Happy people follow these 4 rituals!

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Neuroscientists around the world have discovered rituals that allow people to remain happy. Recent studies conducted by neuroscientist Alex Karop revealed a surprising reality about our conscious and subconscious behavior and its consequences in our lives.

Every person has his own routine. Some of our habits and rituals can really help us improve our lives, while some may have a negative effect on us.

1. We must learn to understand what is happening to us when we feel bad and why this happens.

Alex claims that our biggest enemy is our own brain. All our emotions are specially activated in certain areas of our brain. Satisfaction is a stronger emotion than shame, pride, and guilt. BUT, when we activate the seizure of the nucleus, shame and guilt dominate over our pride and even satisfaction.

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This part of the brain is considered “the center of the reward.” Anxiety is also closely related to the functions of this part of the brain. That’s why we need to learn to control these emotions and relax this part of our brain, as well as the whole body and spirit. How to do it? – ASK YOURSELF, WHAT ARE YOU THANKING.

In times of anxiety, these thoughts can help us overcome severe stress and panic. If we do this more often, when we feel tense and depressed, we will greatly improve our health!

2. We must identify feelings that upset us

According to neuroscientists, if we identify feelings that confuse us, their impact will become “milder”. It is clear that we can not completely control our emotions. At least we can try to do it, but it’s very difficult, especially in unforeseen situations. However, the practice of awareness will help us reduce the negative impact of these emotions. Participants in the study were invited to look at the images of people’s faces, where they expressed different emotions.

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Participants perceived the emotion simply by looking at the image, which increased activity in the amygdala. However, after each of the participants identified what emotions were on people’s faces, activity in the amygdala again decreased. Why? Because understanding an accurate emotion reduced the ability of emotions to capture. In other words, recognizing how you feel helps to overcome the wrong emotions.

3. We must be more active in decision-making

Free yourself from any doubt. In the end, you always need to make decisions. Sooner or later you always need to choose some option. Anxiety about making a concrete decision is completely useless. We need to understand that we often care about useless things. To live a healthier life, we need to focus on what really matters.

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4. We must learn to create physical contact with people

When we are emotionally rejected by someone, it leaves a wound on our soul. As with physical pain, we must also take emotional pain seriously. During the study, when participants threw a virtual ball to a partner, they began to experience rejection when the virtual partner stopped sharing the ball with them. A study of the participants’ brain showed that they felt pain from this refusal, how one could feel the pain of a broken arm. This means that social rejection hurts us and changes us forever, while acceptance motivates us to develop. This means that we need to maintain as much contact with people as possible and have physical contact with them!

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