Find yourself a strange person like you

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Do not stay with someone who constantly tells you to be quieter, who rolls his eyes from your jokes, who wants you to take life more seriously.

Do not stay with someone with whom you can not be yourself, who pretends that your hobbies are immature, who do not see an advantage in how you can go with the flow.

Do not stay with someone who expects you to rein in yourself in public, who sets the rules for you, how you should behave, who are trying to put down the real you so that you look perfect.

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Do not stay with someone with whom you can not be strange. Find someone who is as strange as you, who likes it, who loves you the way you are.

Be with someone who understands your jokes, who appreciates how you can make him laugh. Be with someone who would never change your oddity, because this is one of the reasons why he fell in love with you.

Be with the one who will arrange pillow fights and build sandcastles with you. Be with someone who will make you funny nicknames, tell strange jokes.

Be with someone who is not afraid to look like a complete idiot next to you, who loves you even more, when you are not afraid to look like an idiot in front of him.

Do not stay with someone who wants you to always behave flawlessly. Who shames you for acting like a child. Who believes that to be an adult is to be boring.

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Your man will not be embarrassed when you behave strangely. He will get used to your “cockroaches.” He will understand you. Moreover, he will fall in love with this oddity of you. He will not want you to behave normally. He will appreciate your uniqueness. He will be happy to find a real girl like you who is not afraid to show herself.

Don’t stay with who you need to pretend to be. Don’t stay with who you need to restrain yourself. Do not stay with someone who wants you to be perfect as in the picture, not with yourself.

Wait for the one who will adore your oddities, who will laugh with you, with whom you will feel that you are being received. Wait for the one whom you will not be afraid to scare away yourself because he is as strange as you.

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