Horoscope for the week from June 17th to 23rd, 2019

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This week, the stars and planets will line up in such a way that the sixth sense will become even more important. Try to rely on wisdom and experience, but do not forget that the heart will rarely be deceiving you from June 17th to 23rd. Especially it concerns the sphere of love and self-realization.


You will have a very stable week. Throughout the seven days, the planets and stars occupy a rather favorable position. No dangerous activity will be observed. One of your patrons is the Sun, and June 21st will be the summer solstice. This means that the Sun will become creative and give good luck to you. The second half of the week is better to devote to a partner, parents, children and other relatives. At such a time it is useful to give presents, have fun and engage in joint activities. Also, these seven days are favorable for rest. You can go on vacation if there is such an opportunity.


You can get lucky in matters that require creativity. If your work is connected with creativity and non-standard decision making, then this week you will be lucky. Inspiration will be useful also in love. Success will bring non-standard dates and dating, flirting. Those of you, who are already in a relationship, should cheer the significant other, making her a pleasant surprise. You will be able to show your loved ones that they mean a lot to you. Not only deeds but also words will have great power. It’s time to make a declaration of love, to make a marriage proposal.

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For you, there comes a time for the manifestation of non-standard, the time to fight with the ordinary, boredom and laziness. This is a good week for all who have to work hard, gain knowledge and experience. On June 18th and 19th, the planets will be the most active, so in these two days, we should expect some changes in the main areas of life: in love, in deeds, in work. As for financial activity, it is better to suspend it. The struggle for a place under the Sun, continuous development and experiences can lead to energy depletion, which is very dangerous. To deal with it you need timely rest and relaxation. Overwork is the worst enemy for good luck. It can deprive you of the most important thing – independence. How to rest, does not really matter; you only need to periodically change the situation.

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It’s time to tune in to success and fulfillment of desires. The power of self-suggestion will help you with this. It is worth highlighting the three brightest and most favorable days of the week – June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. At this time, thinking about the good and believing in yourself should be doubly frequent, so that good luck is always there. Your strength this week will be intelligence. You are lucky to work, learn, gain knowledge. Also, your intelligence, resourcefulness, and ingenuity will be appreciated by the opposite sex. Not the last role it will play in the process of making purchases. You can knock out a good deal for yourself, succeed in your work, find the fastest way to solve any problem.


Try to tune in to the positive wave. If this is not done, then nervous tension can deprive you of good luck. Communication with pleasant people will help to overcome sadness and despondency. You will become more sensual and passionate in the eyes of the opposite sex. This can be used in the process of dating or meeting with friends. The rebellious spirit is better pacified, allowing diplomacy and flexibility to lead you. From June 17th to 20th, stars and planets will be set up to help those of you, who are in search of love. At the end of the week, those of you, who are family representatives, will be more fortunate. Both of you should maintain faith in yourself.


Your success will ensure scrupulous thinking through the plans, evaluation of each of your actions. There is little caution, especially in such periods. The stars and planets will completely provide you with it, allowing you to decide your fate without any interventions. This means that the time has come for making important decisions, for finding new hobbies and a new life path. Most of all luck may be needed on June 19th, when the planets will be very active. In these seven days, you can change from within, changing the very attitude to life and to yourself. It is important to maintain a positive attitude and remember that everything depends only on you.

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This week for you to get what you want will help the power of positive thinking. Stars and planets are not located in the most favorable way, but this does not mean that all dreams can be left behind. You may be worried about minor issues, and most importantly the risk of going unnoticed. Topical problems and routine matters only prevent you from seeing the positive picture and prioritizing correctly. In dealing with people, it is better to beware of rumors and gossip. It is not advisable to dissolve them and it is better not to take the words of other people seriously. Many problems will be solved by themselves, but this does not mean that you need to create new ones for yourself. To abstract from negativity, fatigue, and work will help the purchase. Shopping is the best medicine for love dramas.


You will have a difficult week due to the fact that the stars do not talk about their plans. There is no point in waiting for blessings from them, they are in a state of relative peace and prefer to remain neutral. Perseverance will help achieve the best results in any of your areas. Favorable household chores, cleaning, shopping. Particular attention should be paid to privacy. Do not to tell anyone about your plans and do not reveal the cards. To maintain love, friendship, and trusting relationships, it’s worth responding to requests for help: people will be extremely grateful for your support in mid-June. Those who show arrogance and selfishness, it is better to immediately refuse and not waste time on them.

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For you there comes an ideal time in terms of financial operations, work and business matters, hobbies, searching for sources of inspiration. You can safely make expensive acquisitions, arrange loans, begin preparations for repairs, relocation. This is an ideal time for any large-scale cases in which the help of relatives and friends may be required. Also, it is recommended not to forget that sometimes you have to share your success with others. It is worth remembering those who once helped, stretched out a helping hand, disinterestedly spent their personal time. This week is ideal for debt recovery.

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For you, the coming week will be far from the most successful but you will be able to see the world as it is, without embellishment. Some people will show their true face, so you have to make an unpleasant choice – to stay close to them or continue the journey without them. Some difficulties can wait on Monday or Tuesday, but closer to Thursday the planets and stars will return some of their positive energy, which will lead to the earliest resolution of conflicts and troubles. In addition, the source of success will be moderate indifference to unimportant matters. Need to learn how to distribute power correctly. You should not take up several cases at once. It is better to focus on the most urgent.


You this week will have to meet with various changes in life. It will happen through the fault of Neptune, who will start the retrograde movement on June 21st. You should not aggravate the situation with a negative mood, because the end of the week will not be easy. Do not go to extremes, take only deliberate steps, have patience. Retrograde Neptune can increase susceptibility to negativity. The beginning of the week will be marked by increased information flows. This means that it’s an ideal time to learn, work together and learn new skills.


You should keep physical activity for all seven days, not forgetting about rest and relaxation. It will also be useful for learning to think positively. The motto of this week will be: “Hurry up – make people laugh.” Do not to rush to make fateful decisions and do not deal with any manifestations of impulsivity. In the love sphere, you can throw the bait, trying to get acquainted with the person who likes you. Dating will be easy and relaxed. As for those of you, who have been in a relationship for a long time, it is better for you to take the initiative completely in your hands, planning joint rest and business, freeing a loved one from having to spend their time on it.

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