the period from June 25th to July 1st, you have a greater chance than ever to achieve what you want in any aspect of life.

This week there will be complications that can arise unexpectedly. In critical situations it is more reasonable to seek help from close people. Be careful and do not overexert yourself too much, otherwise your health will be in jeopardy. This week is best to give up exhausting work and diets – you will need a lot of energy to make the week complete.

This week you will be provoked to be dissatisfied with yourself, frustration in life, obsessive thoughts and wavy mood. This can make many Sagittarians sad. However, internal discomfort will be just one indication that your life will soon change. Therefore, do not dramatically change something in yourself, in your appearance and behavior – do not rush things, let everything go on as usual.

Be attentive and closely monitor developments: any problem this week can grow like a snowball, which will lead to negative changes in life. In time, the helm will help you direct the situation in the right direction. Listen to your inner voice, but more – the advice of time-tested friends.


You can have sudden mood jumps on June 28th and 29th. Try to listen attentively to your desires and at the same time avoid too selfish actions. This week, you do not want to put up with any inconvenience: heat, shackles, fatigue. Even thirst is desirable to satisfy the first call of the body.

As for selfishness, try to be sensitive to others – their anger, envy, sadness can harm you. In addition, do not rush to take for a truth the sudden conclusions. You will be jealous, suspicious and angry, so do not attribute these feelings to the behavior of others. Intentionally to harm you and deceive you, no one will. Try to walk more, have fun and joke – this will help to cope with unpleasant and unconstructive thoughts.

This is a great week for transformations in work, personal life and creativity, as well as very favorable financial prospects for you – incomes can increase several times, especially if you start your week at work. It will be easier to achieve your goals.

Oppressed mood and apathy, which can overtake you closer to the weekend, you can dispel with communication with other people. It is not necessary to rush into the thick of events or attract increased attention – it will be enough to strengthen relations with a partner or restore lost communications.

Strong feelings, mysticism, spiritual experiences – that’s the triad waiting for you this week. The illusory world will prevail over the real, in connection with which you can temporarily immerse yourself in a sweet negligence. For those around you, your behavior will become strange and incomprehensible. Do not try to explain anything – swim wherever your inner voice and curiosity call you.

Astrologers recommend not to take offense at close people, if they do not understand you: this week, this is not their fault. Disregard those cases to which you lost interest, and actively begin what you like. Just do not wait for immediate results – they will come later. Keep up good mood and be kind to others.

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