Horoscope for October 14th to 20th, 2019

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No matter how difficult the week maybe, try not to forget about the power of your own thoughts. Sometimes difficulties come even on the most favorable days or bypass us on the most dangerous. One way or another, try to stay always ready and do not relax.


You can expect to have a calm and predictable week because the energy of the planets and stars has stabilized after big changes. The most unusual and bright day is Monday. A high probability of new acquaintances. It is possible that some of you will meet their love, get a friend, useful business contacts. Closer to the weekend, you may feel very tired due to monotony. It may seem that this week is stretching for a very long time. This is especially true for those who have problems in love or at work. You should try not to hesitate in solving problems and try not to postpone anything for later.


You may experience pleasant changes in the realm of love. They will become most likely on October 15th and 16th. In these two days, you can focus on something important in life together or make a romantic date with a soul mate. This week it is important to show loved ones your love, the ability to find compromises. On Sunday, you should do only your own business, relax and rest. Between October 14th and 20th, you will have the opportunity to develop intuition and other hidden abilities. Useful exercises will help you with this.


The cupid sphere for you can become the main one in this period. Impressing the opposite sex this week will be easier than usual. The most successful day for those of you who are in a relationship will be Sunday. On this day, planets and stars will be extremely active and creative. Working days will be productive – you can do monotonous hard work, solve important issues, get rid of debts. It will be useful to transform the workplace, make a permutation. A good start will affect the success of new projects. The main thing now is not to be afraid to ask for advice from colleagues and superiors, to work together.

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You will have to cleanse your energy from negativity on your own. As for the stars, they will be extremely positive and creative, and this will provide you with luck. The most productive and bright days will be October 14th and 17th. Monday and Thursday are favorable for shopping, work, and outdoor activities. At the weekend, it is better to focus on household chores, namely cleaning, because it will help you cleanse your home aura of negativity. This will save yourself and your household from malaise, apathy and low productivity.


It will be a quiet week during which stars and planets will become less active. This will allow you to focus all your attention on the area that you think will be the most important. Also this week, you will be able to learn to think positively even in difficult situations. This skill is very important for every person. Encountering troubles with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart, you can succeed in anything. The most important thing for you now is to correctly prioritize, set important goals. Intuition will play a very important role for you. The sixth sense more than once will save you from a fiasco and help you predict the steps of your enemies.


To you begins the period when you can properly relax. This is an ideal time for holidays, for household chores, shopping, and the acquisition of gifts. Try to focus on the amorous sphere. In love, everything should be calm and measured. You will be able to resolve family problems, find compromises. Thoughts form the present and the future, therefore it is very important to tune in the right way, especially now, when the mind is open to positive. You will be very lucky during this period because you will feel more confident and better.

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This week for you are approaching very important changes in life. You will be able to change fate and purify karma. To do this, you need to do good deeds, help loved ones, be a support for them in everything. At the end of the week, you should focus on yourself. On weekends, you can go shopping, update your wardrobe, make a new hairstyle, change the atmosphere. Traveling to another city or even a country will be useful. Do not refuse business trips, as well as invitations from distant relatives or parents. In business and at work, you will need a little composure and calm. There should be order at home, as well as at the workplace.


You may face new challenges. It is possible that one of the ill-wishers decides to harm you, which may slow down the process of becoming successful in business, and at work. Indifference will be a panacea for wars on the financial front, so you should not react to attacks of enemies. Conflicts are also possible at home. Monday will be a very important day. The planets are activated and will help you determine your tasks and tune in the right way. On Monday, all doubts and all skepticism should be put aside, as you will hinder development and prevent important decisions.


October 14th and 16th are the most important and favorable days for you. Planets and stars will be in harmony and activity, which will have a good effect on any business. Your luck will be very high. Closer to the weekend, the situation will return to its usual course, therefore, you will have to be more prudent and careful. Also, do not reject the help of relatives, colleagues, and friends. Stars want you to more often do good deeds for others. Selfishness, especially in the second half of the week, will not be the best way to achieve happiness.

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The largest number of inexplicable, uncontrolled, but important events will occur in the first half of the week. On Monday, the planets will become very active, which will cause major changes. You will have to move from words to actions, tackle complex projects at work and be active in the cupid sphere. Those of you who will have a romantic acquaintance should check compatibility. One can also trust intuition because it will also be very strong. At the weekend, a change of scenery and a good rest are useful.


You will have to be more prudent this week. On October 14th, 15th and 16th, the stars will be extremely active, which is why you will need more caution and forethought. The first half of the week will be very productive, so you will be able to fulfill their desires. Special techniques in this regard will be especially useful. When shopping on the weekend and on Friday, there is a high risk of overpaying or acquiring a low-quality item. It is important to follow common sense and not risk in vain in order to avoid financial losses. It is better to double-check contracts and checks.


You should be more sincere with people around you, especially in the first four days of the week, who will be extremely positive and successful. It is worth considering how to attract luck in your life on a long-term basis. This will help the advice of loved ones and intuition. It will be useful to ponder your future steps and decide in which direction to move on. Activity in all areas of life will be very useful. Do not stay in solitude in your free time. Chatting with people and searching for a soulmate will be a great way to spend leisure time. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you can shop, and on Monday and Thursday, completely focus on earnings and the search for new sources of income.

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