Horoscope for the week from April 15th to April 21st, 2019: you can go and fulfill your desires

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This week there will be important and symbolic incidents, which will be presented by the Universe. Do not forget about it, if you do not want to give your rivals the opportunity to defeat you.


The stars are arranged in such a way that Aries from April 15th to 21st, can be engaged in a spiritual quest. In the first five days, it is useful to do the most active things, physical work. On weekend, due to the reduced activity of the planets, it is better to rest properly. The most positive days are Monday, which you can devote to work and Sunday it is better to relax or do some simple household chores. These days Aries await favorable events. At the weekend there will be a time of romance and love. You can meet people, visit parents, call distant relatives. The need for communication at the weekend will increase.


Taurus has a favorable period for trading, shopping, working, starting a new business, financial activity. Also, do not leave any business for the weekend, because the planets and stars abruptly change their mood for the negative. The first three days of the week will be the most productive. Also, weekdays are perfect for getting new knowledge. This is a very good investment of time and effort. You can sign up for courses, begin to more closely study additional information on your profession or interests. During such periods, it usually becomes clear whether the new hobby will become something more or will remain fleeting enthusiasm.


Gemini can more actively engage in financial activities and intellectual work because the stars and planets will sharpen their memory. The first two days of the week will be dangerous because of the negativity from the planets, but on Wednesday the situation will change. From Wednesday, things will start to go uphill, the mood will get better by inspiration. It will also reflect on the amorous sphere in the best way. April 19th is the most auspicious day because the planets will become very active at the time. At the end of the week, you can go on long trips without fear of changing the situation: that will make you cheer up and attract more luck in your life.


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Cancer should activate the business. From April 16th to April 19th, time is waiting for them, filled with kindness and love. Monday and weekend will not be the calmest days, so it is better to be alone. To communicate and get acquainted is also desirable as much as possible from Tuesday to Friday. In this auspicious period, one can trust the sixth sense. In a bad time, do not be sad and indulge in despondency. It is better to relax, do the cleaning, household chores. Family Cancers have time to be with their soulmate, parents or children. But lonely representatives should try to enjoy solitude and not initiate outsiders into their affairs.

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Leo this week will get a lot of luck. This is a good time for making important decisions and finding a new course in love and in deeds. In such periods, you need to live according to the rules. From April 15th to 21st, you need to carefully monitor your financial savings, not lending money to anyone and not wasting resources. The end of the week is ideal for rapprochement with relatives, for solving common problems, for cleaning and discarding trash from home. You can buy new furniture and accessories, start repairs, plan and implement the move. Any cash expenditures that are not planned in advance are best done with the utmost care.


Virgos should focus their attention on their own health. From April 17th to 21st, you should try to have fun, communicate with pleasant people, rest more. This is a time of personal pleasure and a little selfishness. The main thing is not to risk in vain, not to abandon important matters. This week, Virgo may have additional motivation for work or side events, but this does not mean that you need to be buried in worries. The primary task of this week is rest. You can safely fulfill your personal desires and engage in obtaining useful knowledge.


This week you should start cleaning, buy something new for the interior. In a positive home environment, more motivation will appear more often. It will be possible to work at home – to do things any day from Monday to Friday. As for the weekend, these days it is desirable to postpone care away. Dealing with people will require more decency and honesty. This is the only way to avoid big problems. In Libra’s love, new turns of the plot await, so you have to hold on tight. Anyone who is in marriage or long-term relationships can expect pleasant changes.


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Scorpios should be wary of strangers. Intuition will be aggravated this week, so it will save you from problems more than once and direct you to the true path. Your energy will be stable, which promises good luck in calm and measured affairs. You should start taking care of not only yourself but also those around you. You need to help children, parents, brothers and sisters, colleagues and friends. You can make new acquaintances, plan something with your soulmate, spend time with loved ones or confess your love.

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This is a very good time for spiritual development or the search for new hobbies. Planets and stars will bring in your life a huge amount of positive energy, which should be used correctly. You need to do the most important things and not be idle. You will be able to answer important life questions, set new goals for yourself, understand past mistakes. If you start a new business without regard to past experience, it can lead to chaos, confusion, new problems, unpleasant turns of fate. In relationships with people, you should maintain your authority by responding positively to requests for help.


Positive thoughts above all in such periods, because they are the ones who are building the bright future of each person. You will have the opportunity to start the week very dynamically. On Monday the planets will be very active and creative. Their harmony will have the best effect on luck and mood. The time has come for self-affirmation, validation of current views or for finding new ones. At such times, people may seem jealous, selfish, or even arrogant. Perhaps this is true, but you should not criticize for this if you do not want to lose friendship with others and lose support.


For you in such periods as this, new ideas may begin to form. It is necessary to listen to the sixth sense more often, and also to deal with minor problems with humor. Fighting negative emotions will not be fierce, but will become permanent. Optimism is the key to success in love and in deeds of any type. To overcome your enemies, you will be helped not only by the struggle with doubt but also by a belief in yourself. It is better not to lose confidence because it is very important now. It is necessary to act, to try to realize everything that was planned, to mobilize your internal forces. Bright actions and increased activity will attract the attention of the opposite sex, which will be useful for those who are looking for love.


This week, there are waiting for you a mass of new interesting events that will replace each other constantly. This is a very good time. And on weekend, the energy of the stars will change to negative, so it’s worth switching to quiet household chores and rest at the end of the week. You may be faced with problems associated with the division of interests. This can ruin the relationship with some people, so it’s better not to fight for your happiness too fiercely – sometimes you have to make compromises. Now is the time to think about the world and strive for pacifism. Conflicts can confront you with the problem of choice.

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