Horoscope for August 20th, 2019

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Today be active to get rid of health problems and use decisive actions regarding our career or love matters. Reject all your doubts. Believe in yourself. But be careful with making decisions if you are in a hurry or feel emotionally unstable.


It is possible that today many of your dreams will come true, and the plans that you have nurtured for a long time will come true. Expand your circle of communication, and then your worldview will change, which will lead to spiritual and intellectual growth.


It is possible that the gossip and intrigue of envious people will cause irritation, anger and even aggression in Taurus. Anger is completely contraindicated. Try not to quarrel even with enemies. Do not pay attention to gossip, intrigue – now you have a large number of envious people, and nothing can be done about it.

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This day will make big changes not only in professional affairs but also in personal relationships. Some Gemini will “twist their nest”, make it more spacious and comfortable. You can make the most important decision in your life. For single Gemini, this is a good time to get married.

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It is possible that children will need help. Oh, not only moral but also financial. Do not spare money to educate children. More often please them with gifts and joint walks, they need your attention.


In the professional field, changes are beginning. Businessmen will be able to expand their business, attracting partners to it. You should not start a new business without carefully considering all the details.

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Many Virgos will be able to achieve much and significantly improve their social status. Do not miss the opportunity to once again prove your exclusivity, demonstrate professional and business qualities.

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Now you will reap the fruits of your own hard work: success, popularity, authority, and respect at work await you. True, public speaking is better not to do. Redefine new friendships and love relationships: they are unreliable. Children may upset you, but do not show strict demandingness, as these are fleeting disagreements.


Attempts to cross the invisible boundary of what is permissible can lead to disastrous consequences for family relationships. For those who are not attached to people and are always ready to experiment, do not forget about the unshakable and main things and phenomena in your life.

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An important role in relationships can play harmony in sex, to which you will be very sensitive. Joint care for children will also cement your relationship. Communicate with children more often, otherwise, you may not notice much of what is happening to them. And this is unfavorable for your future because our future is our children.

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This day is conducive to analysis, evaluation, comparison. Having considered the essence of the matter in solitude, you are able to see things in a different light. Take into service all possible types and means of communication, but do not rush to express your opinion on sensitive issues.


You will be able to carry out everything that you plan during this period and to spread your magnetic influence outside your sphere of activity. Only your perseverance combined with the power of persuasion will lead to success.


Today it will not be so easy to cooperate with you, because you are buttoned up. And also do not reveal your secrets to anyone. Soften your tough and authoritarian management style to a more democratic one.

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