Financial horoscope for the week from July 9th to July 15th, 2018

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Astrologers note that the main negative this week may come from surrounding people. Restoring strength and energy after an unpleasant communication is an important task at a crucial moment. Having learned to correctly interact with enemies and ill-wishers, you can save yourself from unnecessary risks. In business and work, this skill is simply irreplaceable.


Attracting wealth and finding happiness for you this week will be almost identical concepts. It will be easier for you to become more successful in trade and business. Plan all the most important purchases on July 12th and 14th. Do not be afraid to show your talents to the world these days – try to be extremely open and ready for change at any level. July 11th, you can be lead to creative stagnation and problems with self-knowledge, memory, curiosity. Training will be the least effective in the coming Wednesday. Do not engage in long-term business planning, as well as ambitious money projects.


Proven ways to instantly attract luck will especially be necessary for you on July 12th. This day may not be the most rosy, because in such periods, monetary losses, apathy and false premonitions are possible. Monday will prove to be the most positive in terms of energy for the whole week. The positive energy will support your new beginnings and give protection from envious persons, ill-wishers. Active business negotiations, are suitable for July 11th. July 14th, it is better to devote to rest, non-conflict solutions, informal communication with superiors and budget planning.


Only one day will be really negative for you this week – July 11th. As a result, you can expect a complication in creative activity. It will be an extremely difficult day for those who are engaged in advertising or PR. Try to get rid of false ambitions and look at the world through the eyes of common sense. July 9th and 12th, devote for fighting against obstacles, changing stops, destroying the established order. These will be days of communication, new business acquaintances. Monday and Thursday are suitable for various charity events, gatherings. The main thing is not to be afraid to go forward and forward only, setting new goals.


It will be extremely busy and favorable from the point of view of bioenergetics and finance working week. On Monday and Tuesday, financial activity is welcome. On Wednesday, lucky representatives of creative professions: you will have new opportunities to achieve goals.  On Thursday and Friday, are good for any financial affairs. Devote time to working on errors and correcting shortcomings. Negative days will be a weekend. On Saturday,  may arise possibility of the emergence of domestic problems, turmoil. At the weekend it’s better to have a good rest and forget about money and business.


For Leo, luck in financial affairs will smile on July 12th and 14th. On July 12th, betrayals are possible, so be fully armed. Be careful with loans and contracts. On this day it will be easier to stay calm, which should help you. On July 14th, try not to yield to your enemies. The most dangerous day for you is July 13th. There will be a solar eclipse, so everything can turn upside down. Another dangerous day for Leo is Monday. It’s a day of gentleness and vulnerability, so do not let people manipulate you by playing pity.


July 9th and 12th, are ideal for training, searching for new sources of income, changing the situation, traveling and practical application of the knowledge gained previously. Lessons from the past will make you stronger. Do not be afraid to learn from mistakes. On July 11th and 14th, do not lend money to anyone. Possible material losses, because of which you lose some of the belief in yourself. But do not forget that from July 10th, you will win back what is rightfully yours.


On July 11th and 14th, your source of strength is beauty, energy and intuition, so use your strengths to keep your luck and finances close to you. Try to emerge victorious where it is expected of you most. You can have an incentive for self-improvement – use it to the maximum. July 13th may be an excellent day for rest. On July 12th, perhaps, you will face the problem of choice. Do not be afraid to make a decision that will upset someone from your partners or colleagues. Sometimes in the financial sphere you need to think only for yourself.


The most dangerous day of the week for you is Monday, so the likelihood of problems with finances and motivation will increase. On Wednesday, do not spend a lot of money, nor sign up for adventures. July 12th and 14th are very positive days for any financial activity. You can safely buy, sell, work in full force, solve serious problems with your superiors and so on. Ideally these days are suitable for rest or starting a vacation, for travel and business trips.


This week will be very positive for you. Monday and Thursday are better not to try to climb on trouble, but to do quiet things and measured work. Effective meditation will help you to get rid of problems and negative. On July 11th, try to solve the usual tasks and responsibilities in a new way. You can become more insightful, so try to make new acquaintances, useful in the monetary sphere.


For Capricorn luck will smile on July 12th and 14th. These days Capricorns can feel cheerful, resolute and thereby attract money. There are also a number of caveats. The first day of the week, you can have new obstacles, difficult questions. The normal course of financial and business life can be violated. On Tuesday,negative impact on your intuition will increase. On Wednesday, you can feel deprived of the incentive to move forward.


Dangerous days for Aquarius – July 12th and 14th. These days you are advised to engage in intellectual work rather than physical. Try to find a way to keep your mood on one level. If you let matters slide, you can feel sorry for yourself. On July 12th and 14th, you will have a chance of success, but for this you will have to try very hard. You may need to remember the mistakes of the past to avoid problems now. Do not waste your money in vain these days.


Attract money and luck this week can the power of thought. This especially applies on July 11th and 14th. Your energy reserves will be replenished, and the mood will improve if you try to open up to this world. New acquaintances will attract even greater success to the world of finance and business. Do not be afraid to seek compromises and be more diplomatic on July 11th and 14th. July 9th and 12th, are crisis days, because the universe can test you for strength. On your way to financial well-being, new obstacles and new problems may appear. Perhaps you will want to give up everything, go into the shadows, even declare a boycott to this world. Do not get carried away with negative emotions, if you do not want to fail.

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