Financial horoscope for the week of June 18th to June 24th, 2018

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On June 20th, 21st, 23rd and 24th you will be incredibly active. Most of all will be lucky these days to representatives of those professions that require physical activity. Help the weak and all who need support, so that then your good returned to you in twofold. The most dangerous day of the week is Tuesday. This day will negatively impact your financial success. You may get the impression that everything around is hopeless and doomed to failure, but it is not. Problems will come and go, and your self-confidence should remain unshakable.

Taurus will have to exercise maximum caution in everything that concerns work and money on June 21st and 24th. On Thursday and Sunday you can face problems with your colleagues and superiors. It is better to refrain from major purchases. On June 19th and 23rd, you should devote as much time as possible to business and work. You will have an incentive for creative development, there may be a desire to find a new hobby for yourself. In any case, to realize the dream will be much easier than on other days of this week.

On June 19th, 20th, 21st and 23rd, try not to make any purchases, not to go on business trips and try not to solve problems at work ahead of schedule. Be extremely careful, especially when dealing with money. Success and luck can drastically move away from you. On other days it will be quieter, but not without some dangers. On June 18th, 22nd and June 24th, try to be more in seclusion, not to work in a team and not make new acquaintances. Trips are also unfavorable. But it will be easier to learn and get new knowledge, improve skills.


From Monday to Friday, it is worth to be close to family and friends. At work and in business, try to take the initiative as often as possible and look for yourself some new sources of inspiration. It will be a great time for monotonous and routine work. Your intuition can come to your rescue in any of these days, but do not rely only on the sixth sense. At the weekend, you will lose some of your energy, and financial luck will follow it. Try to abstract from purchases, because any expenditure can be in vain, aimless and simply unsuccessful. Luck and success on Saturday and Sunday are most likely to leave you, if you risk and get involved in adventures.

To attract money this week will not be easy. June 19th, 21at, 23rd and 24th, will be the hardest for you. The ability to adapt will drop dramatically, just like the ability to adequately make quick decisions. These days you are advised not to change your plans, otherwise problems can come quickly. On June 20th, will be easier for you to overcome difficulties, unrest, and also survive all possible conflicts at work. This week is perfect for those who work alone.

Week for you will be generally successful, with the exception of Sunday, therefore, you should not make fateful decisions. Try to just relax as it should, stop thinking about financial and working problems to become happier. The rest of the days you can be as prudent as possible. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, these days you can get sudden changes in mood.

June 20th, 21st, 23rd and 24th, will be the most difficult days for you. On June 20th and 21st, the energy of the element of Fire will be more urgent than ever. This can lead to the emergence of new complexes, vanity and pride in the representatives of your Zodiac Sign. On weekend, will be strengthened the heavy energy of the Earth. It will be extremely difficult to have a productive day, so do not allow yourself to work on the 23rd and 24th. Tuesday on the energy plan will be stable. Involve the desired in the field of money and finance will be much easier than usual.

To increase your income this week will be difficult. Almost the whole week, or, more precisely, on June 19th, 21st, 23rd and 24th, it will be extremely difficult to make decisions. To increase the income, it may not, but you will be able to keep everything intact. On other days of the week, the situation will be more stable and shifted towards positive. You will get the opportunity to become more productive in business. Your passion and pressure will help you overcome all possible obstacles to wealth and happiness.

To change your destiny and succeed in finances for Sagittarius will help communication with pleasant people. This will be relevant throughout the week. June 19th, 20th, 21st and 23rd, are the most successful days for you. Try on this day to be as dynamic and unyielding as possible. If necessary, then protest and be rude without restraining yourself. On Wednesday you should work hard. The productivity of Sagittarius, who are engaged in the intellectual sphere, will be increased. On this day, you can safely trust your intuition and try to look for inspiration.


This week only June 19th and 20th will be for you, days of possible problems and troubles. You will feel, like deprived you of inner harmony. In these days, try to avoid conflicts with superiors and colleagues, as well as creative work. Thursday will be a day of strength for members of intellectual professions and creative personalities. All the remaining days, will be the most successful for athletes and representatives of all active professions. Performing physical work will be easier.

June 23rd, will be the most dangerous day of the week. Try to understand what you really want from life, because it will be important to set the right goals for yourself. In dangerous days try not to make purchases and not to borrow money. On June 19th and 21st, will be wonderful days for creativity and intellectual work in general.

For Pisces to protect themselves from the negative energy, on Thursday and Saturday will be quite difficult. These days, you can expect clashes of interests, disruptions in business relations, internal confrontation, stress. Self-expression will be difficult, so try to work harder and hope less for a miracle. Possible betrayals from colleagues and business partners. Shopping is better, to postpone. On Wednesday, it will be easier to overcome difficulties, and on Sunday you may have a new source of motivation for financial growth, possibly a new source of income. Do not fight with your ambitions – let them guide you in those two days. Give yourself strength of mind and self-confidence.

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