Financial horoscope for the week from April 22nd to April 28th, 2019

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The sun is in harmony with Venus and in controversial conjunction with Uranus, with Venus interacting with Saturn, Saturn with Mars. In a word, no wonder they say that Monday is a hard day. Try to avoid risking on Monday.


In career and financial matters, you should not be afraid of change: you can change your position or place of work, invest in real estate, and make other pleasant and useful expenses. But it is important not to devote too many people to your business. The motto of this week is more deeds and fewer words, and it is worth starting already on Monday so that the Sun in a strong position does not mix up all your cards. Avoid spreading out your plans to the right and left, or it will be more difficult to achieve a result.


Try to solve important financial issues at the beginning of the week, since by the weekend your forces will noticeably diminish. In your dwells the planet Uranus, which on the first day of the week has a double aspect with Venus and the Sun. Shake-ups are quite likely, but along with them are new financial opportunities that you have not thought about before. This week is useful to look at familiar things from a different angle. Caution in handling money will be required at cash registers and in the markets.


You can expect to have a quiet week, suitable for putting your affairs at work in order and planning the budget. It will be useful to evaluate the items of expenditure, check where the money goes, and, possibly, adjust spending for the future. Stars and planets do not give you extra trouble, so you can relax, allow yourself pleasant expenses and not worry about unexpected troubles.


Firmly defend your interests in the financial sector. At this time, many of you can go on promotion or in salary, take on promising projects or get profitable orders, but on the way to wealth, you need to forge iron while it’s hot: competitors this week are not asleep either. In this regard, especially careful to be in the period from Wednesday to Friday. At this time, whenever possible do not borrow money, especially from unreliable creditors.

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This week will turn your head so you will have no time for financial issues and career aspirations. However, fighting for love or enjoying family comfort, one should not forget about the more mundane aspects of life. Now relevant expenditures associated with home or health. On Monday and Thursday, it is precisely these days that it is better to go shopping, invest money and sign financial documents.


You will have to spend time and some of the budget itself. However, it is worthwhile to invest carefully: you can improve your image, pay for your courses or professional retraining, sign up for useful training or in the pool. Tuesday is especially good for this undertaking when the aspect of Mars and Venus is conducive to self-development, vigorous action in the financial and business fields. You can attract wealth in different ways.


This week you will surely run into many routine questions and tasks and risk losing inspiration to the creative side of life. Now is the height of spring, and even if the weather leaves much to be desired, it is worth breathing deeply, remembering your dreams. Caution in spending and working affairs will be saving on Monday when the Sun’s activity increases, and the second important day in this regard is Thursday when Pluto’s energy will increase.


You can invest in housing, make repairs, buy new furniture or change the situation in the garden. It is better not to boast about your earnings in front of others, especially if you have recently become more successful. Days, when it is imperative to be active, are April 22nd and 25th, and it is better to plan all significant spending and large purchases over the weekend.

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You will have to resolve important and possibly urgent money issues. However, nothing is impossible: you just need to stock up on restraint and listen to the arguments of reason. At the same time, spending associated with gifts, comfort, and charity is favorable to balance the situation. Costs must be feasible and do not hit on the budget. A very good deal is to start saving and make the first contribution to the financial “airbag”.


Most actively solve financial issues is recommended for you at the beginning of the week. From Wednesday energy will decline. Taking loans and lending need accuracy. Early payments on debts (if there are any debts) will greatly help the cause. It is worth considering the likelihood of unforeseen expenses on Saturday. Perhaps it will be pleasant gifts to loved ones or unplanned, but important purchases for the home. It does not hurt this week to account for all expenses.


Starting from Monday, you will want to change your life, including in the financial sphere. It’s better not to tell anyone about your career ambitions, future vacation, buying a car or a gadget. Chances are that the advice of dubious acquaintances and false friends will knock you out of the way. A lot depends on the start of the week, but you shouldn’t slow down even closer to Friday. Well deserved rest – the weekend; these days you can go shopping and indulge yourself.


You will benefit from a healthy calculation since it is important not to forget about your interests. Observation and attention to trifles are also needed, both when signing important contracts and when buying food for a regular dinner. Monday and Tuesday are good days for work, a realization of career ambitions, business proposals. From the middle of the week, you can go shopping. Many of you can be asked around for debt, and you need to soberly weigh whether you are now able to help financially.

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