Horoscope for December 16th to 22nd, 2019

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Horoscope for December 16th to 22nd tells us that each of us has our own hidden opportunities, which this week may manifest in full glory. Remember that when fatigue occurs, this does not mean that you need to stop on the way to achieving goals. It only says that you still have a lot of forces that can be sent in the right direction.

Horoscope for December 16th to 22nd says that this week will be very difficult for jealous people. There may be attacks of jealousy, which can destroy the relationship to the ground. Try to not show such feelings to close people, do not put pressure on them with your claims.


For you comes time to deal with bad habits. All unnecessary must be left behind in the past. Every new day, try to strive for purification and transformation – both internal and external. Yes, the summer is still far away, but now it’s worth starting to visit the gym or moving as much as possible, monitor your diet. At the weekend, stars and planets will become less creative, so you will need to change your environment and do less energy-intensive tasks. If this is a meeting with people, then only with relatives and friends. If this is a purchase, then only on the Internet. Well, if you want to work and take something with your hands, then it’s better to tidy up at home, do the general cleaning.


You can rightfully be considered one of the most self-sufficient people. This applies to your financial situation, but in terms of the spiritual and being firmly upright individuals, you can get into other people’s networks. In the period from December 16th to 22nd, you should follow the laws of the Universe, which will not allow others to control you and impose your will. The most dangerous and unpredictable days can be Monday and Sunday. These days, it is better for you to stay away from those whom you do not trust. From December 17th to 21st, a very calm period awaits you, filled with peace and love. In general, the week is perfect for quiet monotonous work or rest.

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It’s time to psychologically tune in for a happy new year and positive New Year holidays. Meditation on attracting love and happy events will help you to adjust your consciousness in the right way. In general, the week is ideal for spiritual searches, for the search for motivation. While the planets are destructive, it is better not to take risks, but to engage in your inner world. The increased activity of the planets is observed on Monday, Friday, and Saturday. On December 16th, 20th and 21st it is better not to make purchases and not engage in polemics with colleagues and friends because you can quarrel. Over the weekend, expect a pleasant visit. Work and business will require a bit of patience and endurance.

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You will be able to make some breakthroughs in work and business, but this will require a little patience and hard work. It means you will succeed in impressing the bosses and partners. The main thing is not to change life principles. Following the previously accepted rules will also help maintain a balance in love. This week is great for work. Good luck will remain by your side, so it is better to leave the rest on Saturday and Sunday. On a dangerous and unpredictable Monday, you can do the planning. Great success in business and in love awaits those of you, who are self-confident and as calm as possible. This will give you charm in the eyes of others.


In such periods, you need to work, love and relax, not because it is so established. Everything should be approached with a soul. Do not believe rumors. Enemies will try this week to prevent the successful fulfillment of duties. In order not to suffer an insulting defeat, it is better not to trust people, but your own intuition. In the financial sphere, a meditation on wealth and prosperity will be useful, and in love, you can take advantage of your own innate charm. For those who are still single, it will help in seducing representatives of the opposite sex. Family people are better off staying with family on weekends, together begin preparations for the New Year holidays, have fun and enjoy life.


This week fortune will smile for you, but still, avoid risking and wasting time. You may be concerned about issues that have not been resolved previously. Because of this, negative thoughts and insecurity can occur. This will be the perfect time for shopping for the upcoming holidays, as well as just for new things. In terms of buying gifts, it is important to choose exactly what loved ones have long dreamed of. Spend less time locked up. You need to breathe more fresh air and move.

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You will be lucky this week in almost all areas, but strength and energy will quickly end. To help fill the reserve of energy use breathing exercises, as well as timely rest, entertainment and favorite hobbies. It is possible that in the first couple of days at work or in household chores there will be a maximum load. This means that you should roll up your sleeves and take up the matter seriously. In the second half of the week, it is worthwhile to do further training, assimilation of new knowledge. Perhaps there might be an appearance of unpleasant gossip, to which you should not react at all. Love in second place will not go away, so every day you need to find time for romance and joint affairs.


You can await a pleasant change, and some will be truly fateful. Many of you will be able to discover new talents in themselves, find a new job or hobby, meet important people. Before the end of the year, you should not make hasty decisions, so it’s better to consider everything. Do not overestimate your capabilities. If new ideas appear, it is better to discuss them with colleagues and partners. The temptation to act in your own way will be great, but it is better to deal with it in all available ways. In a string of affairs, you should not forget about the rest.

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For you, this week is better to stay inside your own comfort zone because violation of your borders can lead to irreparable consequences. Do not change jobs, part with loved ones, take offense at them and put ultimatums. Each step needs to be considered. What is definitely not worth doing is to remain in long solitude. If there are any problems, then you can’t keep them in yourself – you can talk about them with loved ones. The greatest success awaits representatives of professions in which one has to deal with numbers. The hardest thing to stay afloat will be for those who work in the service sector.

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You can feel a breakdown, unwillingness to work. This will happen due to an unfavorable home atmosphere. This can be corrected by cleaning, putting things in order on Monday. In order for energy to recover faster, you need to make your home a place of power. If you can find the motivation in yourself, you will be able to do anything. You need only more carefully spend your time and energy. You need to be careful about yourself and your body, as well as your money. Try to fight temptations with all your might, not to buy unnecessary things. Do not borrow money, arrange loans. Introspection, a display of firmness and a search for compromise will be useful.


In no case do not postpone important matters for later, keep your word at all costs. It will be a very positive time for teamwork, for brainstorming. You may have to fix your old mistakes. Introspection at this time for you will not be superfluous. As for love and family affairs, they are secondary, but no one has canceled them. This week you are unlikely to get a good rest, but it’s worth it.


It is likely that the stars and planets will help you to reveal your strength to the fullest. On Monday and Sunday, the energy of the planets will be destructive, but from Tuesday to Saturday it will be possible to focus on work and business as much as possible. Limiting yourself to entertainment and relaxation is not worth it, but work above all else. It is possible that you will face the problem of choice. In this case, you will need to turn to your own intuition for help, weigh everything and do not rush. This week is very favorable for teachers, psychologists, and medical workers.

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