Horoscope for the week from April 29th to May 5th, 2019 – some fresh changes!

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This week will bring us promises of some changes in mood. Most of the people will not feel their lives change dramatically, and only thoughts and their attitudes towards life will change. Don’t worry, this week, the Universe will send some freshness in our lives.


This week where is a promise of great luck in love affairs and love adventures for you. This is the perfect time to meet someone, to raise relationships to a new level. This is a great time for flirting, teamwork, communication. People will be very sociable and open towards you. In the financial sphere, you can also expect luck. You need to find a reason to work in a team. Together you can always quickly find a solution to a difficult problem. If debt compels to go this way alone, then there is nothing terrible – the stars and planets will sharpen the attention, will power and your memory so you don’t have to be afraid of any obstacles.


On May 2nd and 3rd, you may slightly lose luck. The situation will not be great all week, but on the 2nd and 3rd, the situation will worsen even more. These days it is better not to shop and work as carefully as possible. This week, your energy will be very unstable. The mood will become inconstant, you will be thrown into joy, then in a depression so better get those napkins right now. You can become cruel to your family and friends. So this means, be aware and try to stay away from conflicts and quarrels, you should strive to find compromises. As well, you will become quite stubborn, so you have to fight with yourself, try to put yourself in the shoes of others.


This week you need to strive to help others. Selfishness must be eradicated at the very beginning of the week. Leaving the comfort zone to support others, well, these sacrifices will not be in vain, because at a difficult moment, you will also have someone coming to the rescue. People can become very irritable towards you, as well as demanding and sometimes boring. It will not depend on your actions, so it is not necessary to look for reasons in yourself. The Universe can contribute to a change in your value system – new goals in life will appear, and old ones will disappear into oblivion.



This week you may begin a period of energy stagnation. You will be able to form a good opinion of yourself among unfamiliar people. This is great news for anyone who has changed or plans to change jobs, start something new, go on a first date. A good trait of character for you will be independence. You need to solve all your most important tasks and problems without the help of others. Do not forget also that optimism or pessimism will be the main enemies of success at work. It is better if you become realist for whom there are only actions and results, and not empty hopes or doubts.

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This week you should strengthen your position in all possible areas of life. On Sunday the planets will be as active as possible, so do not sit still. You need to move more, maintain love and financial activity. It will be a time of new achievements, active work. You will be able to advance in the search for happiness, in achieving new heights in business or hobbies. yes, this week, you will have to go through a stage of destruction in order for the stage of creation to begin. Simply put, you need to find the strength to break off unnecessary relationships, change jobs, get rid of bad habits.



You may have unexpected financial delays. The business and the money will be far from the most important, since your productivity this week may drop dramatically. The end of April will be dominated by negative energy. But May begins with the increased activity of stars on May 1st and 3rd. This will help you overcome obstacles in your path. You can make the dream come true by the power of thought  – you need to think about the good and believe in yourself. Even the most self-confident can meet with lack of attention from the opposite sex and lack of strength. This should not become a source of uncertainty, because everyone has ups and downs. Small failures are not a catastrophe.


This week will be stable and predictable for you. In love, you should really rely on your intuition. The unforeseen collapse of plans are possible in all areas, so it is always best to have a plan “B” in reserve or some cards hidden in your sleeves. In social ties threatens to leak continuous confusion. Friends and relatives may disappoint, and strangers – to provide disinterested help. Searching for the hidden meaning in the actions of people and what is happening around is not worth it – you need to relax and just enjoy life, not forgetting to alternate leisure and work.



This week you will have to independently raise your tone and energy because the stars and planets will not help you in this. It is necessary to spend forces accurately, without dispersing them on unnecessary affairs. In many situations, you will have to rely on the power of intuition, because it is one of your main advantages. You need to expand your capabilities, trying to strive for new heights. The feeling of fullness of life, which you will get, will be very useful – you need to be able to work, relax, have fun, communicate, be in solitude. To increase your credibility and be able to find friends and even love, help people who ask for help.

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It will be a busy, but generally calm and positive week for you. We will have to work hard and face face-to-face problems. You need to think not about how to optimize energy costs, but about how to quickly restore power. It will be useful to deal with organizational issues and affairs, as well as legal issues. You can find inspiration that will help in work and in love. You will have the feeling that you want to live even brighter, even richer. Optimism is the main weapon against doubt and a major ally for inspiration. A positive attitude will help make new acquaintances. And if you are lonely, don’t get sad, stars and planets will help you to find love.



You will become more popular, charismatic and charming in the eyes of the opposite sex. You will be the luckiest people in amorous affairs in late April and early May. May 1st is the brightest and most positive day of the week, on which a lot of interesting things can happen. On the evening of this day, you can safely schedule dates and new acquaintances. It is better for those of you, who have established family, to spend the beginning of May with relatives. To become more successful in all other areas, you will need the flexibility of mind and consciousness. You may have to come to terms with the change of ideology, take the opinion of society at face value. It is necessary to remain restless and purposeful, but not knocking on the same door all the time – if something does not work out, it is better to change tactics, and not the direction of movement.


At the beginning of the week, you will have to overcome the sadness, but the first working days you just need to endure, because on May 1st the stars and planets will become very creative and active. Your life will change overnight, but this should not scare you. Starting from May 1st, everything will go uphill. Do not use impudence as the main weapon. Insolence can cause loneliness and problems in the love sphere. The same thing will happen because of posturing, greed, and deception. It is necessary to perceive everything as it is, without exaggerating the negative and not diminishing anything good.



For you, this week, where will smile great luck in love. All you need is to stay in good shape all week. If you are lonely, you will be able to find a soul mate. There is a high probability that love is somewhere nearby. A loved one may be a colleague, a schoolmate, a good friend or acquaintance. This week there may be an unforeseen collapse of plans, so it is better to think twice before making important decisions, not to be afraid to ask advice from close people. You will need to enjoy the process of work and the performance of some duties. You need to forget about the result because it is of secondary importance. Such a philosophy will help you become happier and luckier.

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