Horoscope for July, 2018

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The events of the coming month will be unpredictable. In addition, we are waiting for two eclipses at once – solar on the 13th day and lunar on the 27th of July. Confrontation of two different eclipses is a complex combination that will not add order. All this will have a different effect on the life of representatives of each Zodiac Sign.

In general, Aries will have July to their liking: it will be in harmony with their energy and impulsiveness, especially as Aries is not afraid of problems and troubles. You will see opportunities, demand, seek to use them, but will experience a lack of resources and motivation. First of all, you will not have enough money to implement changes in life. A classic situation that will drive you into a rage. Many risk to spend in a rage all July. Beware of conflicts with your loved one, to perform work qualitatively, constantly to force yourself to think positively, otherwise – failure. But your personal life in July will play with new colors: the attention of the opposite sex will not cease to pursue you.


Unfortunately, representatives of the Taurus Sign will have to feel the whole negative all month long. You will be full of strength and possibilities, but all these are only illusions in your mind: at the most crucial moment everything can end in failure due to some trifle. That’s why you should pay special attention to the little things, which in July will be the most important part of the design. A pleasant moment can be considered luck, thanks to which many problems will be solved by themselves. But it is because of the ease of this period and the gifts of the universe that you will not be able to soberly assess the situation and concentrate on what is really important. This is an extremely unfavorable month for weddings, the conclusion of important transactions, the opening of business and long trips.

In July, Gemini is unlikely to stay afloat. You will be forced to act actively, go ahead, load yourself with an extra responsibility, constantly solve difficult questions and try to implement promising plans. However, the less you load yourself with serious tasks, the easier it will be for you. The conquest of new horizons in July is comparable only to “mouse fuss” – there will be a lot of work, and opportunities – zero. The more ridiculous and absurd the chosen goals are, the more success you will get. A three-minute conversation with a former classmate can turn out to be several times more effective than implementing a grandiose plan. From July 26th, will be added even more problems. It is advisable to spend the end of the month away from worries and troubles, confining ourselves to short outings to the light, self-education and heartfelt get-togethers with relatives.

Who really likes July, is Cancer. This month you can achieve success and recognition in all spheres of life. Remember only that this month the main role will play the little things of life and barely perceptible signs of fate. You want to pay attention to these trifles, otherwise the middle of the summer you can spend in disappointment and a series of failures. So, the sensitive Cancers, this month can be pessimistic. Try to look at things soberly and rejoice even in the most seemingly insignificant successes. For you, July is a favorable month, so you do not need to spend it on self-pity. More rest, enjoy life, make new acquaintances and work less: corrosive and monotonous work this month can deprive you of strength.

This month, you will be programmed for success, business activity, travel and changing places. True, this wont happen until July 23rd, until this date you will be provided with emotional experiences and emotional unrest. But even in this case you can not lose heart. Try to fight apathy by walking in the fresh air. Physical activity can have positive consequences, so say “yes” to sports, active rest and business activity. Minimize all activities that require monotony and immobility: the more you move, the more you gain strength. The final 9 days of the month will pass positively and help you in achieving your goal. The main thing – do not rush things, allow yourself and your life to tune in to a wave of success and prosperity. Hasty actions can have a very negative impact on your future.


July is a good month for showing love and taking care of yourself. In the past months, you have been paying a lot of time to others, it’s time to think about yourself, especially the stars themselves are pushing towards it. Stop giving in and go about with those you love: the most important person who needs your attention is you. Your sense will strengthen of confidence and your own worth. In the coming period, one should not scatter his noble egoism: think more about yourself, about your desires and goals, about your plans and victories. Astrological tendencies now develop in such a way that all the forces that you give to others will go to harm not only to others, but to you, and everything you do for yourself will benefit.

In July, as in other months, Libra will be completely cut off from earthly realities. Once again you will be busy searching for balance and harmony in life that will help you smooth out the acute angles of this ambiguous period. This month will help change, and events will start hinting that your life will soon change, so July can be called quite successful. However, success in the material sphere will be slightly blocked by some misunderstandings on the personal front. You can say that you will come across a classic dilemma: what to choose – family or work. Astrologers tilt the scales in the career field, as there will be many chances that are just a pity to miss, but the decision is still yours.

Most often, representatives of the constellation Scorpio impeccable intuition, but in July, it will face the negative sentiment and go on vacation, putting in place the unit to find unsuccessful decisions. The road to success in July runs through a minefield, and it is necessary to reach heights blindly. It is reasonable to try to make sure that you do not have to make responsible decisions alone. Call for help close people and listen to the wise advice of the older generation. Advantages of the coming period include improvement of mood and increase of vital energy. You will stop worrying obsessive thoughts, fears, perhaps you will even give up stereotyped thinking and leave the comfort zone forever. But remember that your intuition this month will not work well: look at both.

Freedom loving Sagittarius will be very comfortable this month. You will be freed from your consciousness and life from any shackles and bonds. True, the new is not always the best. But if you are afraid of change, astrologers recommend that you find stability in your life and hold on to it. Try to pay as much attention to what you do not want to lose. And, of course, often voice your thoughts and talk about what is important to you – this will strengthen the energy connection. Sagittarians, who are ready for change and a new stage, can catch a wave. Do not be afraid to burn bridges and cut off ties: this month you are ready to enter a new world and change your life.


Representatives of the Sign of Capricorn expects a month of uncertainty, instability and misunderstanding. Capricorns with a well-established life and destiny will feel only a rare bouts of anxiety and uncertainty, and the main shock will be those who have not yet decided what they want from life. Fears and doubts, perhaps, are the main problems of the coming period. But you do not need to sound an alarm and fall into depression: try to soberly assess the situation and understand what is upsetting you and yourself and the world around you. The stars are sure, you will find the answers. The middle of the month promises to be more favorable. After July 23rd, you can safely pursue your goals and plans. It is necessary to make the most of this month, so as to properly deal with internal problems. This is an important period necessary for positive changes, so forgive this negative for the opportunity to improve your life in the future.

Aquarians are advisable to prepare for cardinal changes, and even better – to try to attract positive changes in their lives. Despite the stellar chaos that will reign around, you will be presented with your luck. But do not completely rely on a lucky chance: there may be an unexpected development of events. The outlined results may differ dramatically from the real ones: they will be several times better than you planned, but you will not understand this immediately, and for a long time you will experience dissatisfaction and vexation. Metamorphoses will undergo all areas of life, but a special impression will leave transformations in the personal sphere. In the coming month you will be incredibly attractive, resolute and charismatic, which will certainly be appreciated by representatives of the opposite sex.

Representatives of the Pisces this month can completely relax and surrender to the current. Astrologers note the beginning of a favorable period in which you can refuse to perform tasks that you do not want to do. Honestly, there is very little that depends on you, so the most reasonable thing you can do is let the current nail you to new shores. The strength of spirit, determination and purposefulness will not help you. Temporarily disconnect from information noise, relax, slow down and enjoy life. You will be freed from work, activity and ambition. But you can not just relax, but break away from life’s realities and problems. Remember: the more you try to change your destiny in July, the stronger it will kick and burden you with problems.

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