Girls, you deserve more than just a cheap message!

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Be a smart girl, don’t get on hook, just because he sent you a simple “Hi!”. You are not a toy, nor made to entertain him or amuse. Don’t go soft on him! Make him sweat and do something more than a simple text message!

No. You can’t do it with me again.

Have you completely forgotten what you made me go through? Do you think that after your ambitious “Hello” I will immediately become yours again? I’m not an idiot. I have become smarter and no longer lead on these children’s tricks. So take your macho egoism somewhere else where it is needed because I do not need it.

Now, to conquer me, you need something more. Do not expect me to fall in love with you just because of your cheap message. There are many other men in the world who will treat me better than you in the whole history of our relationship. I do not want to be your victim again, because you had a chance and you didn’t use it. Now I have to find someone better for myself.

No. Just because you liked my last photo on Facebook or Instagram doesn’t mean that it affected my self-esteem.

My happiness and self-perception no longer depend on your approval. You no longer have power over my mind. I answer for it myself. I don’t care about your likes. You can try to manipulate me like that, or maybe you genuinely like my photos, but I don’t care what your intentions are.

Your thoughts, feelings, and goals are no longer part of my life. I have my own life, and you no longer play any role in it. You are only my past, which is trying to intervene in my present. You should know that you will not succeed. You made me realize that I can give the world a lot more and that I should not limit myself only to you.

No. Your random comment on my Instagram page saying that you miss me won’t affect me in any way.

You will have to try harder. You can not cause any serious feelings in me if you limit yourself to such cheap tactics. Maybe the last me would have done it, but not me today.

I know that I deserve the best because women, in general, deserve decent treatment. We are not just beautiful dolls, we have deep emotions and feelings that need to be cherished and protected. We cannot allow someone to penetrate our emotional system without first making sure that we are well taken care of.

I am a strong and independent woman. I know what I can do. I know that I can live happily myself if I am not lucky to meet a man who will treat me correctly. I’d rather be alone than with someone who is not worthy of me.

Real men make an effort for a woman. Cheap posts and comments on the web – this can only be expected from cheap men. Girls, we deserve much more. And we need to adhere to their standards. We must show that we are worthy of time and effort.

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