Horoscope for the week from July 9th to July 15th, 2018

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Each person has strengths, as well as vices and weaknesses. This week representatives of some Zodiac Signs are expected by high ups and deep falls. But do not tune in to the negative in advance: this week, astrologers advise to try to expand the limits of your capabilities.

For Aries this week will be easier to manage money. July 11th, 12th and 14th, be extremely careful. July 14th, Saturday is the most dangerous day. Expect difficulties on the way and beware of the hidden blows of fate. A strong internal tension can be removed if you try not to overload yourself with work this Thursday. If you have to stay in the workplace, to escape from possible turmoil and difficulties you can be helped by powerful rituals against troubles.

Monday may be good for you. This will be a time of great change, building plans. To change the fate of you will help effective practices. Listen to yourself on Thursday and Friday and fulfill your desires, discarding doubts. Ahead are stable days, which can easily be devoted to creativity. Conflicts will be disappearing by newly emerging circumstances, and for self-improvement, ideal conditions will emerge. Strictly negative days are not expected. This week can be productive from any point of view. Do not sit around, if you do not want to miss your opportunities.

On Monday and Thursday remain faithful to your principles. Perhaps, through some crisis events and problems, the Universe will try to lead you to an understanding of your life and your purpose. To become happier, you may have to give up many things, but it will fully pay off in the future. On Tuesday be careful with excessive optimism, which can become deceiving. On Wednesday, problems in the sphere of love may arrive. This aspect is able to deprive Gemini of artistry, freedom of thought or creative thinking peculiar to them.


The first five days of the week will be positive, but the weekend is extremely dangerous. Ahead is very contrast. July 12th and 13th devote to communication with loved ones, as well as work. Favorable enthusiasm in any endeavors and hobbies. July 10th, life will begin to change in the right direction, slowly. On this day you can feel the charge of confidence. Do not be afraid to change the situation on Wednesday. It will be easier for you to solve the usual tasks in a new, faster and more productive way. Weekend better devote for rest and search for motivation for next week. Remember that hypocrisy and pretense do not lead to good.

July 12th and 14th are the best days in the energy plan this week. Making choices will be much easier these days. Try to become better in these two days and take advantage of helpful tips for working on yourself. Two more days this week promise risk for Leo. The first day is Monday. You may have unnecessary apathy, as well as be depressive and sensitive. July 13th there will be a partial solar eclipse in Cancer. This day, spend surrounded by close people.

Monday and Thursday you can fight for your interests, adapt to changing conditions, feel free from negativity. These days you can safely change the situation around yourself, buy new things, go to other countries and cities, going on vacation or on a business trip. On July 11th and 14th, may be acute problems in love and work, new conflicts. You run the risk of losing harmony, strength of spirit and positive energy in general, if you succumb to self-destruction. On Tuesday you can count on some changes in the right direction.

On July 10th, try not to lose your diplomacy and not change attitudes towards people without a special reason. In general, this day is unsuccessful and dangerous. On July 11th, 12th and 14th, you can win a privileged position, become wiser, more perspicacious, even to predict the near future. Another rather positive day will be the day of the solar eclipse – July 13th. Recession of solar energy will play into your hands: it will be easier to look forward.

On July 12th and 14th, you may get something that you have been waiting for so long for a long time. For some it may be love, but for someone – money or trivial tranquility and stability. These days, your intuition will be risen. July 9th, will be bad news for those who do not know what they want from life. On July 11th, try not to make important decisions, try not to engage in creative activity. You can be overtaken by extremely powerful disappointments. Remember that this is just an illusion of problems.

The first four days of the week will be favorable for you. On July 9th, will smooth out conflicts, you will be relieved of worry and get help to change the situation. The energy of this aspect will be very creative. On Tuesday your self-affirmation will be well affected, on inspiration. July 11th, luck will return back to you. On this day, try to set yourself an ambitious goal and start moving towards it. July 12th, is a beautiful day for adapting to new conditions. Creative expansion of your thoughts is favorable for the love and business spheres. The remaining days of the week will be quite ordinary, so do not get upset or, conversely, mobilize all your forces to fight imaginary enemies or problems. Be like water these days – take the form that circumstances are putting on you.


On Monday, you may be controlled by fears. Do not schedule important meetings on the first day of the week. July 9th is a very dangerous day for all Capricorns. If it seems to you that the Universe is challenging, it is better not to respond to it. Thus, you will be trapped between the hammer and the anvil – fears can not be resisted, but acting differently is also dangerous. In order not to stay in the loser, think about the reasons why luck bypasses a person. July 10th, this days cause may be a wrong environment. July 12th, can become very productive in any of life spheres. At the weekend, your fears will leave you, giving you courage. This will give you an incentive to move in the forward direction. New acquaintances and new beginnings – that’s what you should dedicate to on July 14th and 15th.

On July 12th and 14th, you will be lead to a strong dissonance, which will become very difficult to manage. Do not to show your dark side to the world these days. Try not to go into deep defense and do not get involved in adventures. Separately should be allocated July 13th. On this day, a solar eclipse is expected. For you, 13th will be a day of freedom and an energy splash. Direct all your strengths to succeed in things that you put off too long. It’s not just about documents at work, but also about love – it will be a good day for love confessions, offers of the hand and heart, joint planning.

Absolutely all week promises to be positive, except for Sunday. Monday is suitable for almost any job and any leisure. On Tuesday, your health will be positively affected. Wednesday is the day of maximum creative expansion and success. July 12th and 13th,  it’s better to devote to love and stay close to your loved ones. You can safely invite guests on Thursday and Friday. On weekend, try not to go beyond your comfort zone . On Saturday, the situation will improve. It will be a day of tranquility and pacification, at least on the energy level. Conflicts can be smoothed out, and problems can be removed as if by magic.

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