Horoscope for the week from June 18th to June 24th, 2018

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Horoscope – this is not a prediction, but a collection of advice based on the forecast of how space objects will behave in this or that period.

June 20th and 21st, will be ideal working day, and June 23rd and 24th are ideal days to take time off. The best day for an incentive to creative development, is June 24th. With a high probability you can find yourself a new hobby or passion on the last day of the week. Of the remaining days, only Tuesday will be dangerous. It will be a very dangerous day for love affairs. The implementation of the conceived may be difficult, and the creative potential may completely come to naught. The Universe can put you before a serious choice. For the remaining days, just be careful.

June 19th, is the most successful day for work and creativity. Felt feelings of freedom, artistry, insight. This is your day, in which no one will dare to take away your luck in business and in love. June 21st, is a day of successful struggle against oneself, a day of work on mistakes, self-analysis. On weekends it will be easier to make fateful decisions. On June 18th, 20th, 22nd, it is better not to show impulsiveness.

On June 19th, 21st and 23rd, it will be easier to smooth out internal and external conflicts, achieve stability in love and at work. These will be wonderful days for creating new connections, because the need for communication will increase. Successful can be long trips: business trips, travel, flights. On all other days, you should beware of the crisis in the relations of love, friendship, business. The reason for the beginning of the black strip can serve your bad habits, attempts at blackmail, cunning. Be extremely careful and beware of intrigue, hypocrisy, lies.


Tuesday is a day of self-improvement and conquest of new heights, and Wednesday is a day of positive war for prosperity for you. You can expect changes for the better, but you will have to try a little to see them, because rarely something positive happens by itself. Weekend can be difficult. You can expect difficult decisions, secret problems, betrayals. In addition, on June 21st, it will be easier to quarrel with someone, but it’s incredibly difficult to establish relations later.

The Lions will be the most fortunate on Saturday. The element of Fire will be active, so that luck will be closer to you than you think. On Wednesday and Sunday,  try to adopt the habits of successful people in areas of life that are problematic for you. June 19th  will be associated with a fee for past mistakes. The Universe will try to make your thinking ordinary. Solving financial and love problems will be incredibly difficult. In addition, June 21st, you can be robbed of steadfastness. Conflicts will not be smoothed out, so there is a chance to quarrel with close people.

On June 19th, 21st and 23rd, you will find a lot of positive. On Saturday, you may be faced with the problem of choice, which will teach you a lot. The Universe on this day will try to make the right choice for you, so, most likely, your life will soon change. On the 19th and 21th, your inner world will be as balanced, persistent, harmonious as possible. On Wednesday and Sunday, do not cross your enemies, but focus on personal affairs and work in seclusion. Some difficulties, worries and problems are expected. June 18th and 22nd will be in your closest harmony, so you can dedicate these two days without wars to quiet work or rest – at your discretion.

June 19th, 21st, 23rd, and 24th, these four days will be the most successful for you. It is worth extending the comfort zone for this time. Your energy will be increased, so there will be less chance of getting sick, prematurely tired, losing motivation. On Tuesday and Thursday, you can do things that you do not like, but require completion. At the weekend, active rest will help drive away negative attitudes and bad energy. A truly dangerous day can only be on June 20th. It will be a day of unrest and difficulties in all spheres of life. If you have the opportunity to stay on Wednesday at home in solitude, take this opportunity.

These days your advantage can be shaky, but quite noticeable. It is about June 19th, 21st, 23rd and 24th. On other days, you can have a passion, assertiveness, a desire to fight to the end. To improve energy, you are advise to do as much as possible your favorite things and be more active in the physical plan. This week, you can safely go in for sports and actively rest in the fresh air.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for you will be much easier to deal with matters and concerns. You can make important decisions without any problems. Do not fold before the difficulties in these three days. On June 19th the incentive to conquer new heights can abruptly disappear, so do not be alarmed if apathy, fear, complexes and the desire to throw everything in the world come to your life.


It is possible that on June 20th, you will have to go through parting, to meet negative changes in business and love spheres. On other days do not relax, but try to continue to fight for your happiness. June 21st, 23rd and 24th are the most positive days for the Capricorn. You can safely change the situation these days, go on trips, business trips. You can devote the time to resurrect romantic encounters, and Thursday to give it to work completely. The relevance of the elements of Fire will make your life brighter and more saturated.

On June 20th, 21st and 23rd, it is better to be as careful as possible, because the problems promise to become very tangible. June 20th people around you can be extremely rude and selfish. On the 21st, luck and success can turn away from you. On June 23rd, the achievement of the desired can become an impossible task. On June 19th and 24th, you can have much more trump cards in your sleeve than your enemies, because creative thinking will be incredibly powerful.

Pisces will be luckier this week than anyone. On Monday and Friday, try not to leave your hometown, do not change the situation and make new acquaintances. On any day from Tuesday to Saturday you will have quite a lot of chances worthy to start a new business, to finish important business, or to start looking for new hobbies. You are lucky in the same way in love and in the financial sphere, so that it will be much easier to change the destiny for the better.

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