Horoscope for the week from July 30th to August 5th, 2018

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The second month of summer is coming to an end. Ahead August. Very much during this period depends on the mood, on the ability to hold oneself in hands and clearly represent your own life goals.


The middle of the week will pass under good luck. On the way to the  fulfillment of desires and the attainment of goals, representatives of this Sign will benefit from inspiration. The current period will be especially favorable for the improvement of the situation in the sphere of love. For those whose heart is free, try to plan at the beginning of the week to meet in large companies, and for whose recently in love – it’s bolder to make appointments. Even a broken heart is better to be treated now, so that the ghosts of the past do not interfere with future happiness.


Taurus should pay special attention to finance. Fortune is on your side, and time to forge iron while it’s hot. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac should beware of stagnation, so as not to miss the chance of success. In terms of relations, the week will be harmonious: the sharp corners will smooth out by themselves. Do not rush with head into the pool of problems and analyze the situation from the outside.


Born under the Gemini Sign it is important to pay special attention to Thursday. August 2nd is the day of inner work on oneself. Breathing exercises are beneficial for awakening the elements of Air. Spiritual search will also succeed and help to avoid internal discord, to which the antagonistic planets can push. The beginning of August is the right time for Gemini to discover creative potential in other spheres of life. Original meetings with friends, unusual trips, interesting financial projects – everything is in your hands.

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This week Cancers are advised not to rush things. By hurrying, Cancers run the risk of not fully coping with the planned cases. Devoting the whole week to one, but an important undertaking, you can go a long way. The key day of the week for the representatives of this Sign is Thursday. Then will be changes in the situation that will lead Cancers to the movement, entail overcoming obstacles and victory over themselves. Having checked the circumstances, you can quite come out victorious and be surprised by your own achievements.


On August 4th and 5th, it is better for the Leo not to risk in the love sphere. Weekdays will be more favorable for meetings and explanations in feelings. Friday, a day of important decisions that can give stability, and can sink the undertakings into stagnation and painful waiting. On this day it is important to find an incentive to ensure success in business. The techniques of getting rid of anxiety will be useful to the Leo, so as not to lose inner balance.


Virgo, according to the weekly horoscope, you need to prepare for unusual situations. The most significant days are Monday and Sunday. It is worth taking into account this circumstance and using it for your own interests: on July 30th, you can sum up the month and start the week with a successful start, and on August 5th – assess how correct the chosen road was and if necessary, adjust the route. You can have an imbalance and frustrate plans, so it is important to stick to the intended course.

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From July 31st to August 2nd, you need to collect all the forces and not let the circumstances change your plans. August 1st, is the most significant date. False ideas can lead to wrong conclusions, and the mistakes of the past can remind oneself. Libra is not recommended to live in yesterday and overly reflect on their own and others’ actions. It’s time to let go of the past and update the energy.


Have enough patience and perseverance Scorpios. The circumstances that accompany the representatives of this Zodiac sign may seem monotonous, but now the foundation for future success is laid. Born under the influence of Scorpio in the current period need attention, accuracy and diligence. At the weekend it’s better to rest. Tuesday, all the secret become clear: you can discern the hidden motives of others, recognize the intrigues of ill-wishers and  energy vampires.


Sagittarius should beware of hasty decisions in the field of finance. Although the week as a whole is favorable, ill-considered buying can disappoint. To not spend money in vain will help careful planning of expenses. Ambitiousness can lead representatives of this Sign to a standstill. To prevent this from happening, try to understand your own desires and streamline goals, as well as to engage positive thoughts.

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The week from July 30th to August 5th is suitable for summarizing, analyzing the results. You can spend time at home cleaning feng shui to strengthen your energy and confidence in the future. On weekends, business is good that will help to awaken the energetics of the elements of the Earth: a walk among the trees, a flower transplantation, work on a private plot. On August 2nd, will be a sharp turn, which, perhaps, will give inspiration to new ideas. This aspect is favorable, since it will endow Capricorns with powerful creative energy.


From July 31st to August 2nd, will be disharmony into the plans. Perhaps Aquarius will have to reconsider the views on many things and change the decisions made earlier. Art awakening will be promoted by art therapy. August 2nd will lead to instability and confusion in the most vulnerable spheres of life. To avoid this, you need to follow your inner voice and carefully weigh the advice received from others at the beginning of the week.


Pisces needs to give special attention to Friday. On this day, do meditations and other spiritual practices to get rid of negativity. To attract good luck and improve your well-being, you can turn to the protection of the elements of Water: take a bath with sea salt or aromatic oils, try a contrast shower, take a dip in the pond. On weekends, Pisces should stand firmly on their feet. Tranquility and pacification are necessary for the week to end safely, and the weekend would not throw unpleasant surprises.

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