Horoscope for October 7th to October 13th, 2019

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These seven days for some Zodiac Signs can be difficult because stars and planets will provoke the appearance of doubts and fears. It is important to maintain optimism and self-confidence.


The energy of this week is stable, but not too favorable, because the stars and planets will negatively affect your well-being. Staying toned will be much harder than usual, but still possible. To do this, try to wear more silver, communicate with nice people and not take up new things. In many matters, you will have to exercise restraint, because it is dangerous to quarrel with people now: this can lead to problems on many fronts. Friends and relatives can very much help you with the solution to your pressing problems. Now, this is very useful.


It will be a difficult week because on Monday the stars will be in a favorable position for the last day. From Tuesday begins a period of energy stagnation, accompanied by a loss of luck, physical strength, and creativity. On weekdays, problems in various areas of life are possible, but this is a temporary phenomenon. Over the weekend, energy will improve. On the 12th and 13th, it is better to relax in solitude or in a circle of close people.


The first day of the week will become extremely dynamic for you. It is better to devote to simple and measured matters. You need to try to program your energy for success. To do this, it is worth setting important goals and following them relentlessly until the very end of the week. At the weekend, do not relax much: it is better to pay attention to household chores. Shopping is also a good and rewarding experience. It will help you tune in a positive wave. This week, try to remain involved in all the most important matters. Do not abandon important projects. This is an ideal time for work.

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This week is ideal for introspection, for spiritual practices and searches. In the business and work spheres. An analysis of past mistakes will be useful in love, but you should not delve into the past too scrupulously. Better focus on the future. It is recommended to family representatives more often to stay in the company of a loved one and children. Lonely representatives of this Sign can get acquainted and go on dates. In the first couple of days at work, you may need the help of others. Collective labor will save you from possible problems with money. Thursday and Friday are likely to increase. The stars will be as positive and creative as possible, so you can do the most important projects.

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The energy of stars and planets has settled down, so you can gradually move from defense to offense. It is useful for you to visualize desires because you have excellent imagination and creativity. Already this week you will see the first fruits of your labors. The main thing is not to rush. The week should pass under the motto “patience and labor will grind everything.” Calm and measured will help you to stay in the right mood and maintain high productivity. For overly ambitious representatives of this Sign, it is better to slow down a little and focus on important matters. Now it’s better not to rush things.


You will have to focus on one thing. This week you will not succeed immediately in all matters. You will have to prioritize according to your own desires. If this is love, then those seeking a soul mate should better check love compatibility. The family representatives are better off spending more time with their children and their loved ones. You can visit your parents, invite old friends and acquaintances to visit you, arrange a small celebration for relatives and friends. Those who prefer to focus on work, it is better to do business even on weekends. Stars are now in a perfect position for both intellectual and physical labor.

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All days will be difficult for you, except Monday, in which the stars and planets will be positive and creative. Since Tuesday, night luminaries have entered into a strong dissonance, which will negatively affect your energies, your ability to earn and save. It’s time to limit spending and do the most important and urgent things. Luck will not be superfluous in love either, because there is a high probability of quarrels, outbursts of jealousy and empty insults. It is advisable for you to show more empathy with others. This will help to get closer to them and gain their support in the future.


You do not belong to the  Signs of the Zodiac, which easily gets money, but this week you can expect great luck. This will be the time when many important problems will be solved by themselves when you can make long-awaited acquisitions and start new projects. Your creative potential will grow significantly, which will lead you to success. The people of this Sign will also have the opportunity to succeed in love. The main thing is not to act rashly, not to make hasty conclusions. In general, this will be a great time for new acquaintances, which will require courage and openness from you. A week is ideal for starting a new relationship or ending an old one.


You should do household chores. It’s time to put the house in full order. You can start repairs, plan relocation, purchase or sale of real estate. Excessive arrogance can lead to regression because sometimes it is important for us to doubt ourselves in order to begin to act more carefully and prudently. The most successful days for you will be October 10th, 12th, and 13th. These days, stars and planets will be in the most positive mood. You will be able to attract the necessary events into your life, get to know important people. As for communicating with people, it is advisable not to give empty promises to anyone.

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You need to learn to recognize energy vampires and defend yourself against them. Stars and planets are now in a very unfavorable position, in which detractors and enemies begin to activate. It is advisable to avoid communication with unpleasant people and not to conflict. Now you need to activate the most important traits of your character, namely caution, prudence, self-sufficiency. Without these qualities, luck will not smile at you as often as you would like. It’s time to ignore the obsessive opinions of people around you and focus on the most important things. At the weekend, the energy of the stars will be much more positive, so you can relax properly.

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This week you will be a little more sentimental. This is especially true for Monday – the most difficult day of the week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, there may be slight malfunctions in relations with loved ones. You should not bend your line and show intransigence, because such behavior can provoke a conflict. You need to be more flexible and prone to dialogue. Any problem with relatives, friends or colleagues is best resolved without quarrels. As for the financial and business sectors, it is better to temporarily slow down activity: this week the energy sector is not ready for new beginnings.


From October 10th to 13th you can expect a very favorable time, which you can safely devote to any business. It will be useful to change the situation, start a new business at work, chat with people. In the process of communication, it will turn out to be charged with the positive energy of people who love and value you. In the first three days of the week, you will need a rational approach to solving any troubles. Others may question your correctness of life principles, but do not take on faith the opinions of those who are not close friends. Such people may deprive you of good luck. For this reason, you should not tell anyone about your plans.

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