Horoscope for August, 2018

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The last summer month will bring many changes, which at the same time will have both a dark and a bright side. These are the consequences of the influence of the Solar eclipse in the Sign of the Leo, the retro phase of Mars in Capricorn, and Venus in Libra. The behavior of the planets this month will bring a lot of trouble, but at the same time, many opportunities. The symbiosis of Venus and Mars always raises determination, so that in August there will be more chances to realize promising plans. Use this time with advantage, take risks and improve your life.


Take a time-out and stop controlling your own life. The best what you can do in August is to do something new and exciting. From August 13th, will be easier achieving the goals. This is mainly true on the love sphere. This month is just perfect for love, flirtation, romance. But the financial area can deliver you a lot of problems – small, but still unpleasant.


August is the time when luck can only smile in insignificant things. Therefore, it is desirable for purposeful and ambitious Taurus to postpone cases where the stakes are too high for the fall and concentrate all attention on small routine obligations. The period from August 1st to August 6th will bring problems for you. However, there is no cause for concern: on the 7th – family affairs will become more important than anything else and will bring a lot of pleasant emotions and changes. Lonely representatives of this Sign will get a chance to meet their love. The sphere of love will become the main one this month.


In August, you can and should emphasize your services. Nobody will find Gemini egoists or empty talk, on the contrary, praise will attract the attention of others. Tell about your self and your ideas, doing it brightly, loudly and in public. This is perhaps the best month for the initiative – both in love and at work. Other people can cause you serious trouble. For this reason, it is desirable to reduce communication with outsiders and stop trusting people who you do not know well. Naivety threatens with great losses in all spheres of life. An inquisitive Gemini it is desirable to check new information several times, consult with close people and, if possible, not get involved in adventures.

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The life of Cancer is unlikely to change dramatically in August. On the contrary, the stars will give you the opportunity to relax and rest. It is possible that Cancers will have a good chance to go on a trip – try to take advantage. August will prove to be a pretty pleasant and harmonious month, especially if you will respect the feelings of others, stop clashing over trifles and accumulate grievances. Try to spend more time, analyze your life, get rid of bad habits and negative thoughts.


From August 1st to 28th, you will be at the center of attention, which in itself is not news. For freedom-loving and ambitious Leo, stars allow to bask in the rays of glory, but warn that one should not be too outspoken and naive. Careless words, secret weaknesses or personal secrets that the envious persons lead out can be used against you. Family and loving Leos should try to hide your personal life from other people’s interference and public attention. The end of the month is a dangerous time, when under the blow of the negative, can be those who you love. It is necessary to have time to stay in the spotlight until August 28th, and then leave the stage and give time to family matters.


This month you will have to fight with suddenly surging apathy, aversion to work and noisy places. Apathetic attitude and reluctance to work, of course, need to be overcome. Every Virgo, despite its softness, has a steel core inside, which helps keep your back straight and your nose in the wind. Limit your public exploits. Effectually declaring your self in August still will not work, so it’s better to stay away from public appearances, social events and social gatherings. Social life will be in the risk zone, but lucky in money. Try using any chance – this is the most promising month in terms of material.

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Libra in August will attract rumors, gossip and outright slander. In August you will have to fight with lies, defend your good name, engage in open arguments and quarrel with everyone around. True, there is another way out: ignore the empty chatter and slander in your address. Solar energy, like a soap bubble, inflated by a negative, will not last long. Consolation can be found in the thought that you easily reflect the negative flows back, towards the addressee. By the way, most of these unpleasant rumors unexpectedly for you will play into your hands.


August 13th, Scorpios will be fully armed. Luck in August will become something ordinary, so you can safely go ahead and not be afraid of obstacles in your path. At the beginning of the month there may be self-doubt. Do not listen to fears, hesitate and fear defeat. On August 13th, heavy thoughts are replaced by euphoria – just trust your mind. In mid-August, it is desirable for Scorpios to concentrate their efforts on the financial sphere – a promising situation will unfold in the career. Stepping back or not noticing the possibility, Scorpios risk remaining without achievements, even those that were previously obtained. This month, much depends only on the ability to notice and use the clues of the universe.


In August, you will be awarded with a surge of energy, enthusiasm, adventurism, energy enthusiasm and a thirst for adventure. It will be difficult to sit still on a bench. Try to use the month with good – organize in your life something extreme. Also, this month, promises Sagittarius spiritual transformation and a huge surge of interest in new information. Work on wear can bring frustration and hassle, not money. If you have unfinished projects, be extremely careful with them, do not bring yourself to stress. In cases, which you have long forgotten, waiting for pleasant changes – take time to them. And something new and unusual, both at work and in personal life, will give not only success, but also an excitement to rejoice.

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August for you won’t be sweet. It’s time to gather close people and ask them for help. This month, Capricorns will literally eat away their ambitions and desire to radically change their lives. It will manifest itself in the desire to risk at any cost, unceremoniously remove the competitor from the road, to tease the authorities, to defend their positions. Capricorns will be careless both in words and in desires and deeds. Try to remember about self-discipline, to live this month without problems and unnecessary adventures. Try to spend the middle of August calmly, otherwise problems will reach their climax.


The beginning of the month, will bring a lot of internal contradictions, fears and hesitations. Other people’s advice and help will be required. From August 13th, freedom-loving Aquarians will start to demand fiercely and just as fiercely refuse it. An alien will, especially imposed, will start to irritate more than its own helplessness. The storm that will erupt inside Aquarius this month is not so easy to appease. Try to spend more time with yourself alone, looking for reasons for uncertainty in your abilities, increasing self-esteem. In communication even with the closest people there will be difficulties, so it is better to spend more time in privacy, to understand yourself.


The last summer month for Pisces is the arena of tests. However, it will be difficult to notice. But still, you should not rely on sensations, but rather listen to the voice of reason. A loved one, relatives, family members, friends and even strangers will ruthlessly criticize you and your way of life. It is necessary to interrupt such conversations at once, otherwise you risk losing confidence, which is fraught with major problems. Otherwise, August will give a new look at things, unexpected money launches, luck and happiness in your personal life.

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