Financial horoscope for the week from July 16th to July 22nd, 2018

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To draw your luck this week, will help signs of the Universe. The Universe will try to lead you to success by all means, but some of you will have to go through great difficulties.


You will have to be as circumspect as possible on July 20th and 22nd. You should not change anything these days – it is better to follow your own rules, as well as the instructions of those you respect. Business trips and buying tickets for buses, trains and airplanes may fail. The most positive day is Monday. On July 16th you can change your fate, if you are not satisfied with it. Success will depend directly on the efforts made.


For Taurus this week will bring a lot of positive. July 20th and 22nd are considered to be the most productive for you. On Friday and Sunday may increase financial success. It is possible to start new business and to throw all forces on the decision of problems which have already had time to get bored. On Monday you can face a dilemma, a matter of choice. Perhaps you will have to face unpleasant memories. Concentration on the past is rarely useful, so look more often forward.


Gemini can get a lot of luck in these seven days. Engage in learning, to absorb as much information as possible. This will promote career growth and respect for superiors, colleagues. July 16th is great news for whose, who love money. On July 20th, the insight and talents will be lost in the shadows for a while. Do not to set new goals and objectives for yourself on Friday. On other days it is desirable to work and not be lazy. These seven days for workaholics, financial luck will smile.

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In the week you can do planning and shopping. Especially useful will be shopping online. Friday and Saturday can become days without enthusiasm and without motivation, you will want privacy. Minimize damage and problems by working alone and do not depend on anyone.


The highest probability of financial success is on Monday. On this day there is a possibility of quickly solving important problems and complex situations. A reminder of the lessons of the past can make you stronger and wiser. You can safely spend large sums on this day, but only on the right things. On Friday, you should not succumb to bad habits. This is one of several main reasons why monetary luck can bypass you. It is necessary to exercise maximum caution on this day. There can be betrayals, hypocrisy, deception, and on the part of proven people.


You should be more careful with bad habits on July 20th and 22nd. Do not make important decisions these days, especially if they relate to money. Stagnation in business,  will be temporary, so do not attach importance to it. On Monday, you will start the week correctly. Do not sit idle on the first day of the week, because it can be the most productive of all. The more you do, the easier it will work afterwards.

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You should create a favorable energy at home and in the workplace. Monday and Friday you will feel a powerful and creative energy. If it is free to circulate in your home or office, the financial flows will achieve your goal. It is advisable to keep the house and workplace in perfect order throughout the week. On July 22nd, your productivity can grow to the skies, despite the fact that this is Sunday. Work or rest – it’s up to you alone. You will have a choice on how to spend the last day of the week. Strictly negative days will not be this week, but this does not mean that you can relax and go with the flow.


It’s time to defeat the habits that prevent us from getting rich. It is most likely to be done on July 16th and 20th, so you can safely deal with any problems. Especially positive these two days will be for those who are engaged in the field of manual labor, for athletes and builders. Sunday will be a very dangerous day, so it’s better to postpone any purchases. Adapting to problems and dislocations will be extremely difficult. Do not change the situation on this day, or buy something, nor take on new business.


On July 20th and 22nd, it is possible to start new business safely, negotiate about salary increase, search for new clients and search for new hobbies. You should get rid of restrictions that prevent you from getting rich. Very often the cause of our troubles are thoughts – it is with them you should work in these two days. Monday can bring a lot of problems to you, who will try to find a new way to solve their financial problems. July 16th is better to follow the rules and be wary of rumors and hypocrisy. At work, scandals are possible, so do not show your vices and weaknesses to others.

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On July 16th and 20th, you can solve major financial and operational problems, and find a way out of the difficult situation. Monday and Friday will be the most productive and energy-efficient days. On Monday, you should try not to leave the city for a long time, not borrow and not spend too much money.


July 16th and 20th will be successful days for you. These days financial success will visit your life, increasing the chances of success in creative matters. Physical load is better for this time to postpone. Be as independent as possible and not depend on the opinions of others. It is advisable not to pay attention to criticism these days. On other days you will not have special luck, so it’s better not to take risks and not get involved in adventures. Do not to seek help from others this week. The intuition of Aquarius will be more acute, so listen more often to the voice of the heart and expand your comfort zone.


Problems with money for you can occur in the last three days of the week. If in your life comes a black line, only the common sense and ability to ask for help from relatives can save you. Think over a backup plan of action. Any, even the most standard situation can turn into problems and turmoil. Another dangerous day for you is Monday. You can await huge problems in matters related to money and work. July 16th can be a time of protest, rudeness and unrest. Empathy and sensitivity can increase many times.

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