Home flowers for your Zodiac sign

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Plants and flowers affect a person in different ways. How to choose a plant that will help to create a favorable atmosphere in your house? Astrology will help in this matter. Already in ancient times, astrologers knew for which Zodiac sign a particular plant was suitable.


You are strong and you have a decisive nature. In order to strengthen your inner “I”, you should put in your house aechmea, kohleria, geranium, and begonia. These indoor flowers will beneficially influence not only the climate in your house but will help to find a positive mood.


Your Zodiac sign is symbolizing wealth and performance. You need constant replenishment of energy, which viola, kalanchoe, begonia, gloxinia can give.


You are inquisitive and friendly. So for you does fit asparagus, fern, ivy, chlorophytum and tradescantia. These indoor plants will help strengthen friendly relations, improve the mental and physical health of its owner.

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You do value family happiness and comfort, so it is recommended to acquire moisture-loving plants with juicy leaves. This is aloe, sempervivum, stonecrop, fuchsia, pachyphytum. These flowers will strengthen family relationships and create a cozy atmosphere around you.


You need constant love and realization in creativity. In this, your faithful helpers can be camellia, balsam, mimosa, Chinese rose, and calla lilies. These plants not only give energy to you but also perfectly emphasize your royal character.


Your flowers are dracaena, rhoicissus, fatsia, monstera, aucuba. These plants provide energy to maintain immunity and regulate the emotional state.

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Your sign is controlled by Venus. This means that your plants should be not only useful but also beautiful. Your flowers should help to establish relationships with people around and develop a taste. For you are suitable chrysanthemum, hydrangea, celosia, lily, and azalea.


You are the most mysterious person. Cactus, datura, oleander, gynura and faucaria will help strengthen your magic of charm and attractiveness.


You are active, so for you will suit tall plants: lemon, bonsai, home grapes, and clivia. These flowers will strengthen your worldview and will help in finding new ideas and plans.

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You are hardworking and you need indoor plants to help you improve your physical and mental health. This is fragrant dracaena, ficus, crassula, yucca. You can keet these plants not only at home but also at work, as they give energy and activity.


You are original and constantly on the lookout for new ideas. Indoor maple, coleus, fittonia, jatropha, and dracaena will help you with this. These flowers will stimulate you to new beginnings, give confidence and activity.


The spiritual side of life is important to you. In self-development and in strengthening spirituality, fragrant geranium, papyrus, cyperus, orchid, and bryophyllum will help you. Flowers which suit you are able to create a favorable atmosphere for relaxation, they relieve stress and restore strength.

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