Horoscope for the week from June 11th to 17th, 2018

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This week many Zodiac Signs are more likely to feel the influence of their past mistakes.

Karma of a man always acts unexpectedly, imperceptibly, however, this week the situation can take a more favorable turn, because some problems can be predicted in advance. Do not be alarmed and do not give up earlier plans, if you want everything to remain in place.

Aries will become more attractive in the eyes of other people. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will be very positive. Luck will wait for economists, accountants, mathematics teachers and representatives of other exact sciences. Numbers will have a special weight. Try to be straightforward and not look for workarounds where there is no point in this.

Problems can be only on Monday. The day will be filled with disharmony in love and financial affairs, so it’s better not to make serious decisions on June 11th. On Saturday and Sunday can easily be devoted for planning the future activities, active recreation.

The most successful day of the week for you is June 11th, Monday, so you can become happier, because luck will follow you everywhere with a high probability. You can start new business safely, start serious changes, such as: moving, traveling, selling or buying property, a global change in the situation and so on. Other fairly productive days will be Thursday and Friday.

On the other days, you may face difficulties. On Tuesday, you will find creative stagnation and the problem of choice. On Wednesday, your productivity will be lowered. And on Saturday and Sunday it is better not to risk and postpone all important matters.

Attracting what you want this week will be easier for you on all days except June 14th and 15th. Monday will be a special day in which you can safely look back and evaluate your merits, analyze the mistakes. As well as on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, these days will be incredibly successful for any work or leisure.

Thursday and Friday, your intuition can fail you. There is a possible increase in dependencies, an increase in pessimism. Beware of making deals with unverified people – you can be deceived.


Monday, the 11th, will be ideal for finding ways to increase income, find new jobs, change the situation, make important decisions. In addition, the first two days of the week will be positive. Your energy will be more stronger, so it will be much easier to win a privileged position in society. Secret blows of fate will not be terrible for you. Further, on June 14th and 15th, will be the days of love for life, increased enthusiasm, self-confidence.

The most dangerous days for you are June 13th, 16th and 17th. June 13th, on Wednesday and Sunday, it is advisable not to engage in spiritual search, creativity, postpone overtime work. To increase the income, will help only a severe economy, combined with diligence. Beware of unnecessary purchases.

Use as often as possible stone-charms and talismans, because the week will be very dangerous for you. On Monday, you may have moodiness, mood swings, new fears may open. June 16th, can bring you a lot of problems: break your plans, cause stress.

The only really good day of the week will be Tuesday. On this day, tackle the most hated and difficult tasks. It will be easier to work, as well as interact with people, to establish business and love contacts.

Virgos should stop dragging themselves into other people’s problems in these seven days. This will be especially relevant on Monday. On the first day of the week, it is difficult to find firm ground under your feet, but it is possible. Internal experiences may overlap with self-confidence. June 14th, on Thursday, your energy reserves may dry up. And on Saturday, June 16th, Virgo can appear to internal contradictions.

As for the positive news, your luck will raise your to a new level. These days are worth to spend on work, to search for new hobbies and for romantic meetings.

This week you can become happier and richer. On Monday, you will have some kind of harmony. It is better not to postpone important matters for later and decide on that day. June 14th,  will bring good luck in love, the presence of pleasant small innovations. There will be positive on Saturday. Look for good luck in this confrontation and defend your opinion on this day.

On other days, you may lose your positive energy, you can become cruel, stubborn and irritable. Try not to take on too much responsibility on June 12th and 13th, as well as on June 15th and 17th. Try to fight with arrogance and vanity.

Successful events are waiting for you with a high probability on any day of the week, except Monday. On this day, it will be difficult to complete all the cases that were started earlier, problems can appear from anywhere. You may be overwhelmed by doubts, you may become more vulnerable, depressed on this day.

On the remaining days of the week, there will be days suitable for work as well as for creative growth. In love, you should increase your assertiveness, give a vent to your passion. Physical activity will be a good choice for representatives of your Zodiac Sign. Do sports and do not be afraid to fight for your happiness.

On Monday, your mind will strive for harmonization, and therefore it is better to act creatively and unusually in love and in financial affairs. On Tuesday, you can afford a bit of protest and rudeness against those who have done this to you in the past. This does not mean that you need to take revenge, just do not give yourself offense. Success and luck on June 11th and 12t will be closer than it seems.

The remaining days will be quite routine and will be suitable for any quiet business. Do not change the situation and do not go on long trips. A truly dangerous day can be Wednesday, June 13th, it is better not to introduce any innovations into your life, or make any important decisions.


The only dangerous day for you will be Monday, you can increase apathy, vulnerability and a tendency to depression. In the middle of the week, on Wednesday and Thursday,  your mood will normalize and your efficiency will rise. To become happier these days for you will help the collective work, brute force, determination.

At the weekend, the days will be filled with positive. And on Saturday, you will be able to make the right choice and set a goal, defeating irritability.

The financial sphere of life will be the most relevant for you this week. It will be easier to attract money. Saturday will be optimal for Aquarius in terms of work and work to do. Do not be afraid to break plans and put yourself before a serious choice.

On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, be as rude as possible and not rely on business or love for just luck or intuition. Many representatives of your Sign will have to pay for past mistakes. The remaining days will be quite calm and measured.

At the beginning of the week you will be able to discover something new in familiar situations, to smooth out internal conflicts. Your intuition will be more powerful this day.

Unsuccessful days for you can be on June 12th and 13th, as well as on June 16th and 17th. Problems and unhappiness these days will be attracted by the openness and credulity of Pisces. You should talk as little as possible about your plans for the future to strangers, especially on weekends.


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