Horoscope for the week from July 16th to July 22nd, 2018

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On Monday and Friday, the work will require more dedication from you, but positive results, perhaps, will appear much faster. These days you can do sports and training, because memory will work better. The last day of the upcoming week will be very dangerous for everyone who planned to devote to his work. Productivity can fall to zero, and fatigue will increase. There can be annoying domestic problems, turmoil in love. Do not change the situation around you on July 22nd – communicate with trusted people and rest more.


From July 20th to July 22nd, you are recommended spending less time alone. Get the support of family and friends. Enthusiasm and motivation in work can be diminished, so that a period of stagnation can begin on this front. Monday may be truly successful and bright day. Your energy will increase, as well as luck. It will be a day of change at any level. You can safely go on trips, business trips, entertainment trips.


The only truly positive and powerful day for you this week is Monday. This day can lead to favorable conditions for work, negotiations and new acquaintances. In love, success will accompany representatives of your Sign almost all day, especially in the evening. On July 20th, and July 22nd, you may have problems with creative implementation, with work, with relationships. You can become excessively jealous. Effective thoughts will help to cope with the tides of jealousy. Surround yourself with care and responsibilities to distract yourself from negative thoughts.

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Of all the days, only Sunday will be the most successful for you. This day will lead to the emergence of new ideas, increase motivation. You can become excessively ambitious, but it’s not scary. The main thing is to go to your goals. Many Cancers will be able to learn the secret of happiness, which so long eluded you. On July 16th and July 20th, try to avoid memories of past mistakes. Any introspection eventually provokes problems and insecurities. Try not to think about how to correct the past – look forward to your future.


For Leo only on Monday will smile luck. July 16th may be the most productive day for those who are engaged in the field of art and creativity. The problems that you face, can make you significantly wiser and stronger, because on such days there is nothing accidental. The universe will help you become better and understand what you really want from life. On July 20th, you may be left without luck. Powerful negative energy can make Leo more impulsive, aggressive, apathetic. You can wake up old fears, which, you thought, long ago retreated.


Very dangerous days for Virgo can be on July 20th and July 22nd. Important cases can break, and the desire to go forward – completely disappear. Do not be too categorical of yourself and others around these days – give freedom to everyone you love. Important meetings and appointments are better to postpone. On Monday for you will open up new opportunities. You can devote it to new acquaintances, flirting and love, or you can go into business and work with your head. Anyway, but the first day of the week can set the pace for all subsequent days, so do not miss your luck.

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On Monday and Friday, danger can lie in wait for you at every step. Your worst character traits can manifest themselves, which will scare off luck in love, business and work. Try to keep track of your emotional state. Concentrating on business, you can cope with impulsiveness. On July 22nd you will be able to look back and assess what you have or have not been able to do in the past time. Luck will accompany Libra, so you can safely do self-analysis, error analysis, long-term planning and purchases.

This week will be incredibly positive for the Scorpios. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday you should do work and love affairs, because your self-confidence will increase, there will be optimism, hidden negative processes in your mind will disappear. Engage in the development of intuition – work more intellectually, increase energy, do not sit idle. The sixth sense can save you from a fiasco. July 16th, can be a day of change in values, increasing independence and ability to work. New achievements will be waiting for many Scorpios. You will be able to strengthen the positions in the areas that you consider to be priority.


On July 20th and July 22nd, try to do everything what is possible, so as not to lose a mental connection with people who support you. These will be wonderful days for strengthening friendship and love, and teamwork. July 16th is a day of great difficulties, unrest, awareness of past mistakes, rudeness and forced loneliness. In order to somehow survive these problems, Sagittarians need more vitality and psychological endurance, so watch your health.

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On Sunday, it’s best to spend a day off in seclusion and rest. To cheer up on July 22nd will help you change the situation, shopping, long-term planning. On July 20th, you will be able to complete the most important things. Do not postpone anything for later on this day – try to take on everything that fate will offer you. Be more diplomatic – this will contribute to the appearance of respect from colleagues, friends, and your soulmate. On this day, you can receive funds, discover new sources of income.


For Aquarius luck can smile on July 16th and July 20th. These will be wonderful days for realizing your destiny, realizing the energy potential that has been planted in you since birth, as well as for active recreation, communication and flirting. There will be no really dangerous days this week for Aquarius. In such periods, you can safely start your holiday, look for a soul mate. But at work you need care and caution.


On Monday, for you can start serious problems in communicating and learning. There may be clashes with enemies and ill-wishers. Restoring strength and energy after an unpleasant conversation will help concentration on home affairs and habitual problems, on creativity. Training is better to postpone, because you may have problems with memory. July 20th and July 22nd, will be the most positive in the week, so try to dedicate them to cases that give you pleasure. Change the situation on Friday, and on Sunday to do household chores, planning and shopping.

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