Horoscope for the week from April 22nd to April 28th, 2019

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This week will be positive in most aspects. This is a great time to change your life, say goodbye to the negative, don’t forget to work on your responsibilities. The hardships will go away, but only if we all make a little effort over ourselves, getting rid of our fears. So be brave!


The fact is that in your life there will be many strange and unusual moments that can force you to take a different path. Do not disclose your cards to anyone – do not talk about what was intended and do not share intentions. This is the same time period when you need maximum independence. It will be easier for you to adapt to new conditions. You can change jobs, go on long journeys, meet new people. The main thing is that the actions are not rash. Everything must have its own purpose, its own rules. The obsessive opinion of others is better not to be taken seriously.


You will have to struggle with sentimentality all week. You can get bogged down in the past, in thoughts connected with something unpleasant. Attracting the desired is possible only by the power of positive thinking, so you need to deal with the negative by any means. Timely rest, communication with friends and entertainment will help. In many situations, it will be necessary to show restraint, especially from April 24th to 26th, when the energy of the planets will be negative. These days you can overwhelm feelings such as anger, apathy, jealousy. No need to give a move to all this. You have to control yourself in these three days. It is better to try to solve all the main issues and problems on Monday, while the planets are very active. It is not advisable to leave something at the end of the week.


You need to protect yourself from foreign negative energy. To do this, it is recommended to communicate more often with pleasant people, not to get involved in conflicts and polemics. It will be the most stable and quiet week of all. The stars will not only become invariably neutral but will also lose all dynamics. You do not need to take on everything at once – it is better to perform tasks in turn, gradually. This week every day will be in its energy identical to the previous one. This means that it is time to entertain yourself. A sudden emergence of inspiration or a pile of evil thoughts is not foreseen – simple but important work will be done best.


The middle of the week will be negative, and its beginning and weekend will be stable and favorable. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, try to move away from despondency, apathy and negative thoughts by any available means. Many of you will need to learn to say no. Now there is no time to help others, there is only the opportunity to realize your own dreams. It is also impossible to go to extremes – total egoism will not be a way out and a solution to problems. It is necessary to help those who ask, but not to turn everything into a sacrifice and abandonment of your plans.

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A favorable time begins for those of you who want to start a new life. April 22nd, 23rd, and 25th are the easiest to do. You need to try to turn this world upside down, just to pick up your own. Do not go to extremes – this is the main condition for a stable movement. This week will be marked by the growth of love luck. You will be able to find a soul mate. Family representatives of this Sign will need to arrange a small celebration for loved ones. You can give gifts and spend time with children, a loved one, parents. At work, the main thing is to do everything without haste, so as not to inadvertently spoil your work.


You need to focus on new knowledge. Try to remain involved in all that is possible. You will be able to complete all the important tasks and do those things that will require maximum concentration. Given that the planets will be very calm, you may begin a period of spring sadness. You should not go into self-examination, self-digging. It is also better to look at criticism from people around as easy as possible. Despite the fact that the week will be extremely stable in terms of energy, it is better to have escape routes in any situation, just in case, thinking through your actions a few steps ahead.


You can change life principles, views on the world and on people, on events. This is a very bright period of time for you, who live mostly by feelings, not by logic. Slight mood swings can happen, but that’s not a big deal. Fatal events that cannot be reversed are not foreseen, but it is better not to risk once more, so as not to be disappointed in yourself and in people. Plots of luck will help to survive the unpleasant moments of this week, as well as overcome obstacles on your way without spending a lot of energy. In love, you will have to take defensive positions, since close people can become more demanding of you. You need to maintain your morale and enthusiasm in order not to get bogged down in your routine.


You should get rid of anger and resentment. April 25th – the peak of positive. On this day, Star will help increase the morale that you will need very much in business, in love and other areas. This week you can spend money on home improvement, on the purchase of furniture, building materials, at the beginning of repairs or relocation. If you have any grand plans for these seven days, then it is better not to share them with anyone else. The reason for possible problems and confusions will be forethought and the desire for self-sufficiency.

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You should step on the path of creative action. It is necessary to help relatives and friends to do good deeds. This week everything will be relatively calm, but in you, the desire for jealousy may awaken. It is necessary to move from words to actions more often, without deceiving anyone or giving empty promises. In many financial and work affairs, more composure than usual is required. This is because the planets can provoke uncertainty. In love, the desire to work together will reign supreme. There may be nostalgia that entails memories of the past.


Positive mood of Stars will help activate financial flows. You will be able to make purchases, sign important documents, arrange loans. Of course, caution is required, but the Stars will be on your side so you will be able to cope with any problems in your path. Solving dilemmas will be easier on Monday and Tuesday, when the planets will be very active. In difficult situations will require equanimity. Calm neutralizes doubt, fear, and negativity. It will be easier to go to reconciliation with colleagues, friends, and relatives.


No one should talk about their plans for this week. It is also recommended to be wary of energy vampires, enemies and anyone who makes you go the wrong way. Excesses will not bring to the good, and it is not worth striving for total loneliness either. In communicating with people, you need more sincerity and a search for a golden mean. There must be order at home so that positive energy waves can circulate more freely. The amorous sphere will go to the background but do not forget about romance and the search for the soulmate. In love and interpersonal relationships should be wary of stereotypical thinking.


You can get a lot of envious people and detractors for this week. It is better to keep assertiveness and the desire to move forward. There is no need to be afraid of problems because they may be more in the case of inaction and cowardice. It is necessary to listen to intuition more often, but do not forget about logic too. Jealousy can make new problems appear on the horizon. Calculation and cunning in such periods will not be superfluous. In some cases, the cure for problems will be modesty. You have the opportunity to love yourself and your life even more – you need to relax and forget about the offenses.

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