Friday 13th: How to get away without trouble and make it easy

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Friday 13th is a truly mystical day. It is believed that at this time the impure forces are activated, because of which any trouble can happen to a person. Thanks to simple methods you can avoid danger and take away yourself from trouble.

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People from ancient times attributed to Friday 13th special mystical properties. It is believed that at this time a person is harassed by troubles that can lead to disastrous consequences and even be life-threatening. Studies show that it is on Friday 13th that the number of unpleasant events increases, and people’s physical and emotional state deteriorates. Many believe that the rumors about this unusual day are just superstitions.

How to protect yourself from troubles on Friday 13th

Still our ancestors attached special importance to Friday 13th. In connection with this, there were many signs and superstitions that prove that this day really has a mystical meaning. Perhaps at this time, nothing unusual will happen to you, but if you want to protect yourself, you will be helped in a few simple ways.

Do not take and do not give money in debt. If necessary, each of us should help our relatives, including financially. However, on Friday 13th it is forbidden to give and take money in debt. The danger is that together with money you risk giving your luck and financial luck, which means that you can soon face financial difficulties. If on this day you will be approached with such a request, politely refuse. Perhaps, in this way you will save not only yourself from poverty, but also those who turned to you for help.

Do not tell anyone about your dreams. Sometimes dreams are so bright that we can not wait to tell others about them. On any other day you can do it, but on Friday 13th try to keep silent about your dreams. Dreams cry out for us certain emotions, and by sharing them, you risk depriving yourself of vitality. If you want to talk about your dream, write it on paper, describing every detail. Also, you can retire and talk your dream into the ears, imagining that you have an interlocutor next to you.

Do not quarrel with others. The power of Friday 13th can affect you extremely negatively. On this day, people have a heightened emotionality, which can cause quarrels from scratch. However, from this situation there is a way out – try to control your emotions and do not let others provoke you into a conflict. Do not focus on the bad and do not let negative thoughts take possession of you. In this case, you can spend this day in a harmonious atmosphere.

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Avoid rash shopping. It would seem that shopping trips can only bring us positive emotions, but on Friday 13th shopping can turn out to be a major financial loss for you. At this time, money energy will be very vulnerable, so you risk acquiring unnecessary items. In addition, there is a high probability of encountering scammers who will try to deceive you by selling you a substandard but expensive thing. Try not to shop during this period to avoid financial problems in the future.

Be careful on the road. It is known that on Friday 13th, the number of accidents increases several times. That is why on this day it is strongly recommended to abandon the management of the vehicle. If such a need has arisen, try to be extremely careful and choose only proven ways to move.

Do not do gardening. Many people have fun doing gardening, but on Friday 13th should abandon their hobbies. This lesson will not do you any harm, but planted plants can grow sick and weak or even die.

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Do not try to perform rituals. Despite the fact that this day can be called unusual, rituals are prohibited at this time, especially if you did not do it before. Manipulations can give the opposite effect and turn against you, and the result will negatively affect your life.

Set aside long-distance trips and flights. Many people, despite the importance of travel, try to transfer it to a better time to avoid trouble. If on this day you have a business trip or a long trip, try to foresee all possible difficulties: allocate more time for fees and road, so as not to forget anything important and not be late for the flight.

Opinions about whether or not Friday 13th is an unfavorable day continue to diverge. Many believe that this is just a superstition, but someone continues to attach special importance to this day, fearing trouble.

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