Financial horoscope for the week from June 3rd to 9th, 2019

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The beginning of summer is a great time to find answers to important questions. Mercury in Cancer will make our thinking more profound and more attentive to details. For this reason, in the next 7 days try to do the analysis. Mercury favors immersion in the subject of money. So if you have long wanted to identify the causes of failures and increase your income, the most favorable period for this comes.


Mercury will be the most dangerous from June 4th to 9th. Every missed item can lead to negative consequences, losses, and conditions that will be very disadvantageous. The money will go into the hands themselves – the main thing is not to be lazy and have time to use the chances provided in your own interests.


Venus and Mercury will have a positive impact on you. However, the powerful aspects of the planets on Monday, Thursday and Sunday will provoke the emergence of new troubles in the financial sphere. Even old emotional and psychological problems can escalate and gain new strength. Because of this, you will feel uncomfortable at work, someone may hurt you personally. To avoid this, it is better not to manifest itself too brightly, to avoid initiative on dangerous days, postponing important meetings, purchases, and negotiations.


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Allied Mercury will be responsible for your monetary fortune in June. Aspects of the patron on Tuesday and Friday will provide energy recovery and increased efficiency. Insights on these dates may come suddenly, they will completely change your worldview, leading you to the realization of your place in life. The range of possibilities may expand. The only thing that slightly spoils the mood – a change of duty. You may have to save a project that has been piled up by someone, “put out fires”, or just do someone else’s work.

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For you, the transition of Mercury on June 4th into your Sign will bring many events. Small failures at the beginning of the week can be frustrating, but there will be reasons for joy. This week will be an ideal period to lay a path to wealth, so it makes sense to show courage in business. On June 4th and 7th, the influence of Mercury will be magnified many times by the Moon and Uranus. These 2 days, try spending with the maximum benefit for a career and the resolution of monetary troubles.


For you luck in money and career, this week will bring retro Jupiter. Devote these 7 days to revising the value system, changing priorities, setting new goals, planning purchases and holidays, solving financial problems and strengthening positions at work. June 7th is the best day thanks to the bright aspect of Uranus and Jupiter. On Friday, an idea can come to you or make a proposal that at first glance seems to be meaningless. But in the long run, this will bring long-term success and enrichment.


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The strip of special luck in terms of increasing revenues will end this week. Mercury on Tuesday will enter the constellation of Gemini, because of which his energy support will be several times smaller. By virtue of general tendencies, you may begin to doubt yourself, in your own abilities, plans, and goals, but one cannot give slack. The habit of blaming others is your typical life mistake. Try to reduce speed and switch to routine affairs. Having order, it will be possible to move on.

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Include that part of the personality that is capable of attracting success and anticipating failure. Venus will bring opportunities that can be realized only by very thin business tools. And one of them is considered a developed intuition. From June 3rd to 8th it is important to follow the inner voice and pay attention to any presentiments. Perhaps it is this week that you will be able not only to increase income but also to predict possible troubles and avoid them.


Uranus, your main helper, weakened due to movement on the zodiac Taurus. But even despite the outflow of energy from you, there will be every chance to succeed. The events of these 7 days do not contribute to the achievement of the main business goals, so try not to make any marches, but focus on achieving stability. The desire to fight for your ideals, determination and hard work is the main recipe for success, which will help to attract money.


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Retro-Jupiter is in a hurry to inform you: in the monetary sphere, drastic changes are coming, but so far all these processes are in the bud. The rest of the current days will develop in the usual flat pace. Jupiter competently manages the financial flows, so you will smile more than once at work, in business, during purchases and transactions. However, in order to increase the chances of success, it is better to strive to gain new experience or knowledge. This will bring good dividends in the future.

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Powerful Saturn will help you. However, you need to be careful with ambitions, because Saturn is marked by retrogradation. This can push for thoughtless actions or walking in circles. If it is possible, it is best to deal with debts, finish all the “tails” and pay off debts.


The beginning of the summer season will fall on the period of activity of the main money planets. It will be a very positive week for financial affairs, the fight against poverty and failure. The enhanced energy of Saturn, Uranus, and Mercury may help you to become richer. The main task for the current period is to talk less and work more. This advice is not suitable for everyone, but if possible, it is better to stick with it.


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Successful days in financial terms for you are the days of Moon activity. These include June 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 9th. The most positive days are June 3rd, 5th, and 6th since the Moon will be influenced by Gemini and Cancer, as a result of which monetary fortune will make itself felt. Full dedication and hard work will lead to success, however, only on dates set by the horoscope. The rest of the time it is worthwhile to exercise caution in business, purchases, and decisions. Care will be required in the processing of information. There are risks to be defeated, running into the rudeness of others: it is important to recover from unpleasant communication. On June 7th and 8th, it is better to work alone, without contacting anyone.

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