Find out your guardian angel by the month of birth

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Finding out who your Angel Guardian is by the month of birth is quite simple. These angels protect and guide you.

12 angels of the month

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Your angel is Gabriel. Gabriel is considered an angel of general protection.


Angel of the month February – Barakiel. He is the angel of lightning. Barakiel helps to understand yourself, to realize your true destiny, to show your inner potential.


The angel of the month of March is Malahidael. This angel of Aries represents natural untreated energy. It is an angel of action, fast and instant


Angel of the month of April – Asmodel. Asmodel is well known for its power and is considered the “heavyweight” of the Universe


Angel of the month May – Ambriel. He protects from negative influences and helps in repelling evil intentions. He protects us from evil forces.


Your angel is Muriel. The Archangel of Cancer is the ruler of June. In some Oriental cultures, the name of this angel was driven away by evil spirits

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Your angel is Verchiel. Angel Verchiel – the sign of the zodiac Leo. Verchiel helps to become courageous, to become a creative person, to gain leadership qualities


Angel of the month August – Hamaliel. Hamaliel – Archangel of the zodiac Virgo. Hamaliel is the defender of weak people.


The Angel of the Month September – Zuriel. Zuriel – Archangel of the Zodiac Libra. He is the guardian angel of the newborn.


The angel of the month of October is Barbiel. Barbiel is the Archangel of the Scorpion zodiac. Its task is to help a person to see the beauty and not to leave unnoticed good deeds.


Your angel is Adnakiel. Adnakiel – the Archangel of the zodiac Sagittarius. Adnakiel helps to get rid of complexes, internal clamps, which prevent us from showing those best qualities that we have.


Angel of December – Anael. Anael – Archangel of the zodiac Capricorn. His name means “Glory to God.”

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