Horoscope for May 2019: stay positive!

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In May, Mars will move to the constellation of Cancer. Usually, this combination is perceived as gloomy, although this is only partly true. The symbiosis of Mars and Cancer awakens the dark sides of the personality, but you need to understand that this is more about secret, incomprehensible powers of the soul. One way or another, life in May will be a little more complicated than usual, therefore many people will start to feel dissatisfaction, confusion, and to feel ill at ease.


The feeling of dissatisfaction with yourself, together with the desire to change your life, will turn May for you into a complete temptation. From May 16th to May 31st, while Mars is in Cancer, you may have a craving for risks, harsh statements, and provocative behavior. All this must be kept under control, especially if you do not want to turn your established life into ruins. Changing the situation in mid-May is the best way out of this situation. For this will be perfect entertainment, trips, all kinds of recreation and self-care.


Image by suju from Pixabay


The beginning of May symbolically falls on the change of energy of the patron. Mercury will spend time in the house of your sign almost the entire month, from May 5th to 21st, which means that you can start life from scratch. The patron’s energy support will arouse a desire to change your life, however, the influence of Mars in Cancer will make its own adjustments, pushing you to questionable changes. Attention, most likely, will be riveted to details that will prevent to catch fire something large-scale. In order not to waste time and energy on the little things in life and not enter into dubious adventures, treat everything with skepticism.


It will not be difficult to change the fate in such a favorable month, because the patron Mercury will render full assistance, especially from May 21st to 31st, when he enters your constellation. But even before this period, there will be good days, so from May 5th, it is advisable to concentrate on the main areas of life and build the right plans for the future. The final 10 days of the month will be held under the enhanced influence of Mercury, which will certainly enhance your abilities, including your ability to manipulate people. The price for such a gift may be a sharp deterioration in the relationship, so try to be more careful and use the gift of persuasion in rare cases.


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From May 16th to May 31st Mars in Cancer will bring many problematic points to you. Empathy will increase, but Mars will turn this remarkable trait into a pressure lever. It is possible that you want to argue, subordinate, impose your opinions and give not the best advice. In addition, the level of aggression will be off-scale. The risk of dangerous situations and conflicts with others will increase. You should be careful while driving, as well as, careful in words and deeds. Any spiritual quest and practice will calm the nerves, relieve tension and rejuvenate.

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Retrograde Pluto in May will release your inner demon. There are some advantages in this: intuition will increase, energy and sexuality will increase, clarity will appear in thoughts that will banish unnecessary doubts and hesitations. The main drawback of this situation will be a change in worldview: the voice of the internal censor will be so weak that if you give free rein to an internal demon, you can make a lot of mistakes that will have to be corrected for many more years. Relaxing music, creativity, love, meditation, yoga, relaxation will help to stabilize composure. But physical exercises, especially power loads, on the contrary, will increase your aggression.


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In May better try to take a break from squabbles, disputes, and conflicts. The problem is that the planet patron will awaken the worst traits of your character. Provocative behavior, scandalousness, mistrust, suspiciousness – with such gifts Mars in Cancer will come to you. You are at risk to absorb such negative emotions in the period from May 16th to 31st. If possible, you should travel more, communicate with different people, in a word, get new impressions and not dwell on problems. From the good news – the influence of Mercury strengthened in Gemini from. From May 21st to May 31st, your intuition will wake up, intellectual abilities will increase, which will help to foresee the dangers and make obviously right decisions.


In May, you will oscillate between two spheres. You will feel the need for money and all earthly pleasures while feeling a complete indifference to work. This situation in life is due to the changeable energy of Venus in Aries, which stabilizes only on May 15th, after the planet transitions to Taurus. The negative result of the position of Venus in Aries will be internal conflicts and conflicting desires. Your success will be to work on yourself. The priority in May will be the sphere of career and money. Positive installations will help you destroy negative programs and tune in the right way.


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In the final month of spring, you will need the support and care of your loved ones. In many ways, this is a unique gift of Mars in Cancer – signs of sensitivity and emotionality. Due to the change in the energy of the patron, you will feel an acute shortage of mental resources from May 16th to 31st, which will be repaired through friendly communication. In May, you can become an energy vampire, and many people will intuitively shun you, and you will experience a lack of communication and vitality. Frequent interaction with young children and four-legged friends will help to correct this difficult situation: their energy is inexhaustible and very positive.

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The Sun will spend the first half of the month in the Sign of Taurus, which means that in love and deeds, family people will be most fortunate. It is advisable to take advantage of this situation in order to improve your life and relationships, repair problem areas, and complete important tasks. After the transition of the Sun to Gemini, a period of luck will come for those of you, who are lonely. From May 21st to 31st, try to spend time outside the home: at work, in a friendly environment, and best of all – on vacation. You will be lucky in your career. It will be a great month for any business activity: signing contracts, start-ups, the birth of new plans and their subsequent implementation.

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May for you will pass under the sign of a lie: many people will lie to you, and at the same time often you will lie to yourself. Blame is on retrograde Pluto, by passing a degree of Capricorn. It sounds unpleasant, but this vector will bring positive changes. The fact is that in work, business and creativity a lie is a powerful tool for achieving goals. From which it is clear that May will be an excellent month for business activity and creative affairs. True, it is necessary to conclude financial contracts this month with caution. You will have a trump card up your sleeve – this is flexibility and focus on success. Even if the events of life will go wrong, as we wouldn’t like, for you it will not be difficult to regain faith in yourself and your strength. In this, you will be helped by positive thinking and communication with like-minded people.


In May, many of you will be lucky. Venus in Taurus will stimulate you. Special attention will require the field of love and relationships. From May 15th to May 31st is the most successful period for weddings, declarations of love, conceiving and giving birth to a child, buying an apartment, beginning cohabitation and any improvement in family life. However, the negative impact of Mars can lead to minor troubles. Mars in Cancer will push for unnecessary purchases, unreasonable investment of money, ignoring good career opportunities. These are the most probable difficulties that may arise in May for you. To reduce the risks, you need to communicate more with loved ones, get acquainted, control expenses and listen to the opinion of wiser and more experienced people.

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In May you should avoid the breakdown that Venus promises to you, weakened in Aries. After May 15th and up to the 31st, Venus will be in Taurus, and its activity will increase several times, but until that time, try to avoid overworking. To do this, you should lead a correct lifestyle, follow the daily routine and not linger at work. If there is no way to drastically change your habits, then you should at least move as much as possible: walking, swimming, jogging will have a good effect on mood and well-being. The first 15 days of the month you may often experience outbursts of aggression. At this time, the anger will work for the benefit: it will turn out to repel the competitor, to defend your opinion, to take the reins in your hands. The main thing – to ensure that anger was moderate.

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