Financial horoscope for the week from April 8th to 14th, 2019 – be active!

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This week will be a very good time for working and financial operations, so don’t sit it out, but move to your goals. And the most important thing this week is to set yourself up for success in time. Already from Monday morning, you need to tell yourself that the time has come for victories and no less. The psychological mood is very important because it will attract positive energy flows and good luck.


This week the Fortune will smile for you because the stars and the planets are in a good position. In financial affairs, you should rely only on yourself, on the strength of your character and belief. Heightened intuition could be useful. During such periods rarely any accidents occur. If something is to happen, it is only your own fault. All major internal and external transformations will be consequences of you or the actions of other people. This is a time of coups and the fight against stereotypes, as well as major purchases and active earnings.


Taurus more than anyone else needs creative thinking. You need to think about helping people, remember about common goals and objectives at work and in business. We will have to overcome closeness and by all possible means avoid war in the financial arena. When buying or selling something, it is better to rely on compromise thinking. The pursuit of pettiness and greed can lead to monetary disasters. You can buy something for yourself. This will help transform the inner world, raise your mood and confidence. Nice gifts can even raise your willpower to a new level. In truth, at the end of the week, stars and planets will try to hypnotize you, forcing you to take wrong and impulsive steps, so on April 13th and 14th, it is better not to spend money.



Excessively active financial affairs can force Gemini to charge with negative. It is better to limit the payment of bills and forced purchases. Money requires the most careful handling in the period from April 8th to 14th. Difficult financial tasks worth solving with someone side by side. Collective energy will help to cope with problems faster. Communication with people will have a good effect on the mood and on the speed of decision making. Also, your relatives and friends will be able to give you important advice on money in time. During such periods, one faith in oneself cannot remain afloat. You have to try to trust people, no matter how difficult it is.

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Try to break the vicious circle of work-home-work, spending part of the money on entertainment, on new emotions, as well as on gifts for loved ones. This is a time of psychological internal struggle. In monetary matters, it is better not to use blackmail. Try to avoid side obstacles without getting involved in conflicts and do not give empty promises.


Your mind will be open to everything new, so it’s a great time to learn, to learn new skills. Try to say no to bad habits. In all that relates to money, shopping, and work, a little trick will help Leo. Overcoming financial difficulties will be a bit easier. For example, from April 11th to 13th, many correct decisions will be taken unconsciously, so it’s best to trust your thoughts and intuitions. The universe will try to change the financial life of Leo for the better, making these people more fortunate.



Virgo is recommended to improve their state of health and mood. Your sensitivity and empathy will do their work – this week many of you will be able to find out without words who their friend is and who the enemy is. Due to this, they will be able to avoid problems with money. As for purchases and cash expenses in general, there should be no problems here. The negative intentions of the sellers will be felt per mile – with the slightest doubt it is better not to make any acquisitions. The energy of stars will lead to the fact that the Virgo will become more susceptible to compassion. There is a chance that you will spend part of the money to help relatives or friends.

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This is a very favorable period for cash expenditures and financial transactions of any scale. You can spend money on entertainment, pleasure, travel. You should change the image and update the wardrobe – such purchases will also be very useful. No need to build illusions about the future, it is better to live in the present, enjoying the moment. The main enemy of financial success will be stinginess. Also, remember the sense of proportion in everything. You can show arrogance, if necessary, but it is better not to go too far. When meeting with any difficulties or problems, you can change the direction of movement. If you want to buy an expensive thing, but you can not do it for some reason, it means it is not meant for you.


The opinion of the surrounding people about your personal financial affairs is not worth considering. The only source of luck for you are positive thoughts. It is time to change the ideology itself, change course, analyze your actions. You will need a little more self-criticism – this now will be very useful. The search for new aspirations and hobbies will have a very positive effect on monetary gains. It is time to set new goals and start following them. Optimism will not be superfluous, because inspiration will not appear by itself. Shopping is better to postpone for the weekend, and on other days you should do legal affairs and obtain new knowledge.



Now you can worsen your worst character traits, despite the fact that the planets and stars will be in a good position. It will be useful to be engaged in organizational work and help colleagues, and close people. This week will be a time to increase credibility. You need to ensure that your actions do not go against your words. This is a time of empowerment, revenue increase. You can safely spend large sums on repairs, the purchase of expensive equipment, trips, and travel. Stars also advise investing in your own development.

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This week you should make the energy of your home positive, focus on cleaning and restoring order, getting rid of trash. The easiest way to earn and spend money will be on your own walls. It is worth sitting on the websites of online stores, look for great deals, discounts. Those who will work at home and remotely will be most fortunate. You should avoid traveling in the period from April 8th to 14th. Also, do not change jobs and working conditions. The costly acquisition is also better to postpone. There is a possible increase in uncertainty, a lack of physical energy and endurance.


This week is better to strive for new achievements in the financial sector, to strengthen the position at work and in business. Do not look far ahead, since it is too early – it is better to focus on solving current problems. You will need more independence and a real look at things. For some aspects of the financial sphere, you may have to change your mind. At the very beginning of the week, it is better to avoid expensive purchases and loan processing. Also, be careful with loans.


This week, you will get a little more irritable. Also, egoism and stubbornness can wake up in you. It will be reflected in monetary luck in the most negative way. It is better to postpone purchases and business deals for the next week. Even a slight negative, outgoing from the outside, can generate an outbreak of aggression, which is absolutely unacceptable in such a dangerous period of time. Luck in money for those who will be physically active. You need to walk more, relax and relieve stress by physical exertion, and then emotions will not prevent an increase in income. Try to be in constant motion.

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