Financial horoscope for the week from April 15th to April 21st, 2019: you will benefit from an intuitive sense that promises success and profit!

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This will be rather a tense week. On Monday, April 15th, the Sun – will make a double aspect to the Moon and Mars. At the same time, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, another astrological event is expected – the activation of Venus. The planets will turn into an active offense, which means that the initiative can be punished, and any efforts risk being not only in vain but also unexpected in the results.


The Sun will stay in Aries sign until April 20th, which will make you sharp and impulsive. The more actively you will try to prove your case to your superiors or clients, the worse for you. Of course, this does not mean that you need to let go of the situation, but the material life can change dramatically from squabbles and conflicts. The result will depend on the level of luck.


The transition of Venus to the constellation of Aries will open a new chapter in the history of your financial life. And for this event, you should prepare in advance – from Monday. You should start on Monday correctly because it is on this day that you can attract good luck for the whole week. Moreover, luck will not stay – after April 20th, new financial concerns will flow into your life. There are no reasons for concern: the difficulties with money will arise spontaneously, but the calmer you perceive them, the greater will be the chance of success.


You will have major changes in finance and career. On Wednesday, April 17th, Mercury will go to the Aries Sign. If during the entire period of Mercury’s stay in Pisces, you did not manage to normalize material life, now you will have to limit yourself to the quietest option. You should not take on complex projects, charge the work of the entire staff, change positions, participate in dubious adventures. The best lessons now are savings, budget planning, the study of strengths and weaknesses, both of your own and competitors.

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Jupiter went into retrograde, and for you begins not the easiest period at work and in money matters. There will be many obstacles, and even the simplest solution will have to be advanced with a fight. It is advisable to make a plan B in advance and strengthen the vulnerable areas. It is also not recommended to make large purchases. And the point here is not at all that the purchase will be in vain. New acquisitions, such as a car or an apartment, can cause envy from others, including those close to you. Other people envy can now spoil everything. Exit: schedule a purchase, save money, but do not buy anything and do not sign at least until the weekend.

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Those, who dream of getting rich, is in for bad news – now is clearly not the time for this. Your plans will be confusing, and ultimately you will not get what you expected. Any business plans can be postponed to the end of this week or the beginning of the next week. Until Friday it is better not to do anything in this direction. What to do? Strengthen the rear and deal with petty cash problems.


Petty domestic affairs risk overwhelming you – from April 17th they will grow like a snowball. To achieve success, the inertia and negative influence of Venus will have to overcome. From Monday you should push your plans forward and not be afraid of hard work. And one more important point: you need to devote as much time as possible to the debris and the solution of financial problems, and even better – their prevention. Sophisticated steps will give an excellent bottom line.


There will be developed a favorable economic situation for you this week. Support will come from Venus, strengthened in the constellation Pisces until April 20th. The planet will work on you endowing you with promising opportunities in the field of career and money. Most likely, the world will increase the demand for the type of services or products in the area in which you operate. The beginning of the week is the most ideal time for investing money, attracting founders, paying off loan loans.


This week career is your vulnerability. If you are looking for a new job, promoting projects or are working on something large-scale, then the process may arise, and this will not be your fault. All because of retrograde Jupiter, which in these 7 days is marked by increased activity. Try to switch your attention, to temper the ardor and ambition. Waste and high conceit will prevent you from working with people and money. Because of this, you risk losing an influential person, a chance or a profitable opportunity.

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Retrograde Jupiter will affect matters related to money, real estate, business communication. Now it is the most reasonable to pause even that what is almost completed. If it is imperative to finish what is started, you should change tactics and act with soft power. Your revenues, in this period, are depending on how much you know how to be loyal, flexible and responsive. If you manage to make a favorable impression, press on the necessary levers, agree and listen – this will bring a rather tangible financial reward.


Financial flows will start to calm down due to Saturn changing to retrograde so it will be great if you already now enter economy mode and save some money. Special attention will be required for transfers of funds – in this case, it is necessary to control the process, otherwise, funds may suddenly be “lost” on the way. Yes, in April, many of you will have to sacrifice personal comfort for the sake of money. But by the end of the month, you will be ready to pay off all debts and close loans.


You should stick to passive work and respect the money. There comes a week when you really should take care of your income, comfort, and earnings. With the transition of Saturn to the retro-phase in the near future, a new phase will begin, which will have to be devoted to matters connected with other people’s money, loans and investments. Probably, you will have new financial obligations, which will have a bright impact on the family budget. You should take a forced pause and think about what is happening.


The ideas and plans that you have been working on lately will be stalled this week. First of all, it will concern the most cherished desires. Try to shift the most important things at the beginning of the week, and the end, try to devote to domestic concerns. Otherwise, you will spend your time in vain – on the agenda of the week is the transition of Venus to the Sign of Aries. From April 20yh, the period will begin, which will force you to analyze your work and make an inventory of plans. The sooner you will understand how to improve your position, the sooner you will see new financial opportunities.

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