Horoscope for the week from April 8th to 14th, 2019 – don’t allow someone else to take your chances!

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From April 8th to 14th, you can forget about having stability, because the planets and stars will be dynamic and change a lot. So, you will have to find the courage within yourself and trust your guts, as well as, not someone else to take away your chance.


Aries shouldn’t worry much – their problems will be affected, perhaps less than anyone else in these seven days. The only thing you should pay attention to is the change in the mood of the planets on April 10th. It will be a time when uncontrollable changes may not occur in life in the best possible way. April 10th is better not to take up new business and not to buy anything. From April 11th to the very Sunday, there will be a favorable period. You can engage in self-analysis, trying to change something in yourself. Share time with loved ones. At the weekend, are possible mood swings.


Taurus should relay more often on the sixth sense. It is recommended not to forget about planning – taking risks for Taurus this week is completely useless. The weekend can be considered dangerous: on April 13th and 14th, the planets will change their mood to negative, therefore it is better to spend Saturday and Sunday at home. On weekdays, on the contrary, you can safely go on trips and business trips. You can focus your attention on the search for love or on romantic adventures with the already existing soul mate. Also, it would be good to get new knowledge and skills. You can read new books, watch educational videos, sign up for courses or prepare for exams.



Gemini this week may encounter mood swings. The period of enthusiasm and great luck will be from April 11th to 13th. In these three days, you can take on any job, start performing any tasks. The risk of failure will be minimal. Try to achieve mutual understanding in the family and in love, and not to waste your time in vain. If Gemini decides to invest money somewhere, it is better to spend it on new furniture or home accessories. From April 11th to 13th it will be useful to start repairs and do general cleaning. In general, it is better this week to keep the house clean and tidy. This will be one of the key rules for saving luck.

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Sincerity will be the cure for troubles and problems this week. In dealing with others it is better to get rid of duplicity and lies. People will want to see opened and good Cancers. Try to stick to creative thinking, since it will become a source of positive and good mood. Cancers should move from words to action, without giving anyone empty promises. This week is a period of change, and not all of them can be positive. April 10th the planet will drastically change their mood so there will be an adjustment in the life course of Cancers. Someone will have to face their fears face to face.


This is a positive time for Leo. From April 11th, a favorable period will come for them, during which it is worth taking up all affairs without exception. There is no need to leave anything for later, because the planets and stars are still harmonious, they can help Leo overcome any obstacles in their path. You must learn to trust your inner voice because intuition will be strong this week. This week, in the life of Leo, the positive will reign supreme. This is the time when you can remove all fears from consciousness, try to forget all bad things, forgive people and yourself. Do not go with the flow when you only have to look and go forward.



The upcoming week will give a lot of positive to the Virgo, but will not forget and remind about the duties. Do not to leave anything for later. From April 11th to 13th you will need to do everything possible to resolve the main problems in business and in love. On other days, do not forget about caution. If you have to meet with new troubles, it is better to take them for granted, without fear and frustration. The stillness will help in dealing with unpleasant personalities. The provocations of illwishers must be perceived without a vivid response. With close people it is better to immediately go to reconciliation.

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Already in the first days of the week it is desirable to restore order and maintain cleanliness. You can also get rid of excess trash. In general, the week will be stable and positive. All week the energetics of the planets and stars will be able to remain constructive and constant in strength. This is a good time for physical exertion, intellectual work or creative activity. Virtually no limits – you just need to always have a goal. There comes a great time to fight cowardice, which prevents in search of your soulmate or new hobbies. You need to listen to your heart, which will be able to send you on the right path.


There comes a great time for spiritual practices, searching for yourself, work and love. The week will be quite positive, but from April 11th to 13th the energy of the stars will be even stronger and more dynamic. From Thursday to Saturday, you need to try to solve all the most basic problems at work. Try to maintain order at home and in the workplace. It is necessary to be afraid of an aggravation of stereotypical thinking. Scorpios should think more openly and boldly, without resorting to the advice of others. In some situations, you will have to push harder on the gas to overcome the obstacle in your path. Of the main dangers worth highlighting aggravating jealousy. Common sense and sincerity will help to overcome it.



April 10th, Sagittarius can feel unreasonable fears or melancholy. Negative time will not last more than a couple of days. All other days can easily be called favorable and productive. Especially creative energy of stars and planets will be on Monday and Tuesday. From Wednesday, Sagittarius should include their prudence. For modesty now there is neither time nor place. You are very life-loving, therefore you always have a positive effect on others. They infect everyone with a positive, which they have to themselves. This week this trick will work really great for you.

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For Capricorns, many problems will be solved automatically, without their participation or intervention. This is a very favorable time. The main thing is not to miss important trifles that can explain the essence of what is happening and become the starting point in moving forward. But impulsivity and the lack of a plan for the week can turn all potential success into nothing. Possible problems should be treated philosophically, without stress. Fresh air and communication with pleasant people will help to get rid of possible stresses and negatives. Capricorns require expansion in all spheres of life – do not sit idle at such times. It is worth giving a move to ambitions and enthusiasm.


Now it is not worth for you to wait on a miracle, but there is no need to rush into pessimism. The fact is that the planets are stable and predictable. This means that the time has come to work and defend, to achieve success in all spheres of life. The period has come when desires should not diverge from actions. Despite this, the first step is to deal with responsibilities, and only then devote time to personal whims. It would also be nice to do a general cleaning at the beginning of the week in order to attract more positive thoughts into your life.


Pisces should not ignore the requests of other people. You can devote time to yourself and your personal affairs on the weekend, but on other time it is better not to be selfish. Responsiveness will be the best way to build relationships with colleagues and relatives. If you use charisma and charm, you can gain any person. The main thing – do not pull to yourself the negative, resentment, extra people or unnecessary communication. This week Pisces will be helped by the desire to become self-sufficient. The planets will help you to gain a fresh view of the world, to understand a certain secret meaning of everything that is happening.

Have a great week!

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