Financial horoscope for the week for July 2nd to July 8th, 2018

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There may be a shortage of activity and vitality. Ambitions will increase, but the efforts made can become not just vain, but also negative in result.

You should stay this week at home. Any congestion of people, work or responsibility for you now is a hostile environment. If the work gets up without you, then try to create an action plan for yourself that will avoid losses and problems. You have to try very hard to stay afloat. The more actively you do your work, the more negative for you. Of course, this does not mean that you need to let go of the situation and wait for everyone to understand that you are irreplaceable. Show yourself, but first get rid of all the negative emotions.


Your promotion, an increase in salary or the transition to a new job this week may stall. You will be directed on you the streams of laziness, apathy and indecisiveness. Take it easy in reacting to this situation and do not force events. Use this week to gain strength, make a plan, develop a strategy for business, explore the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Especially during this period, you can not throw off the duties of colleagues who went on vacation. Be prepared for the work load to increase significantly. In this situation, the working week can become simply infinite, and fatigue is a sad reality. But you will be able to prove yourself to the authorities.

If you do not succeed and do not get to go on vacation, then limit yourself to the simplest option. Do not burden yourself with someone else’s work and responsibility, take on new projects and work actively for the benefit of your future. The best lessons for you this week are self-study, watching motivational videos and improving your skills. Work on wear and tear risks will turn into a streak of failure. If you so want it, then do not spare yourself. You will be able to go forward, but still you have to count on your strength.

For you does not begin the most favorable period at work, in a career and in business. The material sphere will be full of obstacles, defeats and losses. Even the simplest solution you will have to promote with combat. Such tactics contradict your character, but, this week otherwise. Prepare a plan of action for yourself. It is necessary that you feel the support so that it fills you with the desire to move forward. This week there will be problems in your life, but do not hide in the sink – be strong, and then everything will turn out great.

Cherish your work, personal life and relationships. Any skirmish or mistake at work can grow into a problem of universal proportions. Switch your attention to responsibility and diligence, temporarily postponing the initiative and risks in the long box. You will be prevented from work, changing the model of behavior, will attract failures and defeats. The best thing you can do this week is to stay away and do nothing. Otherwise, your work, salary or position can be reviewed by management.


You risk drowning in the rubble of small work cases this week. Unremarkable tasks will grow like a snowball. Tur to keep a hand on the pulse, do not bring yourself to exhaustion, but try to rake the rubble. Take care of yourself: the work from you will not escape anywhere, but the complications with health, bad mood and psychological overload can get you out of the line. Do not throw plans, especially if until this week you kept a record of everything, including your resources. Have more rest, be attentive and organized, and then nothing can get you out of yourself.

The material sphere of life for you is now a vulnerable place. If you are working on large-scale projects have moved to a new position or a job, doing an important task, in any day of the week the process could stall. Do not blame yourself. Try to switch to a purely contemplative wave, to temper your ambition. For Libra, engaged in trade, it is desirable to take a vacation. Unexpected and acute problems can arise from nowhere. If you do not succeed in avoiding active work, be cautious and pre-sharpen your diplomatic skills to perfection.

Scorpios, work related to jurisprudence, documents, large money and drafting of contracts, can cause trouble and confusion. Your credibility may suffer if you decide to demand. Remember that difficulties at work are a temporary phenomenon, so do not be nervous and do not take out the evil on others. Your popularity and attentiveness will be affected. This week is best to pause everything important – even what you have almost completed. However, if it is very important for you to bring the work to its logical conclusion, then try changing the tactics of doing business and not going on a rampage.

Any urgent business can cause irritation, quarrels and scandals. In case of an emergency, be prepared to remain calm in any scenario, and if this is given, then it’s better to take a vacation or a few days off and spend free time outside the city. Business activity will be hampered this week. You will feel more quick-tempered, determined and ambitious. However, you can not build success on one single motivation, so try to be more attentive and pedantic: answer the requests of others, specify the details of the work, fight with selfishness and vanity.


This week you risk losing money. Try to refrain from any purchases, except necessary in the everyday life of things. Keep only the minimum amount of money in your wallet – to travel to and from work. You will want spontaneity, luxury and abundance. You can start spending money, just to please your ego. Emotions received from new acquisitions will quickly pass, leaving zero in the bank account. Note that the cash flows in the coming month will become much scarcer, so it will be fine if you find the determination to enter the economy mode. If you are expecting a bonus or transferring a salary to a card, then monitor the process – otherwise your money may be “stuck” along the way.

Your initiative behavior this week will simply be doomed to opposition. To break through in the material sphere, it is necessary to enter into an open conflict with someone. Be prepared to be pressured by the authorities. Try to be more flexible and prudent. This week you are recommended to passive work and careful attitude to money. There comes a period when the worldview is more important than success in the workplace. Start actively taking care of your mental state and comfort. More rest, self-development, positive impressions, less work and psychological loads.

Try to temporarily lie to the bottom. The astrological situation this week is not in your favor: it will be very difficult for you to succeed even in something you are a pro. The problems and obstacles are on the way to the goal, which may be unexpected for you. But rest and self-knowledge away from work cases will pass to “hurray.” The work, goals and projects that you are engaged in this week will slow down. This applies to your most cherished desires. Postpone until mid-July all the most important working moments and try to devote more time to self-study and professional development. Otherwise, you just waste your time, energy and nerves.

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