Horoscope for June 2018

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We are waiting for a time to reassess views on life, its ordering and improvement. But for the sake of your own happiness you will have to adhere to strict rules, reduce freedom of choice and increase caution. Special care will require financial and personal spheres of life. Do you think it will be boring? Not at all, on the contrary, it will be time to slow down a little and relax from the fast pace of life. Slow stability provides an opportunity to analyze your life and evaluate those areas that you would like to change.

Aries will have to work, work and once again work, neglecting the idle summer mood. You’ll be able to storm career heights, you will meet your success, break the barriers on your way. You will have the desire to acquire worldly wisdom. Unfortunately, this process in June will not be very clear: it, after all, takes place slowly enough and takes time. Create a diary to keep records of particularly clever ideas – it will come in handy in a month of increased efficiency.


To the representatives of Taurus, it is desirable to prepare for possible changes – both material and spiritual. Feeling of anger to life will push you to replace old schemes, to reassess the whole concept of life. In June, you should search not only for your purpose, but also try to acquire new knowledge and get to know people. Leaving the comfort zone is the ideal solution this month, but with changing the usual things – changing jobs, breaking relationships, completing projects – it is advisable to wait. At this time, the energy sector is negative for serious changes and metamorphosis. In addition, you are best prepared for these transformations, if you spend as much time alone with you. Remember that the new is not always better than the old one.

Until June 11th a lot of changes can fall on you, this month. Many areas of life will require general cleaning, revision and reassessment. Also, the accompanying month will add to all other tangible financial losses. There is also good news, for example, the presence of the necessary number of forces to solve all these problems. Increase your energy, because after June 11th, you will be left alone with the chaos that has accumulated over you. Spiritual practices will help to get out of this situation by a completely new, inspired and confident person.

Hypertrophic self-sufficiency in the character of Cancers prevents them from turning to people for help, but in the coming month, the support of close and like-minded people can give a benefit. The stubborn representatives of this constellation should gain confidence and determination, and, finally, seek help from people – you will not be denied this. Social ties in June can give lightning success on all fronts. You should join more often in teamwork – it will fill you with positive energy. Avoid loneliness, it is fraught with energy losses and can go to the open self-esteem and belittle your own “ego”.

Stressful situations and overstrain in June can lead to serious health problems, especially high risk for the cardiovascular system. In addition, the risks of injury will increase, so you are not advised to overdo it. Replace record physical activity on leisurely walks or mental concentration on professional tasks. This month, the world will be encouraged by those Lions who will find the strength and patience to work systematically and diligently, making several confident steps towards their goals. Another danger this month is the poisonous relationship. It is advisable to stop the relationship with toxic people who make you feel jealous or angry.


With your love of consistency and self-discipline, you will feel yourself in a world of regulations and rules, like a fish in the water. You will act more thoughtfully and carefully than you used to. You will have a source of strength and positive emotions, which is enough to self-actualize in life and defend your positions. In June, events that inspire confidence in you can follow one after another. The coming month you risk to spend almost without rest. The obsession with the process and the desire to change your life for the better will capture you, so you may not even notice that you lived all June in work. But still try to find the time, preferably in the last decade of June, to visit the SPA or other useful and pleasant procedures. This will help you relax and gain strength for new achievements.

You can experience excessive dependence on the opinions of others. In June, the question of what others think of you will become the most important. Such a feeling can easily be confused with vanity, which corrects your actions. You can start talking not what you want to say, but what the others want to hear. It is possible that you will do something to harm a person, towering at the expense of his aggression and hatred in his eyes. These astrological trends are very relevant in the period from June 10th to 20th, so try at this time to refrain from important negotiations or meetings. But for dating and searching for your second half – this period of time will be the most successful. Impulsive behavior and the desire to impress a person will be the most winning strategy.

The aggravation of an all-consuming love for people will bother the Scorpion representatives all June. Loneliness will lose its value for you. You can start to pull into noisy companies, people, at the very center of the dance. The more you indulge this desire, the more you will find. The thing is that the material problems will disappear if there’s a crowd of people around you. No, this does not mean that you will infect others with your strip of failures – on the contrary, they will share with you good luck and happiness. So, Scorpios, who have large families, working in large corporations or leading a secular way of life, are very fortunate. For you it will be one of the best and productive months of the year.

Practice spiritual searches and internal monologue as often as possible. Daily say positive affirmations about yourself, as well as your plans, ideas and desires. This will set you up for the right wave. It is also useful to focus your attention on the weaknesses of your character and on what you are afraid of or seek to avoid. To all other it is recommend to reduce reading messages, have a dialog in social accounts and even view films. It will be quite easy for you to program yourself for success, with the words gain strength, both thoughtful and read. And it is much better if these attitudes and expressions are deprived of negative color.


Representatives of Capricorn are considered the most calm and balanced people. But not in the upcoming June. This month you will want fun, intrigue and all sorts of public praise. You will have enough vitality and motivation to immediately achieve your goals. The chances for success this month are very high, and on all fronts of life. The main condition that should be followed carefully should be in the first place. Do not blindly risk, try to be on the alert – when working for wear, even if only emotional, you will be vulnerable. On the advice of people around you in these weeks you can safely close your eyes – your lucky path will see better than everyone else.

The coming month will put Aquarius before a difficult choice, or actively interact with people, increasingly disappointed in them, or spend more time in solitude, while doing self-development. The first move is easier, but the second will be better for internal saturation. And not only for spiritual growth: your inner self can begin to reproach you with a small salary or an insufficiently beautiful appearance, and in this case you will do a great job on yourself, only so that this internal censor will finally be silent. The situation in June is favorable for any changes and cardinal changes in your life. You will have strengthened intuition, which will help to find one correct decision out of a hundred.

The mood of caustically criticizing all around will drag the representatives of the constellation Pisces into a powerful funnel even in the first days of the month and last almost until the end of June. You will have sharpened perception: it will be painful for you to look at the stupid actions of people. One of its kind will ignite a terrible feeling of inferiority in the hearts of those around you. The most amazing thing is that during this period your critical remarks will become a powerful subject of people’s management – of course, you will not be able to change the world, but you can firmly and permanently repent your relatives and friends. You will have the feeling, that you want to slow down and start listening to the opinions of others. Alas, self-criticism in June, for you, as always, will not bring much benefit, because with infinite self-confidence there is no reason for some silly doubts about one’s own perfection.

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