He is online but does not respond to your message

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Seeing that someone ignores your message, even though he likes posts on Instagram or just sits online – this is confusing and perplexing. Although this may be completely random, there are some reasons why he is deliberately silent.

1. He wants a break from correspondence.

When you have a lot to do, sometimes the last thing you want is to respond to constant alerts from your inbox. Even if he likes you, he may need time to just look through the news feed and not worry about the need for someone to write something (even to you). Different people have different attitudes towards online correspondence. Maybe he has his limits in online communication.

2. He is trying to whet your interest.

Yes, sometimes it is a strategy, although the result may not be the way he wants. Maybe he does not specifically answer, so you stuck on him, tied to him. This does not mean that his behavior is acceptable. If he does not answer for a long time, this is already rude.

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3. He thinks about how to respond.

Have you ever been so in love with someone that you were just afraid to scare him away or write something like that, after which he would stop communicating with you? Maybe he, too, is experiencing how to answer you correctly in order not to screw it up. Especially if you wrote him some serious message. He needs time to think.

4. He is busy with other things on the social network.

Just because he is online, does not mean that he is engaged in nonsense. Many use Facebook or Instagram for business purposes so that he can communicate with a potential client for his company. Although he can communicate with family or friends. In any case, no need to panic, simply because he does not immediately respond.


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5. Your last message looks like the end of a conversation.

If you wrote something like “Ok” or “Good”, “I see” in the last message, then he could perceive that you do not want to continue the correspondence. And if you want to continue it, then ask questions, give extended answers, change the subject, if the previous one is exhausted.

6. He missed your message.

This excuse “My phone is buggy / broken” is sometimes truly true. Sometimes a new message is not displayed in the Inbox unless you intentionally enter it.

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7. He does not want to seem intrusive.

Same as you. You both have things to do besides the correspondence.

8. He considers you obsessive.

How many messages have you sent to him in a row? Do you even have a break in correspondence? Maybe you are too intrusive, and maybe not, but sometimes it is not scary to take a break from online communication. If you constantly duplicate your messages, if he does not respond within 5 minutes, wait. He will contact you when he is ready.

9. He really ignores you.

Sorry, but sometimes this is true – he ignores your messages on purpose. If this happens often, he just doesn’t like you enough. And you should not waste time and nerves on it.

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